Meet the Team!

Brady The Book Sailor (a/k/a Brady Washington, Kid Historian) is a 5th grader who loves reading (duh), Star Wars, writing, swimming, movies, theater, french toast casserole, and pineapple pizza. (“Give it a try,” Brady says, “you might like it”.) He dislikes Zoom, yellow squash, and the Spinning Beach Ball of Death. He is the creative genius behind beloved characters such as Power Monkey, The Kind Little Truck, Hoodie Man, Tom and Harry, and Robot Snowman (with typing assistance from Dadat).

Auntie Obvious loves reading (duh), writing, Star Wars, coffee, movies, theater, and tennis. She enjoys being the admin of this website, even though her requests for a raise and an assistant are continually denied by the Boss Man. She dislikes cliffhangers (which is probably why Brady keeps putting them in his stories), buffering, and brown sadness water. She is super proud to have a nephew who is smart, kind, creative, and funny – although she does regret his unfortunate choice in pizza toppings.

Power Monkey (pictured above with Firedude – Power Monkey is the one with “PM” printed on his uniform) is the beloved Hero from the Power Monkey stories and numerous spinoffs. He lives in Monkeyville with his friends and relatives, including his super annoying sister, Nartha.

The Kind Little Truck was inspired by a real-life gift (pictured above) that Brady received from a family friend! The literary version of The Kind Little Truck – whether travelling the world or just hanging out in the garage with his friends – is always looking for opportunities to do a good deed and help others.

Hoodie Man in Jailhouse Hoodie

He is the bearer of the zipper. He is the Crusader of the Coats. No Tank top is safe. It’s Hoodie Man! Hoodie man is a hero who doesn’t quiiiiiiite always get things right, but he always tries hard, and is always loyal to his friends, Sweater Man and Jill Monsoon. But every hero has a nemesis – and his is Stinky Tank Top.

Robot Snowman in Christmas Sweater

What happens when a snowman in a double-pod spaceship flies to close to the sun? Thanks to Cat and a team of medical experts, you end up with a new hero with a snowman’s head and a robot body! Watch as he faces off against a heated hooligan, King Heat!

Aqua Dolphin doesn’t swim very fast, but he is very smart, has an eye that can shoot a laser, and is really, really good at bucking off kids who try to ride him in Dadat’s pool. How cool is that? And even when Charles McRich vows to defeat Aqua Dolphin, he and Bubbles the Axolotl are always ready to save the day.

Ever wonder what happened to the tortoise and the hare after their famous race? Their plans to settle down in the newly renamed Tortoise Town (with a talking Roomba) were foiled by a villainous squirrel…but readers will love keeping up with their adventures!