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Reading Regatta Fall Flight: The Big Finish!

[Auntie Obvious]: Hey, Book Sailors! The Reading Regatta Fall Flight ends today! [Brady]: Did you finish your four books? [Auntie Obvious]: Yes! I finished six. Well, allllllmost. How many did you read? [Brady]: I read six! I read Jurassic Park, and I re-read all five Percy Jackson and the Olympians books. And Kendall (my Kindle) […]

Fall Flight Reading Regatta

[Brady]: Wow, our first annual Fall Flight Reading Regatta! It feels like we just ended the Summer Smackdown Reading Regatta, and now it’s already September! [Auntie Obvious]: A “flight” is a sample of four cool things, so with the Fall Flight Reading Regatta, you pick four books of your choice to read between now and […]

New Book Sailor Announcements!

Hi, Book Sailors! Today, I have a couple of new announcements for new series! I hope you really like these, and that I’m able to release them all very soon. The Monkey Legion is the sequel series to the hit Power Monkey novels. It follows Aaron two months after The Elusive Prey, in an all-out […]

Reading Regatta: The Finish Line 2022

[Brady]: My gosh, I can’t believe the Reading Regatta is over! [Auntie Obvious]: I know, right??? And I can’t believe that you are officially a Middle Schooler now! I’m so proud! ::bursts into tears:: [Brady]: Dude, take a chill pill. And get a calculator, because we need to tally up our points! This week, I […]

Power Monkey: The Elusive Prey

It was a dark and stormy night and Alex was walking home. Suddenly, a hooded figure approaches him and Power Monkey takes out a bananarang and says, “Who are you?” The hooded figure says, “Nope, me first. Have you been in contact with the Reaper’s Star in the last 24 hours? Because this thing has […]

Reading Regatta Week 10 Update: Uranus Jokes are Always Funny

[Brady]: Hey, guys, welcome to the Reading Regatta Update! I scored pretty big this week! [Auntie Obvious]: I thought you were on vacation last week. Again. [Brady]: I read at night! I flipped on Kendall (my e-Reader has a name – like yours is named Libby). [Auntie Obvious]: Oooh, I’ll bet The Mommylorian loved that. […]

Power Monkey: The Dawn of Darkness

Nartha has walked into a large room and she walks over to a shelf with a sign: GRENADES. Nartha grabs a leather bag from the shelf and stuffs grenades inside the bag. Then she puts on a CRSC uniform found the CRSC arsenal and says, “ Wow, this place is huge.”, and walks out undetected. […]

Reading Regatta Week 9 Update: The Last Sentence

[Brady]: Well, only a couple more weeks left in the Reading Regatta, then I start Middle School! ::groans:: [Auntie Obvious]: Dude! Middle School is going to be awesome! Don’t you get special privileges like free coffee? [Brady]: The only special privilege I’ve heard of from Middle School is boredom. [Auntie Obvious]: I think you will […]

The Kind Little Truck: The Right Thing

Prologue: Kind Little Truck is well known for helping people and vehicles. But there was one time when he could have, but didn’t help someone; and he still feels bad about it. And he has never let anyone down since. In our very first story about Kind Little Truck, he saw that the Garbage Truck […]

Reading Regatta Week 8 Update: Never Watch Old Yeller

[Brady]: We are two months in to the Reading Regatta! I am back from vacation, which is why I let Obvious post last week. [Auntie Obvious]: I have some news. About the scoring. [Brady]: Oh. [Auntie Obvious]: Remember when I told you I accidentally counted too many points for those two books? I actually didn’t, […]

Hoodie Man 6: The Reaper’s Star

He is the Bearer of the Zipper. He is the Crusader of the Coats. No tank top is safe. Its Hoodie Man! But every hero has to have a nemesis and his is Winter Gear Girl who betrayed him and made his other enemy, Stinky Tank top, more powerful. They framed Hoodie Man for it […]

Reading Regatta Week 7 Update: Auntie Obvious Needs a Raise

Hello There, Book Sailors! Auntie Obvious here checking in on my lunch hour with a Reading Regatta update! You might not know this, but I have an actual job that does NOT involve doing all of Brady’s bidding. Who knew? Anyway, Boss Book Sailor texted me his new point total and his Point Break selection […]

Power Monkey: The Crusader of the Crescent Moon

Prologue: Ten years earlier. Piggy stares out the window at the PigTech Building. A monkey wearing an eye patch greets him and says, “Its time. Today is the big day.” Piggy says, “You should be proud of yourself, Tim. You deserve this.” Piggy walks away out of Tim’s sight and opens a chamber where Piggy […]

Reading Regatta Week 6 Update: Mistakes Were Made

[Brady]: Six weeks! I can’t believe it! [Auntie Obvious]: Technically, it’s five weeks, but this is the 6th update. This is what you pay me the big bucks for! [Brady]: I don’t recall paying you any bucks – or me having any [Auntie Obvious]: It was a joke. [Brady]: Oh, one of your cheesey ones. […]

The Primate 1

The Primate One – Part 1 (The Call) It is midnight with a full moon. Two officers are talking inside the Central America Asylum for Dangerous Animals (CAADA). The first officer says, “You have no idea what you are doing letting this prisoner run free.” The second officer replies,  “He has already served five years in […]

Geoff the Ghost 2 is Out!!!!

Geoff the Ghost 2: Finding Pumpkin made its way to YouTube on July 2nd!!! It is gaining popularity quickly, and I, Brady the Book Sailor, want to say thank you to the fans for helping Geoff the Ghost 2 happen! Geoff the Ghost 2 tells the story of an evil ghost named Old Man Goazer […]

Geoff the Ghost 2: Update

[Brady]: Geoff the Ghost 2 has finished being animated! Now we will tell you some things to expect with this blockbuster project! [Auntie Obvious]: I expect that the person who is prepping all of the drawings for final compilation needs a raise. [Brady]: Great idea! But unaffordable. [Auntie Obvs.]: Oh, look who suddenly remembered that […]

Reading Regatta Update Week 5: Sabotage!

[Brady]: Wow, Book Sailors, we’re back with more Point Break Selections and the latest tally for the Reading Regatta. How many points do you have, Auntie Obvs.? [Auntie Obvious]: I regret to inform our fellow Book Sailors that you and the MommyLorian sabotaged my reading efforts this week, so I have zero new points! [Brady]: […]

Power Monkey

Hey, Book Sailors! Auntie Obvious here. When Brady started writing the original Power Monkey stories, he was just a little tyke who rode around in a car seat singing along to his favorite song: Mah Na Mah Na from Sesame Street. (OK, it’s still a pretty cool song). Now that he’s older, wiser, and allowed […]

Reading Regatta Update Week 4: Brady’s Back, Baby!

Hey there Book Sailors! Brady was out for a few days, but he has returned!! [Auntie Obvious]: Welcome back. I posted the Point Break selections while you were out. You’re welcome. [Brady]: Dude, you totally picked your own stories. With great power comes great responsibility. [Auntie Obvious]: UNLIMITED POWER!!!!!! MUAHAHA! Ahem. I mean, why don’t […]

Reading Regatta Week 3: We LOVE Comic Books!

Hey, Book Sailors! Auntie Obvious here. Brady was under the weather this week, so we aren’t going to recap our point totals, but we do have some exciting news! When we raised the minimum page count for the “cruising” category to 100, we totally weren’t thinking about how that would leave out comic books! NOOOOOOOOOO! […]

Reading Regatta Update and Week #2 Point Break Selections!

[Brady]: Ha, ha! You said #2. [Auntie Obvious]: Dude. I need you to focus here. [Brady]: (Still laughing). I sure hope everyone is having fun so far with the Reading Regatta 2022! How about we share our scores? [Auntie]: Great! I’ll also put the scoring at the bottom of this post, so everyone can calculate […]

Reading Regatta 2022 Kickoff!

Hey, Book Sailors! Today is the official kickoff for the 2022 Reading Regatta! You can find the scoring options below, or for a full refresher on the rules, check out this post: Summer Smackdown Reading Regatta 2022! Tier Pages Kids Adults Cruising 100-200 100 50 Rowing 201-599 500 250 White Water Rafting 600+ 1,000 500 Updated […]

Reading Regatta 2022 Update

Hey Book Sailors! The 2022 Reading Regatta starts in one week! Are you ready? [Brady]: Some of you have been wondering what happens if you are in the middle of a book on June 1st. Good news! You totally get to count it! [Auntie Obvious]: WOO HOO! Because I am reading a book called Count […]

Summer Smackdown Reading Regatta 2022!

Ahoy, Mateys! It’s summertime! And the Reading Regatta has returned! A regatta is a boat race, but this is a reading race! Here’s how it works: Start Date: Wednesday, June 1stEnd Date: Wednesday, August 10th How to Earn Points: Grab your Magic Purple Library Card (OK, just a regular library card will do) and start […]

SailorCon Panel 2

SailorCon Part 2 has finally arrived! I know, it’s been a week. But at least we do get it. It has tons of exciting announcements and a sad announcement, but you can’t say no to an extra clip for Geoff the Ghost 2! We’re super excited to kick off the second annual Reading Regatta! Here’s […]

SailorCon 2022

It’s a very special day at the Brady The Book Sailor website and YouTube channel! SailorCon has arrived, and with it many new announcements! You can enjoy the first panel below, along with a reading of the first 5 pages of the new hit novel Power Monkey, coming soon to! (UPDATE: Brady’s new Geoff […]

Hi Booksailors!

Us here at want to announce we will be doing book reviews on our website and share our thoughts about them and why they got the review they got. For example The Longest Road By Karlyn Wasbi 12% It feels like the author knows her book will be a total bust but carries on […]

Brand New Power Monkey Series Coming Soon!

Hi Booksailors! It’s Brady here for some really exciting information! So the original Power Monkey series was WAY too long to even think about posting on this small website. So, I rewrote it in a less complex way with only four books in it. I started thinking about this project in about September of last […]

Tom and Harry 4: Little Red Riding Hood

This story was inspired by the Hoodwinked Movies. Help a Book Sailor out: if you know where I can watch Hoodwinked 3: The Fellowship of the Hood, please let me know in the comments! When we last left Tom and Harry, Harry won a battle on the flying Roombas with Isaac Bonjour. As he was […]

Books and Blankets

Hey, Book Sailors! Check out this special Christmas video from Brady the Book Sailor – and if it inspires YOU to donate books and blankets to your favorite cause, let us know in the comments or post on social media using #BooksAndBlankets!

‘Twas Three Weeks Before Christmas (MCU Edition)

Hey, Book Sailors! Auntie Obvious here. Brady and I binged the entire MCU in 2021, and we wanted to share this poem with you. I wrote the first draft, and then showed it to Brady. He super politely told me that it was good, but that he had some ideas to make it even better. […]

Book Sailor Animations First Movie!

Happy Halloween, Book Sailors! And I am excited to say that is getting its first ever movie, called “Geoff the Ghost”. I sure hope you enjoy this little short film, because I spent a lot of time working on it. I do not like stop-motion animation! So without further ado, enjoy the show!

The Kind Little Truck Visits Truckingham Palace

The Kind Little Truck was about to go on a big vacation, to the United Kingdom (UK) with his friends, Garbage Truck, Little Dipper, and Flat Head Car.  His friends already had a passport, but he needed a passport, so he went to the Post Office and ordered one. Then he saw the Camera Car, […]

The Finish Line: Summer Smackdown Reading Regatta!

Hey, Book Sailors! The Summer Smackdown Reading Regatta has reached the finish line…and you will NOT believe who won! (OK, you might.) Here is the reading list and point total for Brady: J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (500) J.K Rowling – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (500) J.K. Rowling […]

Two-Minute Drills!

A new series is born! Two-minute drills are a new type of unboxing where I try to do the unboxing in two minutes! I am really proud of this video – please subscribe to BradyTheBookSailor!

Reading Regatta Update

Ahoy, mateys! We thought we’d pop in to give you an update on the Summer Smackdown Reading Regatta! Brady: So far, I’ve read Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and I’ve started Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Oh, […]

Summer Smackdown Reading Regatta!

Ahoy, Mateys! It’s summertime! And we have a special challenge: the First Annual Brady The Book Sailor Summer Smackdown Reading Regatta! A regatta is a boat race, but this will be a reading race! Here’s how it works: Start Date: Monday, May 31stEnd Date: Sunday, August 8th How to Earn Points: Grab your Magic Purple […]

Animations, Unboxing, and More!

Hello, this is by far the biggest day we’ve had for Brady the Book Sailor videos. We posted four on our YouTube channel! And we are giving you the links, so that you can enjoy them in the comfort of our own website!

One Year Anniversary for Brady The Book Sailor!

Thank you for a year of Brady the Book Sailor! I am so, so happy to know that people actually checked this thing out and care about it. I’m also glad to hear that people care about our YouTube Channel and all of the stuff we’ve done. It’s for the viewers, and we try to […]

The Rude Computer

A Cooperative Story by Brady and Dadat Once there was a place called Laggy Town. And in it there was a rude computer. When I say rude, I do not just mean rude, I mean RRUUDDEE! It was laggy, it turns off when it doesn’t get its way, it causes constant updates that annoy you […]

Power Monkey 3: The Power of the Vine

PROLOGUE: One thousand years earlier. Firedude was thinking: “Huh, huh, huh, huh…I’ve finally made it to the tree of the power of the vine!! Yes!! Now I can defeat the monkey family’s future relatives! Now let me turn into my real self, which is a fire alligator devil!!” Firedude got the power of the vine, […]

The Story of Karlyn Wasbi

Welcome to our new story The Story of Karlyn Wasbi me and Obvious are next to our campfire roasting smores over this totally true tale!!!! [Auntie Obvious: Dude. Not every tale needs to be told. This is one of them.] LA LA LA NPT LISTENING!!!! Once in the long forgoton year of 2020 an egg […]

We’re Very Sorry

(Side Note : This IS NOT an apology to Karlyn Wasbi) P.S. We know what you did…… Hello I just want to say sorry, Not posting is no fun because I LOVE posting for you all! except for her….. (Karlyn Wasbi:) ME NO FORGIVE YOU FOR NO UPDAYTZ!!!! [Auntie Obvious: Dude, ever heard the expression […]

Mandalorian Whills

In the third episode of our podcast (check out all the episodes of PodSailing here), we mentioned that Tom Angleberger’s short story, “Whills” – from “Star Wars: A Certain Point of View” – had inspired us to write our own version. Enjoy our “Mandalorian Whills” below – which we wrote after the conclusion of Season […]

Tom and Harry 3: When Turtles Fly

Once upon a time, (Editor #253 to editor #549, “Why do you always have these corny beginnings? I am getting fed up with this!”) It is a dark and stormy night in Tortoise Town, when Isaac Bonjour, the annoying French squirrel, was starting his evilest plan yet. He knocked on Harry’s door and said, “Harry, […]

Hoodie Man 5: The Cure

He is the Bearer of the Zipper. He is the Crusader of the Coats. No tank top is safe. It’s Hoodie Man! But every hero has to have a nemesis, and his is Winter Gear Girl, who betrayed him and made his other enemy, Stinky Tank top, more powerful. They framed Hoodie Man for it […]

Hoodie Man 4: Project Tank Top

He is the Bearer of the Zipper. He is the Crusader of the Coats. No tank top is safe. It’s Hoodie Man! But every hero has to have a nemesis, and his is Winter Gear Girl who betrayed him and made his other enemy, Stinky Tank top, more powerful. And framed Hoodie Man for it. […]

Hoodie Man 3: A Tale of Two Hoodies

He is the Bearer of the Zipper. He is the Crusader of the Coats. No tank top is safe. It’s Hoodie Man! But every hero has to have a nemesis, and his is Winter Gear Girl, who betrayed him and made his other enemy, Stinky Tank top, more powerful, and framed Hoodie Man for it. […]

An Ode to 2020

Hey, this is a new poem that Auntie Obvious wrote. I’m still trying to get her more space on my website, even though she has her own awesome website, where this will hopefully be posted, too. [Auntie Obvious: Dude, that is so nice! I think I’m going to happy cry!!!] Before Auntie Obvious starts crying, […]

Robot Snowman Merry Goatmas

One winter day, Robot King Heat was thinking, “Boy, winter really stinks. It is not Hot outside at all. Even my lava bath froze, thank goodness I don’t use a shower. Wait, this could be a perfect revenge scheme for Robot Snowman. I’ll raise the heat really high like I did last year. Eh, Eh, […]

Missing the Mark: An Auntie Obvious Adventure

By Auntie Obvious (Who is very grateful to Brady The Book Sailor for giving her some space on this website!) Auntie Obvious loved to read. Now, if you are wondering how Auntie Obvious got her name, well…that’s kind of a long story. One for a different day. On this day, Auntie Obvious was looking for her special […]

LEGO Unboxing

Hello and welcome to our third unboxing! We have still not improved that much. And this time we thought we’d do a LEGO Speed Build, but it was harder than we expected. Oh, well, hope that you enjoy this video! Now for me to cry in my panic room. [Auntie Obvious: Dude. This is a […]

The Feast Thief

Hello! This is my Thanksgiving carol about a thief who steals your Thanksgiving food and leaves you with something disgusting! I performed this with Dadat at Thanksgiving, and everyone loved it! It kind of reminded people of The Grinch! The Feast Thief (By Brady and Dadat) Thanksgiving Day is finally hereIt is time to us […]

A Story About America, Episode 7 – The First Thanksgiving

One day, Frederick Trashcan and his little brother Carl Trashcan were visiting in Cape Cod, when they saw a statue of a Pilgrim meeting a Native American. There was a sign that read, “This is the site of the first Thanksgiving.” Carl had secretly taken a small plastic bottle of his brother’s Living Juice and […]

Mando Monday

Here is our first mega unboxing! It is bigger than a normal unboxing, because we have five things to review! We are still learning to do unboxings, so our videos will get better!

Stories: Why we Haven’t Posted As much

Hi I’m Bradythebooksailor from drumroll please…………. [Auntie Obvious: PHHHHHHHHHHBBBBBBBBBT]!!!!! Yes, I do know we have not been posting as much, but don’t worry we have you covered. See there are a lot of problems with posting. We have a new system where we copy and paste the stories and scan in the photos. Maybe […]

Power Monkey – Thanksgiving

Two days before Thanksgiving, Power Monkey was handing out invitations for his special Thanksgiving party. But meanwhile, hiding in the bushes outside his lair, MC Walrus and Immortal Genius were watching. “Yo, Yo, Yo, We need to stop this.” said MC Walrus. “But, How?” Said Immortal Genius. MC Walrus did not answer, but just started […]

Baby Yoda Monopoly!

Hello! This is Brady the Book Sailor and Auntie Obvious and welcome to our first unboxing ever! This was our first one, and yes, there were some glitches, but here’s the important part: in this video, we will be viewing the Hasbro Baby Yoda Monopoly from Star Wars – The Mandalorian. Prepare for a cuteness […]

Hoodie Man 2: Jailhouse Hoodie

He is the Bearer of the Zipper. He is the Crusader of the Coats. No tank top is safe. It’s Hoodie Man! But every hero has to have a nemesis. When we last left Hoodie Man, our hero and his friends Sweater Man, Jill Monsoon, and Winter Gear Girl put the evil Stinky Tank Top […]

Aqua Dolphin Meets Bubbles the Axolotl

Previously on Aqua Dolphin, our sorta hero decided he should find another line of work besides being a police officer, because he was not very good at it. He never caught the crooks! He thought he would open a restaurant, but he found out that it is hard to cook underwater because the fire kept […]

The Haunting of Evil Scary Pumpkin ( a True Story)

So one morning I woke up and found a comment on and saw it was by Evilscarypumpkin. It was about how he wanted to haunt the site. Auntie Obvious replied and said we had a Halloween Haunting Special for just $150. I was like, “DUDE you just moderated a comment from a stranger!” And […]

The Kind Little Truck: Truckey Birthday Little Dipper

It was almost Little Dipper’s birthday and Kind Little Truck and his friends wanted to throw a surprise birthday party. Kind Little Truck said, “What can we possibly do?” Garbage Truck said, “Little Dipper likes astronomy so we could make the party with a space theme. Flat Head Car said, “I’ll order the decorations.” So, […]

Hoodie Man

He is the Bearer of the Zipper. He is the Crusader of the Coats. No tank top is safe. It’s Hoodie Man! But every hero has to have a nemesis. And this is how our story begins. It was a dark and stormy night. (Author note; I really need to think up a new beginning.) […]

The Kind Little Truck Meets the Big RV

One day, when Kind Little Truck was unpacking from his island adventure, He saw smoke coming from the road next to his garage. He went out to see what the commotion was. It was a broken-down RV. The RV said, “Kind Little Truck, can you help me? My engine is broken and I am in […]


So, I’m excited to start a hashtag! Yes, I started a hashtag! It’s called hashtag #MaskUpTheWorld. And yes, that is a picture of me. I can’t wait for us all to get back to seeing each other in person, but today I wanted to bring you something old and something new. (No relation to the […]

Nanas’ Story Chapter 5

In the last episode, The Immortal Genius opened up the locket Nanas had given him, but nothing but baby food barf came out and hit him right in the face. “Yuck, yuck, yuck,” said immortal Genius, “I got some in my mouth. I’ll get you, Order of the Primates.” Then a big surprise came. Get […]

Nanas’ Story: Chapter 4

Remember how the Revenge of the Banana ended in a cliff-hanger? The Immortal Genius had tied Nanas up and dangled him over a cliff and put the Apocalypse Banana in a yellow locket. That was a real cliff-hanger! Nanas was able to climb back up the side of the cliff and cut the ropes with […]

Why We Changed Our Logo

So recently, we changed our logo. It used to look like this. Now it looks like this. Some of you were happy with the change. Some of you weren’t. Well, there are many different reasons why we changed it. One being copyright. [Auntie Obvious: I don’t think the copyright police comes after you for wearing […]

Nanas’ Story: Chapter 3

Remember how the attack of the Monkeys ended in a cliff-hanger? The Immortal Genius had come down in his space ship, and said, “Oh, you cute little capuchin monkeys cannot stop me!” But, that got Nanas really mad and he punched the Immortal Genius in the face! The Immortal Genius got in his baby cry […]

Nanas’ Story: Chapter 2

Remember how the Fellowship of the Vine ended in a cliff-hanger? Nanas opened the elevator door and used his powers to go back in time to save Super Wackey Monkey and Monkey Female. But the Immortal Genius (AKA IG) out-smarted Nanas and tied him up to the Apocalypse Banana too!  THE END…. Now that I […]

Brady The Book Sailor Tutorial

Want to get the most out of your Brady The Book Sailor Experience? Check out this tutorial with voice recordings of The Real Brady The Book Sailor and Auntie Obvious!

Nanas’ Story: Chapter 1

One day, Nanas was looking out his window at the beautiful Monkeyville. Until something very bad happened. He saw a bright flash of light with some fire thrown in for good measure. Next thing he knew, Nanas’ butler was pouring cold water on him. That immediately woke Nanas because he had passed out looking out […]

Power Monkey in Quarantine

Power Monkey was sitting at home, and he was so bored. He thought, “I should be out saving the world, but here I am stuck in Monkey Manor. I miss my friends. Here I sit at home in my pajamas that I have been wearing for the last five months.” Then Power Monkey thought, “Wait, […]

Whackey Monkey 4: The Hero

Previously on Whackey Monkey: The N.E.R.D was unmasked! It was Nartha, Power Monkey’s long-lost sister. Nartha was greedy and tricked Power Monkey by getting him in the spaceship and extracting his power. She was trying to take the power of the vine. Nartha got off the spaceship and started the extraction. The ship started expanding […]

Whackey Monkey 3: The Fate

When we left off last time, the N.E.R.D. was holding Power Monkey and was going to not let him have bananas for ten minutes. Whackey Monkey said that is too cruel and N.E.R.D. said, “I am going to make it 20 minutes.” Whackey Monkey gave Power Monkey a bag of nuts, which gave him some […]

Whackey Monkey 2: The Power of the Whackey

Last time, when we left off, N.E.R.D., an evil entity had battled Power Monkey. Power Monkey said,” You are going to have to pay for what you did to Whackey World. You are a very cruel person.” Then the N.E.R.D. said, “I have one last cruel thing to do.” Then he grabbed Power Monkey by […]

A Very Whackey Story: The Real Story Behind Whackey Monkey

We are not sure why, but he was always called Whackey Monkey. What we do know is how he met Power Monkey. Once upon a time in a merry land called Whackey World, there lived Whackey Monkey. He liked the lollipop trees, the alien parade and playing with the friendly antennaed frogs. But one day, […]

Power Monkey 2: Nanas to the Future

One day Power Monkey was just sitting in Monkey Manor and was doing nothing. Then he pulled out the Banana Filing. He found another file by Nanas called NTTF which stood for Nanas To The Future. A technique Nanas found out about and he read that some evil mastermind had taken it. He was going […]

Aqua Dolphin: A Brady and Dadat Story

Once there was a dolphin whose name was Aqua Dolphin. Although he could not swim all that fast, he was very smart and, he had an eye that could shoot a laser. Now we do not know how he came to have a laser eye. (What did you expect, this isn’t a masterpiece).  He was […]

Power Monkey: Vingar’s Return

When we left off in Vol. 2, Power Monkey and Nanas were trying to make peace with Power Monkey’s sister, Nartha, by giving her a new suit and a laser stick. Nartha was still angry but said, “This is way better than that ugly bag of rags that Power Monkey wears, and the laser stick […]

Power Monkey: Our Hero Awakens

When we last left Power Monkey, he had started feeling bad for teasing Nartha and said, “I am sorry, will you accept my apology?” But Nartha did not accept the apology, saying, “No, I never want to see you again, brothers are the worst. And someday, I will get even with you and the rest […]

Power Monkey: A Hero is Born

February 16, 2012 – Baby Power Monkey has been living with his neighbor, Mr. Bidurmphidurmph for the past year. Baby Nartha, Baby Power Monkey’s younger sister, said, “I weally wike Mr. Bunny Buns.” (That is what Baby Nartha calls Mr. Bidurmphidurmph.) Baby Power Monkey said, “I thwink he is weally weird and I no like […]

Tom and Harry 2

Once upon a time…….(wait, that is a terrible beginning, who thought that up? Ooops, I did. Start again.) It was a dark and stormy night, as Isaac Bonjour was being escorted to prison. He thought, “I know someone who wasn’t banned from Critter Country. Rigged Roomba!” Then, he jumped out of the police car while […]

Tom and Harry

Once upon a time…(REALLY! – this is how all corny fairy tales start. OK, let’s start over)… It was a dark and stormy night (NOT AGAIN…relax, dude, this start is cool)…when Isaac Bonjur, the sour and mean squirrel was finally arrested by the French police. He was accused of grand theft auto, littering, and toilet […]

Robot Snowman 5: The Last Snowman

By Brady M. (Installment 5 in a 5-part series) When we left off at the end of Robot Snowman 4, Robot Snowman could have destroyed King Heat, but instead, he tranquilized King Heat. The police took King Heat away without him even noticing. Robot Snowman returned to Winter Wonderland, and the Sand King was again […]

Robot Snowman 4: The Pyramid of the Sand King

By Brady M. (Installment 4 in a 5-part series) When Robot Snowman 3 ended, we found out that Jalapeño Pepper survived Cat’s attack, but will Power Monkey or Robot Snowman suvive Jalapeño Pepper’s attack? Wait, what happened to not using Power Monkey in this series? Now we present Power Monkey 4 (Just Kidding, that came […]

Robot Snowman 3: The Monstrous Frost Bite

By Brady M. (Installment 3 in a 5-part series) When Robot Snowman 2 ended, Robot Snowman was being chased by Robot King Heat with a chain saw arm. Did Robot King Heat catch Robot Snowman? Did Jalapeño Hotsworth survive Cat’s attack? And what was Power Monkey doing in that story, we thought we were taking […]

Robot Snowman 2: The Betrayal of Heat

By Brady M. (Installment 2 in a 5-part series) Two weeks have passed since King Heat’s downfall at the hands of Robot Snowman. Robot Snowman started to wonder if King Heat had survived. Suddenly, the room got warmer and the door swung open, and there was Robot King Heat! Jalapeño Hotsworth had saved him and […]

A Story About America, Episode 6 – The American Flag

One day Frederick was at home with his parents and his little brother. His parents did not know that Frederick had a living drink in his pocket. A The family decided to buy a mini-replica of the American flag. When they brought it home. Frederick’s little brother, Carl, accidently spilled some grow feet juice on […]

A Story About America, Episode 5 – The 4th of July

By Brady Washington, Kid Historian On July 4, 2018,  Joe P. (the P stands for Pineapple) Trashcan, who was twenty years old, was at home with his parents and his ten year old little brother, Frederick Trashcan and his littler brother, Carl Burnett Trashcan, who was seven. To celebrate the 4th of July, the family was reading […]

Immortal Always

byBrady M.(the M does not stand for Monkey) (Auntie Admin note: this is story #2 in the Power Monkey Series) Inventor’s Desk Presentation, February 13, 2011: The Master of Ceremonies says, “Let’s welcome our next Keynote speaker, Tim Bidurmphidurmph! “Thank you,” said Tim. “Now, let’s start talking about what I have to show you. I […]

Power Monkey

by Brady M. P.S. The M does not stand for Monkey He is a tree swinging warrior! He is your favorite power monkey. He has the banana Power of the Vine that can only be given to a super monkey. And he is also a relative of Nanas who is pretty awesome too. And Power […]

The Legends of Brady the Book Sailor

From Auntie Admin – Ever wondered how Brady the Book Sailor got his name? The MommyLorian (formerly known as General Mommy) gave him the “Brady” part, but the rest is kind of a long story. Before Brady the Book Sailor existed, there was GrapeBeard the friendly pirate, who sailed the seas of EadRay in his […]

Auntie Kimberly Runs Out of Coffee!!!

One day Auntie Kimberly woke up and went to the kitchen to make her favorite food, (or drink) COFFEE! But when she went to place where she stored her coffee beans, the jar was empty. Well not empty, there was one lone coffee bean. “AAAARRRRGGGGUGGGHHHH!” Shouted Auntie Kimberly. “This is terrible. Worst problem ever. What […]

Power Monkey Teaser

Very soon, we will be posting a 30 comic book series called Power Monkey. It will be the longest series on It includes our hero Power Monkey and his allies Monkey Woman and Whackey Monkey. It contains two seasons with a sneak peek at new stories coming out in September 2020. We posted this […]


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