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Power Monkey: The Dawn of Darkness

Nartha has walked into a large room and she walks over to a shelf with a sign: GRENADES. Nartha grabs a leather bag from the shelf and stuffs grenades inside the bag. Then she puts on a CRSC uniform found the CRSC arsenal and says, “ Wow, this place is huge.”, and walks out undetected. As she is walking away, a scientist sees Nartha in a uniform with the name tag WENDY. He asks, “Hey Wendy, did you hear that they are putting on a full-scale search for the crew of Primate 1?  The rumor is that they teamed up with Alpha Python.” Nartha just smiles and keeps walking. The scientist points at a group that is fighting and says, “Hey look Wendy, I found them!”

Meanwhile, Wingy and Dr. Wining are facing off. Dr. Wining says, “This is the end, Wingy.” And the robot runs forward Wingy, but suddenly stops. They all hear a beeping.  Then, KABOOM! And, the robot is blown to smithereens and the explosion knocks down the team and Dr. Wining.  Nartha walks toward them and says, “The CRSC is weak and you are weak too, Wingy. I was always meant to be the one in control. My brother stole all of the thunder. But no more. My brother was always the favorite child, but no one cared about me. You have all been lied to. I have fooled you all. My name isn’t Renna.” She pulls off her blond wig to reveal greasy black hair and says, “It is time I introduced myself properly. The name is Nartha! Nice to meet you.”

Wingy and Dr. Wining yell at the same time: “WWWHHHAAATTT!!!”

Then, Nartha begins to throw more grenades into each part of the CSRS headquarters and they can all hear her maniacal laughter.  Dr. Wining and the rest of the CRSC staff flee to their own mothership and our heroes run to the Primate 1.  Wingy hears Nartha yell, “Wingy, wherever you go, I will always find you. Afterall, I am the first universal booksailor.”

Once all of them had left, Nartha was left standing in the ruins of the CRSC building. She pulled the Reaper’s Star out of her pocket and says, “What do you even do?” But Nartha had no time to ponder on this because the police began to show up, because someone reported the explosion. The police officer said, “Come with us.” Nartha said, “OK” as she surrendered and they took her to the prison bus. They asked her to turn in all of her possessions, so she gave the officer the predator mask, but when she reached for the Reaper’s Star, it was nowhere to be found. She knew she could not give up the Unisailor card as it was too powerful. The Police officer told her to sit down. When she sat down, she reached into her pocket and the Reaper Star had re-appeared! Then a whisper came from the Reaper’s Star and said, “We can do so much more than just sit on this prison bus.” Nartha said, “What can you do about it? The bus is already rolling.” Suddenly, the Star glowed and the bus overturned. Nartha and the rest of the prisoners climbed out, but the police officers were not quick enough to follow them.

Meanwhile, an alarm rings at a bank. Two masked figures walk out, each holding a bag of money, but before they could reach the street, someone stops them. He says, “Jay walking and robbing a bank? You two have a one-way ticket to prison. One of the robbers says, “Send US to prison, NOT happening, you’re just an ordinary monkey. The monkey says, “You got my name wrong, it’s not Ordinary Monkey its……Power Monkey!”

Power monkey took a bananarang out of his pocket and knocked the robbers down.  He also took a portable net out his pocket and trapped the robbers and said, “I have to prepare for the San Jose Fair tomorrow.  Thanks for side tracking me.”  He walked back to the city to prepare for the fair just as the police arrived to arrest the robbers. 

Later that night a hooded figure wearing ski goggles and a ski-mask walked to the prison cell with a lock pick and said, “You came here after fighting Power Monkey, didn’t you?”  The robber said, “Who is asking?”  She said, “the Predator.”  He said, “What are you going to do? I won’t tell you, because revenge against him is mine.”  She said, “If you tell me without complaining I will let you out.  If you don’t, you might as well rot away in this cell.”  The robber said, “Why would I know where he is?”  The Predator said, “Because he has a really bad habit of bragging about what he is going to do next.”  The robber said, “OK, I will tell you.  He is going to the San Jose fair being held tomorrow.  But it is going to take you a while to get all the way to the capitol of Costa Rica by then.”  Nartha said, “I have my methods.”  As she walked away, she put the lock-pick in her pocket and said, “What could I do?   You complained!”  And then she snickered. 

The next day, everything was great at the San Jose fair.  An announcer was speaking as all of the floats came by and Alex smiled as he saw one float with monkeys in masks, purple and green shirts with the letters PM embroidered, and dancing around an ice sculpture of Power Monkey. Alex thought, “I normally don’t wear a costume, but those look pretty good. I wonder if I could have Piggy………………” But his thought was interrupted when the announcer said, “I think this might be our last float. And, that is the treasure chest! There may be some special merchandise for the first person who can grab the chest after our lovely workers use the T-Shirt cannon.”

Meanwhile, the Predator was backstage with the workers who had the T-Shirt cannons and the Predator used the Reaper Star to change her face to look like one of the employees. She then told the others, “I don’t feel so good, so I am going home. Can you get one of the Power Monkey characters to be a stand in?” She the used the Reaper’s Star to again change her appearance to look like one of the dancing PM characters from the float. She says, “I can be of assistance” and she is given a T-shirt cannon along with some Power Monkey stuffed animals and T-shirts that said, “San Jose Fair XII.”  She walked inside the Treasure Chest float. She picked up a rock and thought, “I have some merchandise for Power Monkey!”

She changed back into her regular appearance with the ski goggles and the ski-mask. She put the rock inside the t-shirt cannon and fired it at Alex, and took off her goggles and mask sure that she had hit him. But when she looked up, Alex had caught the rock, was holding it in the air and looking very confused. He looked over and saw her and said, “Going skiing, Nartha?”  Nartha said, “No, I am going shooting. Thanks to you I now only have these t-shirts and plushies to fire at you.” Alex took someone’s blanket and jumped from his top box seat and floated down using the blanket as a parachute. He landed on the Treasure Chest float where he confronted Nartha.

Power Monkey said, “Yeah, Nanas confiscated all of your ammo when you were five.” Nartha said, “I remember it like it was yesterday.” Power Monkey took out one of his bananarangs and plunged it into the float. He jumped off of the gigantic balloon and ran backstage to warn everyone that the Predator was there. He said, “Run! The Predator is here.” Nartha follows him backstage and says, “You think you could fool me that easily?” Power Monkey says, “Yes.” Nartha says, “Prove it.” “OK” says Alex as he runs through the backstage area. Nartha runs after him and Power Monkey takes a small cord out of his utility belt and aims for Nartha’s feet. He throws the cord and it wraps around her feet and she falls over. The Reaper’s Star falls out of her hands and rolls toward Alex. He picks it up and says, “Nice trinket you have here Nartha, I think I will show it to Piggy.” Nartha screams, ‘NNNOOO!!!” Power Monkey walks away.

Power Monkey runs into a small monkey with black fur trying to help someone out of the wreckage from the float. Power Monkey stops and says, “Do you need a hand? ”The monkey says, “Yes please.” Power Monkey feels the Reaper’s Star vibrate in his hand, and the float begins to rumble and disappears. Power Monkey now realizes that the Star is dangerous and puts it in his pocket. Power Monkey asks the little monkey, “What is your name?” The Monkey replies, “I am Aaron. I always wanted to be like you so it is a pleasure to meet you, your Alexness.” Power Monkey says, “Alexander, actually. I think it was great of you to help those people at the float and I think you have what it takes to also be a hero.” The little monkey says, “I don’t think the people will accept a deaf hero, even though I can read lips.” Alex says, “I accept you!” Aaron replies, “Thank you, maybe I’ll give it a try, who knows?” Alex walks away and says, “I’ll see you around.”

Meanwhile, Nartha is very angry and is still thrashing around with her feet wrapped by the cord, when the police show up. The police officer says, “You have to come with us, you are facing some serious charges.” Nartha says, “You know I’ll find a way to get out.” Just then Alex walks by and says, “Don’t be so sure about it.” Alex walks all of the way to Piggy Industries, where his good friend, Scientist Piggy, works. Alex gives the Reaper’s Star to Piggy and asks, ‘Do you know what this is? Piggy takes it to the lab for analysis and when he returns, he says, “It looks like it came from a meteorite, it could be fifty eons old. I think it has a way of communicating through vibrations to whoever it is bonded to, or someone it is about to destroy it, and obviously that is not you or me. It also seems to hold all of the dimensions separate, and if it is destroyed, the dimensions will collapse into one.  Someone could then become an all-powerful ruler commanding an immortal army. Where did you get this?”  Power Monkey says, “I found it in my sister’s possession. That means that there is only one person that can help us at this point. ……………………..suspense……………….

Power Monkey walks into the prison where he sees Nartha. She says, “What are you here for this time, to laugh in my face?” Power Monkey says, “I can assure you that I am here on official business; but it is funny to see you behind bars. Nartha, can you talk to the Reaper’s Star?” She says with a smile, “I will if you get me out of here.” Alex says, “Please Nartha, this is a matter of life and death. This is your chance to be better than me.” Nartha says, “I never wanted to be better than you, I want rid of you!” The Star began to vibrate in Power Monkey’s pocket. Power Monkey says “Nartha, don’t!” Just then, three large fanged monsters that looked like a cross between an alligator and a bull appeared. “Oh no” said Alex, “Is that an allibull?” Nartha said, “None of your business, but if you must know, they are bulligators.”

Nartha pointed two of the strange dangerous bulligators toward Power Monkey and one of them goes to Nartha and bites the cord. Nartha throws the cord at Alex and it wraps up his feet. He quickly takes out his knife when he falls to cut the cord, but the Reaper’s star falls out of his pocket. One of the Bulligators brings the Star to Nartha and she uses it to melt the bars on her cell. As she left the prison she stopped and aimed laser beams at the building and it began to collapse. Power Monkey ran through the falling debris and just managed to get out the door. He knew he needed to form a team!

Alex was walking home when he saw some bullies in a dark alley-way beating up on someone. The bullies were yelling, “You will never be a good as Power Monkey.” The person they were beating yelled, “I know I probably can’t, you just have to accept me for what I am and what I want to do.” He threw a punch at one of the bullies, knocking him down. Just then Alex punches another bully and says, “You will never be as good as Power Monkey and that comes directly from the source!” Alex says to the victim, “I need your help, Aaron.” He asked, “With What?” Alex said, “Hero business.” The two walked away and Alex asked, “Do you have any ideas of others we could recruit?’ Aaron said, “When I first got news of Nartha’s deception a couple of weeks ago, and how she blew up the CRSC headquarters, I heard about a group of four who calls themselves the Crew of Primate 1 and they seem like a good option….if you like snakes. They are three monkeys and one snake!”

Power Monkey tracks down the crew of Primate 1 and asks them if they would join with him and Aaron to fight Nartha and get the Reaper’s Star and they all accept. They all go over to Power Monkey’s home to draw up a battle plan. Power Monkey says, “We have to get her back in prison and bury the Reaper’s Star deep in the ground. He also says, “Nartha will be in New York because I saw her plane ticket. Maybe we can lure her into Times Square.” Wingy, one of the crew members, says, “My friends and I can use the Primate 1 to get close to Nartha.” Aaron said, I could hang on the side of a building and throw one of Power Monkey’s special cords to wrap around her legs and feet.” Power Monkey says, “When Nartha falls, we can take the reapers Star and put Nartha in Primate 1 and take her back to prison,  Hangy says, “How can we lure her where we want?” Power Monkey says, “I have a plan.”

Once they got to New York, Power Monkey recorded a video on his phone, “Nartha, meet me in Times Square tonight, and let’s settle this once and for all.” Nartha replies, “I will be there, and make sure you are alone!” After dark, Nartha showed up. Power Monkey was standing on top of one of the buildings and yelled down, “Nartha, there are too many people down there, you have to meet me up here.” Nartha used the Reaper’s Star to fly up. She says, “What do we do now?” Alex says, “You might as well follow me.” He then jumped across to another building and Nartha followed. He continued to jump from building, to building, to building, with Nartha following.

Power Monkey tightrope walks along power lines and Nartha says, “Its over Alex.” She uses the Reaper Star to catch the power lines on fire and, as the sparks and flames get closer to Alex, he pulls out a knife and cuts the cable. He holds on to one end and swings across to a nearby shorter building. He tosses the cable back to Nartha and jumps to the next building. Nartha uses the Reapers Star to transport herself to the building where Alex has landed. Power Monkey takes a nylon rope with a grappler hook and throws it to another building and climb his way to the top. Now he is on the rooftop of the building over which Primate 1 is hovering. Nartha uses the Star to join him and they prepare for battle. During the fight, Nartha drops the Reapers Star and Power Monkey grabs it. As Nartha runs toward Power Monkey, Aaron throws the special cord at Nartha but she dodges it and it hits Alex instead, and he trips, loosing his grip on the Reaper’s Star. It goes over the edge of the building. ……………………………..suspense……………..

Power Monkey jumps off the building to try to retrieve the Star.  When he gets to the ground, he finds the Star shattered into pieces.  “Uh oh,” thought Power Monkey, “I guess we will find out if Piggy was right and all the dimensions will burst into one. Just then he hears……KABOOM…….

Nartha looks over the edge of the building at Alex and the shattered remains of the Star and screams, “NNNOOOO!!! And jumps down too. Power Monkey runs into the Convenience Store which was on the ground floor of the building. He hears a voice on the intercom say, “It is time to shut down for the day. Remember customers, potato chips will be on sale tomorrow in aisle 4.” Then, the lights went off. Power Monkey was left in the dark and wandered around the store. Just then, the lights flickered on for a brief second and Nartha took advantage and got closer the Alex whose back was turned and he did not see her. The lights flickered again and she got closer. The lights flickered again, and at that moment the Predator pounced. Power Monkey blocked her knife with his bananarang, but she knocks him down. The alarm goes off in the store. She says, “Looks like I can’t finish you off tonight brother, but I will soon.” And Nartha walked away.

Power Monkey gets up and says, “Maybe there are some good monkeys from the other dimensions, but one way or the other, this is going to get pretty crazy.” He greets Aaron at the Primate 1 and tells the team about how they lost, they did not get Nartha back to prison, and the Reapers Star was destroyed.

That same tragic evening, something else happened. Piggy was at the PigTeck building and was on the phone. The person he was on the phone with said, “I think Alex is ready for greater responsibilities, what can you make for him.” Piggy replied, “I already have made him something.” He opened the door of his lab and inside a display a mannequin was wearing a purple and green suit, and on the front, it had two letters, P and M, which represented Power Monkey.

The End


It was a dark and stormy night and Alex was walking home. Suddenly a hooded figure approaches him and Power Monkey takes out a bananarang and says, “Who are you?”

The hooded figure says, “Nope, me first. Have you been in contact with the Reapers Star in the last 24 hours? Because this thing has been vibrating like crazy.” He pulls out a Unisailor card for Alex to see. He continues, “Some civilians who weirdly were talking monkeys, told me to find you,….Alex Monkey! I am……….Hoodie Man!”

Look forward to Power Monkey: The Elusive Prey, where you will find Hoodie Man and other surprise cameos.

Power Monkey - Canon

Power Monkey: The Crusader of the Crescent Moon

Prologue: Ten years earlier. Piggy stares out the window at the PigTech Building. A monkey wearing an eye patch greets him and says, “Its time. Today is the big day.” Piggy says, “You should be proud of yourself, Tim. You deserve this.” Piggy walks away out of Tim’s sight and opens a chamber where Piggy walks in and grabs a small vial and a needle plunger, and says aloud but to himself (he thought), “Twenty years of work has all led up to this moment.” A monkey standing behind Piggy speaks, “And that is where it ends too!” Piggy says, “Tim deserves this and I am sorry it wasn’t you.” The monkey says, “Tim Grey is driven by pride and this knowledge will drive him insane.” Piggy says, “That is exactly where you have gone, my friend, you are the insane one!” Piggy and the monkey begin to fight!…………….Our story now moves ten years ahead in time, to the present.

It was an early Saturday morning. Alex bounces out of bed because today is a very special day! Nanas greets Alex by telling him, “Happy Monkey Day, Alex.” Monkey Day was a celebration to honor the day that the monkeys took over earth. Alex replies, “You too, uncle Nanas.” Alex goes into the living room and his I-phone buzzes and caller ID indicates it is from his sister, Nartha, but Alex sent the call to voice mail. Just then, there is a knock at the door, Alex says, “Come in.”  It is Piggy, who says, “I hope you don’t mind my private jet in your driveway. I am here to see you, Alex, and I want to give you a Monkey Day present.” Nanas comes in and says, “I know what you are thinking, Piggy, but it is not going to happen. Alex won’t let it.” But Piggy says to Alex, “Are you ready to be Power Monkey again?”

Alex says, “I don’t know.” But Piggy takes Alex out to his jet and gives him a box. Alex opens it and sees a vial of green liquid. Piggy says, “This is for you, Alex, and it increases speed, strength, and intelligence. I call it the Immortal Genius Project. It is the most valuable substance in the world. And, I have your next mission.” Alex’s eyes divert from the vial in his hand to Piggy, who says, “There have been attacks in Paris, France, by a group called the War Hogs and we want you to stop them. And, we think you will need this….” Piggy pulls out another package and Alex instantly knows what it is. A new utility belt to replace the one taken by Nartha. Alex gives the green serum back to Piggy but proudly puts on the new utility belt.

Alex and Piggy go to Paris in Piggy’s jet and they find the War Hogs. He says, “Bonjour, the last time I checked, you guys were law breakers so you have to come with me.” The War Hogs do not move! Alex says, “I guess you want to do this the hard way.” Alex quickly dodges a punch from a War Hog and sees another one with an axe coming at him. “This is the last time I will “axe” you nicely to drop the axe.”, says Alex. The War Hog drops the axe, but looks up and watches a pig in a robot suit drop down from a building. The pig says, “Greetings, I am Oobie Doobie Pig Man and I am here to get the Immortal Genius serum. I come not as a friend, but as your enemy!” 

Alex jumps on the top of the Robot suit and pulls out a component saying, “This looks important.” Oobie says, “Oh, no! That affects my left hand, so it’s a good thing I am right-handed.” Piggy runs over to the plane to protect the serum, but Oobie shoots a laser at Piggy’s jet and destroys it. Alex pulls a diamond bladed knife out of his new utility belt and when Oobie tries to punch Alex, our hero grabs Oobie’s large metallic arm and sticks the knife through it. Oobie can’t fight anymore until he can get his suit repaired. At this point, a monkey with an eye patch walks over to the damaged plane and says to Piggy, who is whimpering on the ground, “I want the serum, now. Ten years ago, you said I deserved the serum, why did you keep it from me?” He then kicks Piggy, hard, knocking him a few yards. The vial fell out of Piggy’s pocket and the attacker picks it up and says to Piggy, “Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?” The attacker then walks away. In the mean-time, Alex has tied up the War Hogs and Oobie and then goes to check on his friend, Piggy. “He took the serum,” said Piggy, with a stutter in his voice. Alex asks, “Who took the serum?” Piggy says, “my former personal body guard, who was once your uncle’s best friend, Tim Grey.”

Tim Grey steps into his laboratory and says to his lab assistant, “Roll out the medical bed.” Tim Grey lies down on the bed, the assistant puts metal restrains on his arms and legs, puts the serum into the needle plunger, and sticks it into Tim’s right arm, and Tim says, “Here goes nothing!” He feels a burning sensation start in his right arm, but soon moves to his head where it pains him the most; and he passes out. In his unconscious mind he sees Piggy telling him, “Tim, you deserve this.” Suddenly the lab assistant notices that Tim’s vital signs are dropping. Tim sees another memory of Piggy giving the vial to another monkey and tells him to keep it safe. The burning sensation has now traveled to his toes and he hears a whisper in the back of his head, “Get rid of the Power Monkey, he stole what was rightfully yours!” Tim mumbles, “Yes, I understand.” The whisperer continues, “You are better than him, you are the Immortal Genius!” Tim mumbles, “I am.” The Immortal Genius awakes and quickly breaks the metal restraints and says to the assistant, “Get every War Hog you can find and send them after Power Monkey! We must destroy him!”

It was the day of Oobie Doobie Pig Man’s trial and the police had chained him to a chair in the courtroom. Alex was present at the trial. The judge said, ‘You are charged with damaging Paris while running around in a robot suit. How do you plead?” Oobie says, “Not guilty,…….of that!” Oobie looks toward the door and the Immortal Genius kicks it in and storms into the courtroom.  Alex jumps from his seat and the Immortal Genius says, “If it isn’t Power Monkey.” Alex says, “If it isn’t the man who is about to get arrested!” Immortal Genius said, “Don’t you know who I am?” Alex replies, “Not in the slightest!” The Immortal Genius picks up a chair from the galley and throws it at Alex and it hits him hard! “What makes Piggy think you are better than me?”, said Immortal Genius. Alex says, “Oh, maybe because I don’t knock down doors and throw chairs at people or monkeys. And also, the fact that I am not insane.” 

Immortal Genius says, “You are a pathetic little monkey, Power Monkey, and you will not stand in my way of glory!” He then throws a match into the room and starts a fire and grabs Oobie and runs out of the court room. But Immortal Genius blocks the main courtroom door. Alex realizes that he must find an emergency exit so he goes to the stairwell but the door has also been blocked. He then heads for the elevator and tells the other courtroom guests to follow him so they can be saved. But, the doors to the elevator are stuck!………..suspense…. 

Alex tried to pry open the doors but they were really stuck hard. He saw a flag pole standing nearby and decided to use it to open the doors. Just as he gets the door open, he notices that it is a Costa Rica flag and says, “Costa Rica saves me again! The monkeys all crowd in the elevator and, Power Monkey closes the door and they start down. At the next floor, the doors start opening and there stands a War Hog. Power Monkey and the War Hog stare at each other and the War Hog says, “Hey I know you. You are the monkey the boss man wanted us to find. Power Monkey quickly closes the elevator doors. As the door closed, one of the other monkeys, who was the judge, pushes the open-door button and says, “that wasn’t polite, let him in.” Power Monkey closes the door again.

They find the emergency exit and escape the burning building. Alex sees the Immortal Genius and Oobie getting in a black convertible and runs after them. He jumps onto the back of the car and punches through the back window. Oobie says, “Oh no. Not again!” Power Monkey says, “Miss Me?” Power Monkey reached over and grabbed the steering and the car crashed on a bridge. Immortal Genius said, “Look what you made me do.” Then the Immortal Genius and Oobie jump from the car and Immortal Genius picks up a small car and throws it at Power Monkey. “Whaaattt!” said Power Monkey, “That guy is strong!” Then Oobie throws a bomb onto the bridge and Power Monkey has to hold on to a railing to keep from falling a long way down into the water. As he is barely hanging on, his Utility belt slips off and falls into the water below. Alex says, “Oh man, I go through so many of those.” When he climbs back on to the damaged bridge, he sees that Immortal Genius and Oobie are gone.

Alex returns to his house and Nanas comes over. Nanas explained that “The man who attacked you and freed Oobie was poisoned from the use of a serum called Immortal Genius developed at PigTech. I tried to stop Piggy from giving the serum to him and I thought I had succeeded until I saw him today. His name was Tim Grey, but he now calls himself Immortal Genius” Alex says, “I can’t defeat him, he is too strong.” Nanas says, “You have to find a way!” Alex yells, ‘No!” Then Nanas says, “You can leave behind the life of a hero, but you can never say you didn’t have a choice to fight or hide.”

Meanwhile at the Immortal Genius’s lair, Oobie goes on the police website and looks up how many criminals have been apprehended since Alex became Power Monkey. He finds that 70% more criminals have been brought to justice, now that Power Monkey is helping the police. However, every day since Tim Grey became the Immortal Genius, fewer and fewer criminals are being caught. Oobie now realizes that Immortal Genius is only looking out for himself and wants power. Oobie knew about a weak point of the serum which could make the molecules of the serum explode and be the end of the Immortal Genius. He knew he had to tell Alex, but first, Oobie goes to his outdoor lab and starts making a concoction that will trigger the molecule’s explosive reaction. Immortal Genius walks up behind Oobie and says, “What are you doing?” ……….suspense…….

Oobie says, “The right thing!” The Immortal Genius says, “You aren’t siding with that little brat of a monkey, are you?” Oobie says, “His name is Alex, and you are the brat!” Immortal Genius says, “That wasn’t wise.” The two begin to fight, but Oobie is no match for the strength of Immortal Genius, so he grabs the serum antidote, which is an electric blue color, and runs into the woods. He stops at the edge of a cliff and takes a small drone out of his pocket and programs it to go to Alex’s house. Oobie adds the antidote to the drone and records a voice message telling Alex the purpose of the antidote. Just as the drone lifts off, the Immortal Genius arrives and grabs Oobie by his tie and says, “Tell me where the antidote is and what it can do to me.” Oobie says, “I’ll never tell.” Oobie cuts his tie, slips away from Immortal Genius, and throws himself off the cliff. Immortal Genius says out loud, “What a pointless sacrifice.” I will still win!”

Meanwhile, at Alex’s house, Alex finally listens to voice mail from Nartha. She says, “Hey Alex, we have a lot to talk about. I understand you might not want to listen to this, but this is in no way a truce and we will still fight. However, maybe you are not as bad as I thought you were. I just wanted to wish you a Happy Monkey Day. Look under your bed, I left a present for you.” Alex looks under his bed and there is the old Utility Belt that Nartha had stolen from him. He puts the Utility Belt on and says, “Time to be Power Monkey again. At that time, Oobie’s glossy black drone flies into Power Monkey’s yard. He retrieves the antidote and listens to the recording. Oobies voice says, “It may feel like you are out of hope right now, but if you are looking for some hope, here it is. I call it the Anti-Genius antidote. You have to find a way to get the antidote into Immortal Genius’s body. If you can, it will destroy him. I am sure Piggy will figure that out. Do not give up! You can do anything you set your mind to. I am sorry I worked with Immortal Genius, but now I want to help you.

Piggy rounded up a bunch of weapons to deliver the antidote, but he thought the most effective would be a smoke bomb filled with the antidote that Immortal Genius would breathe in. Power Monkey goes to Immortal Genius’s lair and sneaks in. When he finds Immortal Genius in his laboratory, and he says, “Here I am.” Immortal Genius says, “Ah, if it isn’t Power Monkey, the Crusader of the Crescent Moon. Let this be the last battle. Immortal Genius quickly picks up Power Monkey and pins him to the ground and ties him up and straps him to a missile.  “You were no match for me!” Power Monkey says, “True, but I do not give up hope. I leaned that from a wise man named Oobie.” Alex then releases the smoke bomb. The Immortal Genius tried to run away but breaths in the antidote. Alex hears the Immortal Genius yell, “No, what have you done to me.” Then the antidote works, Immortal Genius explodes, and Alex cuts the ropes binding him to the rocket and walks away.

After Alex returns home, Nanas and him watch a fireworks show. Nanas says, “What are you going to do now?” Alex says, I will go on the path of a hero!”

The End

Epilogue: Nartha is walking around the ruins of a large spaceship with the letter “CRSC” on it. She sees something gleaming in the rubble, She picks it up and sees that it is a glossy black star. She puts it in her bag and says, “Huh, nifty find.”

Power Monkey - Canon

Power Monkey

Hey, Book Sailors! Auntie Obvious here. When Brady started writing the original Power Monkey stories, he was just a little tyke who rode around in a car seat singing along to his favorite song: Mah Na Mah Na from Sesame Street. (OK, it’s still a pretty cool song). Now that he’s older, wiser, and allowed to ride car-seat free with “Rock You Like a Hurricane” blaring, he’s decided to revamp the entire Power Monkey series, starting with this first installment. You’ll meet some of your favorite sidekicks and villains – and a new hero, Alex, who has some weaknesses (he’s afraid of heights) and who is a good person – who doesn’t always make good decisions. We hope you like it!


We live in a reality where millions of years ago a meteorite wiped out the dinosaurs and many other forms of life. Let me tell you a story where the meteor does not hit that long ago, but hits in the present day and humans are wiped out. Monkeys are the second smartest animals on the planet and when humans were gone, over time monkeys began to show their potential. After thousands of years, they learned to speak human languages and to read and write; and in time, they developed opposable thumbs. They became superior creatures to the humans. So, let’s take a look at the future monkey civilization, and a hero, Power Monkey. 

Alex and his sister Nartha are playing by a waterfall and Nartha dares Alex to get close and swing out over the falls on a vine and then jump the last few feet to the other side. She has already made the leap. But Alex does not make it and falls! Fortunately, he grabs a tree limb, but he can’t get back up by himself. Nartha at first laughs at Alex, but then she reaches down and helps him up. But from then on, Alex is afraid of heights. 

Two years later, Alex is getting bullied a lot on the street. They sometimes beat him up and even steal his money. One day, Alex sees someone else getting beat up, but instead of helping, he just walks past. He instantly regrets it and takes out his old Super-Monkey Halloween costume and decides to fight the bullies and other crimes. But the first thing he needs to do is to work out to get stronger and faster, so Alex works out every day. Nartha is noticing that Alex is getting stronger and more confident. Alex and his siblings, live with their uncle Nanas in their tree house and all of them are noticing the change in Alex. After about two months of training, one day Alex sees two bullies picking on someone and decides to step in. One of the bullies says, “Who do you think you are, Super Monkey?” Alex says, “Nope, you can just call me Power Monkey!” He then punches the first bully so hard, they both run away. He picks up the victim’s wallet and hands it back to him. Alex sees that someone is watching him. 

Dr. Piggy, the CEO of PigTech, was watching and was impressed with Alex’s courage. Dr. Piggy, offers him a job.  Piggy explains that a large number of monkeys have been going missing, and many of the citizens are frightened, so the public needs a hero. Piggy said they would talk some more at the PigTech Expo in two weeks. Piggy hands Alex five VIP badges so his entire family could come. As he was leaving, Dr. piggy said, “Hey kid, lose the suit.” Alex says, But, but,…” Piggy says, “Lose the Halloween costume. You don’t need it.”

Alex and his siblings, Nartha, Crystal, and George, go to the expo with their uncle Nanas and Piggy announces the new Unisailor card which can teleport people anywhere. He says that there are only two copies of the card and that the age of the booksailors is upon us again with these new cards. After the announcement, Nartha says, “Excuse me, I have to use the restroom.” And she disappears. Nanas yells, “Nartha, the restrooms aren’t that way.” Crystal says, “She can’t hear you.” A few minutes later, a smoke bomb drops and a voice recording plays and says: “Thank you Dr. Piggy. Now that I have a Unisailor card, The age of the booksailors is over and mine has just begun. Everyone who stands in my way will feel the wrath of me, The Predator.” As the smoke clears, Nartha returns and says, “What did I miss.”

 After the one Unisailor card was stolen, Dr. Piggy, decides to give Alex the remaining Unisailor card and a new utility belt and bananarang. He asks, “Alex, would you come up to my office on the tenth floor and I will explain how the card, and the utility belt work and show you how to throw a bananarang.” Alex flinches, and says, “Can’t we just do this on the ground floor?” Piggy looks at him oddly, but agrees. Piggy then tells Alex, “Evidently, the Predator has put a spy in PigTech and I would like you to find out who the spy is and where the Predator’s lair is, and return the missing Unisailor card. There is a tracking device in both Unisailor cards, but the missing one has been inactive since it disappeared. If it is started again, you should be able to find it.” 

Alex decides to search PigTech files and finds a list of all employees hired who still work there. He learns that only one employee helped Piggy set up the expo and transported the two Unisailor cards. His name was Shelton Doom, and he was known to be a bit skittish around Dr. Piggy.  Alex locates Shelton Doom’s computer and finds that he had been sending emails outside the company and also mailed a small package to “Secret Keeper” which must be a code name. Alex now knows Shelton Doom is the spy, but not the identity of Secret Keeper. 

Alex notices there is an address for Shelton in New York and decides to check that out. He gets a plane ticket to New York and when he arrives, he gives the address to the cab-driver. “I know this place, said the Cab-driver, it is very famous. After a while in the cab, Alex steps out at the Empire State Building. I thought it would be smaller, said Alex. The address was for a room on the top floor just below the observation deck. Alex knocks on the room door but no one answers. He notices a note that reads; “if you need to see Shelton, I am up on the observation deck. Alex goes to the observation deck but doesn’t see anyone. He wonders out loud, “I wonder where he is?” A voice says, “Behind you, dirty Monkey scum.”   ………suspense…………

Alex turns around and sees Shelton Doom and they begin to fight.  Alex shoved a chair into Shelton but Shelton picks up the chair and throws it at Alex, who says, “Is that all you got?” In the meantime, Shelton runs toward Alex, but Alex avoids him and asks, “Who is the Predator?” Shelton says, “You will never find out. The Predator never reveals anything to his prey.” Alex says, “What makes the Predator think I am his Prey?” When he gets close enough, Shelton suddenly kicks Alex, but Alex gets right back up and says, “Tell me who the Predator is right now.” Shelton says, “Maybe you should ask him yourself!” Alex throws his bananarang at Shelton but misses, and thinks, “I should have practiced that more.” But Shelton picks it up and throws it back at Alex and does not miss. Alex can’t duck in time and he is knocked unconscious. At that time two guards of the Empire state Building show up and while one tries to help Alex, the other tells Shelton to raise his hands and to tell them the name and location of any of his accomplices. Shelton says, “I have one accomplice and his name is the Predator and his current location is right behind you.” The policeman barely has time to see the masked intruder before he is knocked unconscious by a punch. The other officer stands up to help, but is hit with a grappling hook from the Predator, who reels him in and ties him up. The Predator says to Shelton, “Pick up the monkey and bring him to the lair, I may have some use for him!”

When Alex wakes up, he cannot see and realizes that he has a sack over his head.   The Predator comes into the room along with Shelton. The Predator tells Shelton to remove the hood. Now Alex can see that he is in a cell. The masked figure says, “Power Monkey, I am the Predator, or you may also know me as the Secret Keeper, and you are my prisoner.” Then the Predator and Shelton leave the cell and the room. Now Shelton is strong, but not very smart. He has left Alex’s utility belt on him and Alex is able to use a small knife to cut the rope around his hands, and then picks the lock with a paper clip and leaves the cell. Alex sees all of the other missing citizens in cells and is about to pick those locks too when the Predator comes back in and says “Alex, you will not spoil my plan”.  “Did the Predator just call me Alex?”, thought Alex.  

Then he realizes that the Predator is really Nartha. He is shocked, and lets that sink in, and Shelton takes advantage and overpowers Alex and ties him up again, but this time removes his utility belt and gives it to Nartha along with his bananarang. The Predator then had Shelton herd all of the other prisoners into a large plane. After Shelton secures the prisoners on the plane, the Predator tells him to tie Alex to a pole hanging over the edge of a cliff. The Predator removes her mask and reveals that she is Nartha to both Alex and Shelton. Nartha says, “one move Alex, and Shelton will cut the rope and you will fall. You are not still afraid of heights, are you? Eh, Eh, Eh.” Alex says, “It’s good to see you too, Nartha, loving sister!”

Nartha goes to the plane and begins to take-off with the prisoners and the Unisailor card. 

Alex sees the plane taking-off and gets very angry, just when Shelton cuts the rope. Fortunately, our hero grabs a vine. Not a good place for a guy who is afraid of heights. But Alex doesn’t look down, but begins swinging on the vine. He finds he enjoys it. He swings in bigger and bigger arcs until he is over the top of the cliff and times his swing so that he flies about fifty feet in the air and let’s go of the vine……………………suspense…………………….

He flies toward the open cargo door of the plane just as it passes by. He makes it!

He works his way to the cockpit and says to Nartha, “I am sorry I don’t have a ticket, but could I get some peanuts. Nartha is startled and says, “Only paying customers get peanuts.” Alex grabs Nartha and pulls her back out of the pilot’s seat and they begin to fight. Alex pushed Nartha back into the passenger area.  Alex jumps in the pilot’s seat but then remembers, “I can’t fly a plane!” Nartha shouts, “It’s a good thing it is on auto-pilot.” Nartha grabs Alex by the shirt collar and pulls him out of pilot’s seat. Nartha realizes that Alex is hesitant to really fight her, so she takes advantage. She pulls a taser gun out of the utility belt and zaps Alex. While Alex subdued, Nartha checks the auto pilot and then begins to pull Alex toward the open cargo door.  

She pulls near the cargo door and tries to throw him out. Alex comes to and realized that Nartha intends to throw him out of the plane. He is able to muster enough strength to grab a seat and hold on tight. But now Alex is ready to fight!  Alex stands up and sees some bottles on the beverage cart and throws them at her, which startles Nartha and gives Alex the time to punch Nartha. Nartha yells, “Alex, that tickled, don’t you know you are not supposed to hit a girl?” Alex says, “It’s OK when the girl punches you first and tries to throw you out of the airplane.“ But before Alex can hit her again, Nartha shoots him with the Taser gun again and Alex falls to the floor. Nartha stands over Alex and says, “You almost ruined my plan, but now you will be my favorite part of it. I am going to have this plane fly into the capital of Costa Rica and crash there. But of course, I will have parachuted out to a waiting car. With the Unisailor card, I will be unstoppable.”

With that, Nartha puts on her parachute and jumps out of the plane. 

Alex notices that there are enough parachutes for him and all of the prisoners. He told them to get ready to jump but he wants to try to change the auto-pilot so the plane just crashes into the ocean, not in San Jose. Alex checks the auto-pilot and realizes he can change the course and he turns the plane away from Costa Rica. Alex throws out several life-rafts and he and the passengers jump from the plane. As they are floating down, they see the plane crash into the ocean. 

When they are all safely in the life-boats, Alex calls Dr. Piggy and gives him their location. Soon a power boat arrives on the scene and takes them all to Costa Rica.

Where is Nartha? What is her plan?


A pig walks into a comic book store. He looks at a comic book titled, “Power Monkey – Rise of the banana. Based on a true story.” The clerk says, “Mr. Pigman, would you be interested in that comic book?” Pigman says, “Please call me Oobie.”