Robot Snowman

Robot Snowman Merry Goatmas

One winter day, Robot King Heat was thinking, “Boy, winter really stinks. It is not Hot outside at all. Even my lava bath froze, thank goodness I don’t use a shower. Wait, this could be a perfect revenge scheme for Robot Snowman. I’ll raise the heat really high like I did last year. Eh, Eh, Eh.”

Meanwhile in Winter Wonderland, Robot Snowman was decorating for Christmas by putting up lights but it was hard because of his new robot body. He thought, “Why did I get this new holiday version of my robotics, it is uncomfortable and it cost over $ 5,000 dollars.” He then went inside to hang ornaments on the Christmas tree. He looked at his new control panel and thought, “Now where is that Hang The Ornament button? Oh, there it is.” ZZZAAAPPPP!!! And the tree fizzled! “Oops, that must have been the Laser Pointer button. Now I’ll have to go get another one of those special electronic trees with the custom lights and that cost $5,000. I am out $15,000 dollars and still don’t have my tree up yet. AARRGGHH! I do not like Christmas!”

Then his phone rang and it was King Heat who had put a spy camera in Robot Snow Man’s House and said, “Hey, I hear you don’t like Christmas either and I was planning to spoil your Christmas. You have ruined my bad surprise.” Robot Snowman decided to blast the phone with the laser point. But, BBOOIINGG! Out popped the Christmas tree balls all over the floor. AAARRRGGH I pushed the wrong button again. I hate this new suit.” So, he tried to press the Remove Suit Button but accidently hit the Lock Suit Button. “AAARRRGGGHHH, now I have to find the Unlock Suit button.” He finally found the Unlock Suit Button and decided to end this horrible day and just go to bed.

He fell asleep, but then he heard a WWOOOSSSHHH which woke him up.  He heard a voice slowly say, “Roobboott Snnoowwmmann.” Robot Snowman said, “Who and what is there?” The voice said, “I am the Goat Of Christmas Annoyance, and your bad attitude today annoyed me.” Robot Snowman said, “Why did you make a Whooshing noise if you are just a goat.” The goat replied, “Because I am a ghost goat.” Robot Snowman, “Ok, this is starting to sound like a weird story some kid would write to post on the internet.” The Goat said, “That may be true, but I am here to find out why you do not like Christmas anymore.” Robot Snowman said, “Alright, now this is sounding like a Charles Dickens book.” Just then, the Ghost Goat of Christmas Annoyance picked Robot Snowman off his bed and took him on a tour of the best Christmases ever. The first stop was………………..suspense………..

A goat family Christmas. Robot Snowman asked, “What’s so special about this?” The goat said, “It was the best Christmas ever. My brother, Ghost Goat Of Not Being Able To Cook, accidentally CLEANED THE GARBAGE that we were gonna eat, but we ate it anyway and all sang Christmas carols that night. It was amazing, Scrooge.” Robot Snowman said “MY NAME IS NOT SCROOGE IT IS ROBOT SNOWMAN!” Ghost goat said, “I got you confused with the guy I visited last year. But now it is time to make another stop.” And off they flew! But where to? …….suspense……..

Robot Snowman asked, “Where are we now?” The Goat said, ‘Well. Power Snowman, doesn’t this look familiar?” Robot Snowman said, “HEY, MY NAME IS NOT POWER SNOWMAN!” The Ghost Goat said, “Oops, that’s the guy that has no problems with Christmas at all.” So, Robot Snowman looked closer and saw his friends having a good time. There was Frosty the Snowman, The Good Abominable Snowman, and Rudy the Elf and they were singing Christmas carols around a tree. And he saw himself joining in the fun. “Oh, that was the super fun Christmas that was so special, but later King Heat ruined it by making it so hot that Frosty melted, Abominable Snowman fainted, and Rudy’s nose turned bright red.” The Goat said, “Sorry about that, but wasn’t it fun before that happened. Didn’t you enjoy that Christmas?” Robot Snowman admitted that he liked that Christmas, before King Heat ruined it. The Ghost Goat saw King Heat’s space ship in the sky and said, “Oh no, this must be when King heat ruined the Christmas. Trust me, I will not let him ruin another Christmas but let’s get out of here and go back to the present.”

Robot Snowman found himself back in bed and said, “What the Dickens is going on here.” He looked outside and it was cold and snowing. He went outside and made a snowman and then found an old silk hat and put it on his head…….guess what, Frosty was back. Then the Abominable Snowman ran out of some nearby bushes and said, “Boy it is good to be back and be cold again, it was not fun hiding out this past year. Then Rudy came up and said, “Hey guys, I found some good nose ointment, how do I look?” Frosty said, “That ointment may have worked but now your nose is blue, but that is an improvement.” Robot Snowman wondered how this had happened when he saw a note laying on the snow. It read, “Have a merry Christmas Robot snowman with your friends and you do not need the fancy new robotic suit or the $5,000 dollar tree, because you have your friends and that is what matters. Then he noticed King Heats spaceship coming at them. Oh no, he is going to try to ruin our Christmas again. ……….suspense……….

King Heat shouted over his loudspeaker, “I hear you like Christmas again, but not for long! King Heat said, Eh, Eh, Eh, here comes the heat!” But when he pressed the Hot button, noting happened. He pressed it again. Nothing happened. “AAARRRRGGUUUHHHH!!! What the Dickens is going on here” (Author’s note: Ok we used that before but I thought it was funny). The Goat Ghost appeared and said, “Merry Christmas fella, and head-butted King Heat into the abyss, where it was super cold. Then the Goat said, “I learned about the head butt from my other brother, Ghost Goat Of Minecraft Beta.”  Then the Goat turned to Robot Snowman and said, “Make sure you enjoy Christmas and remember that it is not about expensive suits, expensive trees, Laser buttons or any of that stuff. It is about friends and family!”

As he flew out of sight, they heard him exclaim, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”

The End

And a very Merry Christmas from Brady too.


A Goatmas Holiday Poem

What do goats have in common with Christmas season,
Technically there are a lot of really good reasons
You may disagree but let me tell you that it is true
And this is the story of one goat that I will tell you

One day a little goat who was shaggy like a wookie
And sometimes liked to eat a chocolate chip cookie
But mostly he liked eat paper, ribbons and boxes too
So he loves Christmas because of what you do

You set out all of his favorite foods for him to see,
And he hoped to find wrapped presents under a tree
To him, it is a feast you sponsored just for him
And If he eats it all, he certainly will not stay slim

But there were no presents, perhaps Santa was late,
But he saw the cookies you left and all of them he ate
And he drank the glass of milk you had left on the shelf
But guess who saw him, the family’s special elf                                                                   

The elf took out a walkie-talkie and called Mr. Clause
and the elf asked Santa to wait a little bit because
He reported that the goat had eaten Santa’s midnight treat           
And the elf was going to arrest the goat for “Grand Theft Eat”

So the elf saved the Christmas for the family that night
And Santa was pleased that the elf made things right
Because Santa left the presents after the goat was gone
Now, you may think that the story is over, but you are wrong

And the elf’s idea for the goat would help keep the world neat
The elf took the little goat to the large recycle center to eat
All of the paper, ribbons, and boxes people had thrown away
So, Santa, the family, elf, and goat all had a great Christmas Day!

Remember, the best gifts are not always from Santa!

Tune in next time for Robot Snowman, the story of Cat!

A summary of Robot Snowman – Merry Goatmas: In a world where there is a super hero who does not like Christmas, an evil villain plots in the shadows. Can a Ghostly Goat help our hero? Will King Heat’s evil plot work, again? Find out in this story.

Early reviews

“I loved this story so much. It really makes this Christmas good.” Frosty

“Oh, Christmas is no good and this story is terrible. I would rather have an airhorn.”  Nartha

“This story will make presents rain down on you if you buy it.” Radba Akerba

“ARRRRGGGGUUUHHHH! I already posted my holiday story for this season. So you won’t see this on the website until JULY!” – Auntie Obvious

“I really don’t understand this story. What is a goat doing in this story. What does it have to do with the holiday season? This so hard!” – Gra

“I only like cute baby goats. Big Goats are freaky.”  Mommylorian

Robot Snowman

Robot Snowman 5: The Last Snowman

By Brady M. (Installment 5 in a 5-part series)

When we left off at the end of Robot Snowman 4, Robot Snowman could have destroyed King Heat, but instead, he tranquilized King Heat. The police took King Heat away without him even noticing. Robot Snowman returned to Winter Wonderland, and the Sand King was again King of the Pyramids. But will King Heat break out? Will Winter Wonderland be taken over? Now for Robot Snowman 5, The Last Snowman.

King Heat woke up from his cell and played a trick on the Police, so he could escape. He made a drawing of himself and put it under the bulletin board, which he removed from the wall and placed it on the floow. King Heat remembered this trick from a book he read in the second grade, called “Flat Snowman.”

Then King Heat went and robbed the bank. After that, he was the richest person in town. He then went to free his pet, the monstrous Frost Bite, form Robot Snowman’s hoverway, and then went to his wrecked fortress to clone his massive pet.

Meanwhile, Power Monkey…….(Editor comment: I meant Robot Snowman. Ugh! Why do I always mess this up?”) Start Over! Meanwhile, Robot SnowMonkey (Editor comment: AAAARRRRRRGGGHHH! I did it again. I have got to start this series all over again.” Start Over:

Meanwhile, R O B O T S N O W M A N (Whew) was reading the newspaper and saw that King Heat had escaped again. Robot Snowman thought, “I thought he was perfectly locked up!”

Then Robot Snowman asked Cat, “Do you know anything about King Heat’s escape?” Cat replied, “I have not seen him since he was locked up.” So, the two of them went to question another accomplice, but they did not really want to. They did not want to visit Jalapeño Pepper. He said, “I know what King Heat is doing and where he is. He is at his cloning factory, which is the only part of his lair that was not wrecked.”

Sure enough, they went to King Heat’s lair, and there he was giving the several Frost Bites he had clones very scary masks that allowed them to breathe fire. He also had a mask of his own. They were planning to make an assault on Winter Wonderland. Robot Snowman knew that he had to get to Winter Wonderlnad before King Heat.

He made a bunch of snowballs which had icicles sticking out of them. He also had a catapult to launch the spiky snowballs and also made two walls around Winter Wonderland to protect it. They were ready for King Heat’s master plan.

King Heat came with the fire breathing Frost Bites and used his laser pointer to cut off the top part of the wall, so that the Frost Bites could get over it. Then he melted all of the igloos. Then he melted all of the snow using his fire breathing mask.

Then King Heat set the land itself on fire. Then Robot Snowman jumped on the one remaining iron wall, and King Heat followed him. They each pulled out their electric staffs and Robot Snowman said, “Let’s finish this!” King Heat said, “We shall. Let’s do it now!” Robot Snowman sent a spiral of lightning toward King Heat, but he dodged it and it hit the wall and cut the wall in half.

King Heat and Robot Snowman leapt off the wall before it fell. They both tried to use their electric staffs in the same way at the same time, and the bolts of lightning conjoined and that pulled King Heat and Robot Snowman towards each other.

After they came together, Robot Snowman said, “You may be hot, but you will never have the warm feeling of love.” Suddenly, King Heat realized what that meant. He realized that the reason he was so evil was that he had never loved anyone, not even his own family. He was bullied as a kid because he was the only human in his class. King Heat wanted to change and said to Robot Snowman, “I will never be mean to you again.” Robot Snowman said, “And I will never call you a hooligan again, like I did in the first book.”

And they became friends forever.


Robot Snowman

Robot Snowman 4: The Pyramid of the Sand King

By Brady M. (Installment 4 in a 5-part series)

When Robot Snowman 3 ended, we found out that Jalapeño Pepper survived Cat’s attack, but will Power Monkey or Robot Snowman suvive Jalapeño Pepper’s attack? Wait, what happened to not using Power Monkey in this series? Now we present Power Monkey 4 (Just Kidding, that came out centuries ago.) Now we really present, Robot Snowman 4! We hope!

Robot Snowman looked at Jalapeño Pepper from head to toe and discovered that he had wheels instead of feet. Then Jalapeño Pepper wiggled his robotic mustache and then King Heat, who was already watching Robot Snowman and Jalapeño Pepper, said, Enough of this nonsense!” And then he said, “Jalapeño, take the feline.” And Cat, who was just approaching said, “What up?” Then Jalapeño asked King Heat if he should take Cat to the Pyramid of the Sand King. “Instantly”, said King Heat, “There is nothing the Sand King can do about it.”

Robot Snowman knew that the Sand King lived in a winter wonderland and he went there to see if the Sand King would help them rescue Cat. Sand King said, “Sure, I would like to reclaim my pyramid.” Since the Pyramid was in the desert, Robot Snowman had to put on a helmet to keep his head at the right temperature, or else it would have melted, and he would just be called Robot (and he did not want to have his head melted like his body did in space.)

Robot Snowman easily found Cat at the pyramid, but King Heat was just as easy to find. King Heat said, “What’s Up!” and turned on his electric staff. “Ooooh, it’s getting warm in here,” said Cat. “I’ll put you under my helmet,” said Robot Snowman. They then heard King Heat say, “Let’s heat this day up!”

Instantly, Robot Snowman fired up his electric staff and he and King Heat started fighting. “You may be hot, but you will never have the warm feeling of love,” said Robot Snowman. “Bring it on, Robot Snowman,” said King Heat.

Robot Snowman was at the moment when he could have destroyed King Heat, but he refused to. Instead, he tranquilized King Heat. After that, the police took King Heat away without him even noticing.


After King Heat was captured, Robot Snowman returned to Winter Wonderland, and the Sand King was again King of the Pyramids. But will King Heat break out? Will Winter Wonderland be taken over? Find out in the fivequel of this hit series.

Robot Snowman

Robot Snowman 3: The Monstrous Frost Bite

By Brady M. (Installment 3 in a 5-part series)

When Robot Snowman 2 ended, Robot Snowman was being chased by Robot King Heat with a chain saw arm. Did Robot King Heat catch Robot Snowman? Did Jalapeño Hotsworth survive Cat’s attack? And what was Power Monkey doing in that story, we thought we were taking a break until June with that story. Sorry, but he made an unplanned cameo. But enough about Power Monkey.

But Robot Power Monkey, Wait, Wait, Wait, I mean Robot Snowman slipped on a banana peel and fell to the ground. The one thing he did not realize was that he could change his arm into a chainsaw, too. And then he took off his hat and turned it into a Ninja star. He threw the Ninja star at the Immortal Genius. Wait, Wait, Wait, I mean Robot King Heat. I am so confused because it is early morning and I am not a morning person. Anyway, back to the story.

Robot Snowman changed his robotic suit so that it looked like a Robot Snowman, not like a human. Robot King Heat came up with an idea. He needed something monstrous to destroy Robot Snowman. He made a creature that looked like a rhinoceros out of the snow and gave it super-duper sharp fangs. Then he gave it a little big of magic potion that made it come alive. He had stolen some magic living juice from Frederick Trashcan, which is a different story about America. The living juice worked and the Snow Monster came to life. Robot King Heat said, “I will call you Frost Bite”.

He rode him to Robot Snowman’s home. King Heat yelled, “Capture that Snowman!” Frost Bite said, “Sir, I only see a Robot Snowman.” King Heat smacked his own forehead and said, “It is a Robot Snowman.” And then he had his own little tantrum.

Robot Snowman turned into a ball and rolled down the hill to King Heat’s lair, which was perfectly wrecked by Robot Snowman. He blasted open the door and King Heat said, “You could have just knocked.” And he was not happy. And then behind King Heat was Robot Jalapeño Hotsworth. Robot Snowman thought, “This could not be good.”

Robot Snowman

Robot Snowman 2: The Betrayal of Heat

By Brady M. (Installment 2 in a 5-part series)

Two weeks have passed since King Heat’s downfall at the hands of Robot Snowman. Robot Snowman started to wonder if King Heat had survived. Suddenly, the room got warmer and the door swung open, and there was Robot King Heat! Jalapeño Hotsworth had saved him and installed Robot parts. Jalapeño Hotsworth followed him through the door and said, “ATTACK!” So, since Robot King Heat always did what he was told, NOT! He waited to attack until he was ready. And then got out his newly modified electric staff and dueled Power Monkey. Power Monkey said, “OOPS, wrong story, I should be in Power Monkey 10. Goodbye.” Now Robot King Heat had to duel Robot Snowman.

The noise from the electric staffs broke all of the glass in the Robot Snowman’s house. Then Robot Snowman jumped out of a window and fled.

Then he coincidentally ran into Robot King Heat’s brother, Zach Coldstone. He said, “You must be Robot Snowman. And, I will need all of the help you get to help me defeat King Heat.” “Robot King Heat,” Robot Snowman corrected him. And Zach said, “Here is some information about his weak spot that might help you. I’ll start from the beginning.”

“Me and King Heat were born to a cop and a Super Hero and twenty-five years later, we went to Separate colleges. King Heat went to Evil Villain’s School, and I went to Super Hero’s School. After he got his Master’s Degree, he came and wreaked havoc on Super Hero’s College. He destroyed the air conditioning so it would start a fire and we had an electric staff duel. Trying his best to avoid all of the flames, he ran through super Hero College to escape. But then one of the flames ran into him, and he lived through the process.”

At the Snowman cemetery, which was just a gigantic pool of water, Cat was there and then Jalapeño Pepper showed up, and they fought with their electric staffs. Jalapeño Pepper managed to push Cat into the water. Cat jumped back out of the water and nudged Jalapeno Pepper with his electric staff and Jalapeño Pepper fell into the water. Then Cat shot some electricity from his electric staff and Jalapeño Pepper fell into the water. Then Cat shot some electricity from his electric staff into the side of the pool, which shocked Jalapeño Pepper and let Cat escape.

Robot Snowman tracked down King Heat to the hanger where Cat’s double pod spaceship is, and King Heat said, “Well, Robot Snowman, it is nice to see you, because this will be my last time to see you!” Robot Snowman said, “NO, it will be my last time to see you!” They then did battle. After about 30 or 40 minutes, Robot Snowman went away to take a look at King Heat to learn how to control him. He pushed a couple of buttons on his chest plate and that knocked out King Heat.

Robot Snowman looked through King Heat’s robotic body parts and he even tried hacking into Jalapeno Pepper’s computer to see the blueprints for King Heat’s robotic parts. Finally, he saw a blueprint. And he found a button on his chest plate which let him make King Heat go dizzy and then he had full control of him. Even his human parts!

He finally pressed the buttons on King Heat. It was a trick! Those weren’t the real blueprints for King Heat! They were fakes! And King Heat went into full power mode! That could not be good! Finally, King Heat turned full robot and blasted fire at Robot Snowman! Robot Snowman ducked, and it burned a hole in the wall. Robot Snowman jumped out of it and escaped.

And King Heat followed him with a chainsaw for an arm now!

Robot Snowman

Robot Snowman

by Brady M. (Installment 1 of a 5-part series)

Once, Snowman and Cat were flying in a double pod space ship into outer space. Snowman got too close to the sun and his body melted. Oh, no! And then Cat flew to the space station as fast as he could. And at the space station the medical guy said, “Let’s put Snowman’s head on a mechanical body.” The operation was a success. He said, “Hello, Snowman, how do you like your new mechanical body?” We should give you a new name to go with it.” One of the pilots said, “I know, let’s call him Robot Snowman.”

From then on, Robot Snowman did Super Hero things And Robot Snowman asked for some broccoli. (I am Brady M., head of this story. Maybe we should talk about him completing his first mission instead of eating broccoli. Yuck! Now back to the story.) One day, Cat informed Robot Snowman that King Heat escaped from prison. King Heat is an enemy of all snowmen. Robot Snowman said, “We need to stop this humid hooligan.”

Cat and Robot Snowman went to King Humid Hooligan, as Robot Snowman called him. They found him near the ocean, turning the Ocean warm, so he could swim in it, and then fill all the seas in winter world with lava.

Robot Snowman ran into a wall and said, “Sorry, still getting used to these new legs.”

Robot Snowman got noticed by King Heat in about a millisecond, and King Heat said, “Who are you? You look a lot like Snowman.” Snowman said, I am Snowman, Robot Snowman, that is! And you are in big trouble.” King Heat said, “Oh, I am shaking in my boots, NOT!!!” And he pulled out his electric staff. Robot Snowman’s mechanical arm turned into an electric staff as well and he turned it on.

They faced off!

Robot Snowman kicked King Heat with his mechanical leg. That must have hurt. King Heat said, “Hey, you’re no snowman anymore, or I would have just been splashed by water.” Robot snowman forced ice out of his hand and froze King Heat’s hand. Then Robot Snowman shocked him.

The End.