Hoodie Man

Hoodie Man

He is the Bearer of the Zipper. He is the Crusader of the Coats. No tank top is safe. It’s Hoodie Man! But every hero has to have a nemesis. And this is how our story begins. It was a dark and stormy night. (Author note; I really need to think up a new beginning.) At a top-secret government science lab, they were working on a faster washing machine, secret code name………..suspense………

New Washing Machine! Ok, government workers aren’t very imaginative. A scientist from another country came to watch the process. His name was Stinky! They said, “We are going to clean this smelly and stained tank top,” and they put it in the new washing machine and pressed the start button. But Stinky reminded them, “Hey, you forgot to put in the soap and you forgot to close the lid!” Stinky took some soap climbed up to close the lid, but it would not budge. Suddenly, Stinky was sucked into the washing machine! He and the tank top spun and spun until he and the tank top were ONE!

Meanwhile, our super hero Hoodie Man was looking for some people or animals to save. He saw a lady whose cat was stuck in a tree and the lady was saying, “Me and my kitty want to be together again, but she is up in that tree. Hoodie said, “No problem Lady” and picked up the woman and put her in the tree with the cat and tied them together with a spare hoodie. (Note: our hero does not always get thing right.) Then Hoodie saw a building explode and in the rubble was a man who looked like he was wearing a tank top, but Hoodie saw it was actually part of his skin. The creature said, “My name is Stinky Tank Top and it looks like I am so stinky that I made this building spontaneously combust. What a great power! But Hoodie Man said, “I have the power of hoodie.”

The creature said, “You can’t stop me alone!” Hoodie Man said, “Tank you, Tank Top for letting me know. I guess I will just have to form a team.” The creature said, “Bad joke. The word is THANK you.”  Hoodie left to form a team. He got Sweater Guy to join, and Winter Gear Girl and Jill Monsoon said they would join. The team got a newspaper which read, “Government Washing Machine Gone Wrong!” and, “Created Evil Tank Top Monster.” Hoodie Man said, “So that is how Stinky Tank Top was created.” Jill Monsoon said, “I’ve got it. If we create a slower washing machine. Maybe we can turn Stinky Tank Top back into just a regular tank top and a regular person. The rest of the team agreed. Then Sweater Guy said, “I know just where to get the parts, Washing Machine Depot!”

The rest of the team asked Winter Gear Girl to look for a slow motor and a lid that will always close no matter what. The Team didn’t want another accident. But Winter Gear Girl had a secret, she was a bad girl and was going to help Stinky Tank Top, she grabbed an extra fast motor and put a new label on it that said Super Slow Motor. Then she got a bottle of Super Power Detergent, but added a lot of Stink Stunk soda, the worst soda in the world, so now even the detergent stunk. She added a label that said Happy, Smiley, Super Detergent. She had covered her tracks pretty good.

Hoodie Man said, “Now all we have to do is catch Stinky Tank Top and put him in this slow washer with some detergent that Winter Gear Girl got for us. They found Stinky Tank Top making another building spontaneously combust by breathing through a window. He also had really, really bad breath.  Then Hoodie Man said, “Hey you, we have a circus act you should join. Your part is watching me as I ride around you in a circle.” Stinky Tank Top said, “That’s easy, I’ll do it.” Then Hoodie Man went really fast and made Stinky really dizzy and he passed out.

Our heroes put stinky in the washer and asked Winter Gear Girl for the detergent. She said, “Here let me do it, I am the least appreciated member of this team, give me a chance.” So, she added the detergent and slammed the lid and started the washing machine. She then gave the team goggles which she said were necessary to watch the motor, but the goggles were really slow-motion goggles which made it look like the washing machine was slow. When it finished, it spit out a much larger Stinky Tank Top who smelled worse than before. Winter Gear Girl whispered in Hoodie Man’s ear, “You have been betrayed!”

(Author Note: another cliff-hanger)

The End

Tune in next time for Hoodie Man 2, Jailhouse Hoodie.

Hoodie Man Summary and Reviews:

Hoodie Man, an all-new comedy series by Brady M. In this new series, Hoodie Man, maybe the worst super hero ever, has to face the worst villain of all time, Stinky Tank Top. But he cannot do it alone. Is a team in the works?

“What, I hate cliff hangers. It is so unfair. –  Auntie Obvious

“It isn’t even cold enough to wear a hoodie in Arizona.” – Mommylorian

“I wish Stinky didn’t stink” – Gra

“I have never owned a hoodie, or a Tank top, or washed clothes, so I do not understand this story. But Gra says I do stink sometimes!” – Dadat

“I love this story, especially Stinky Tank Top.” – Garbage Truck

“I like it because the girls have bigger parts in this series.” – Monkey Woman

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