Audio Books

September 6, 2020 – The Real Brady The Book Sailor and Auntie Obvious are working on audio books to let people with visual impairment to enjoy our books! And also, if you like audio books better than regular books, than this is for you! You can click the links in order to hear the books. A whole new way to go book sailing! If posts don’t come up as quick, sorry, it’s all Auntie Obvious’ fault! After all, she does post management!

[Auntie Obvious: Dude, you JUST had this idea today. Maybe give me a minute?]

Okay. I hope you like my audio books! Have a nice day!

Sept. 11, 2020 – Check out the audio book of The Kind Little Truck Island Adventure! When The Kind Little Truck goes on vacation, it’s a big opportunity to spread kindness around the island! Featuring awesome beach towels, awesome motor oil, and big Easter Eggs, Kind Little Truck Island Adventure is the perfect audio book!

October 18, 2020 – Here’s the new audio book for Hoodie Man! Hoodie Man is super awesome and filled with lots and lots of laughs, so I hope you enjoy it!

October 30, 2020 – Hello and welcome to our third audio book! This is another one I really like…Truckey Birthday, Little Dipper. This book is dedicated to Grandma Sandy and Gra. Happy Mando Day! — Brady the Book Sailor and Auntie Obvious

November 15, 2020 – Hello, we’re back! I know it has been 16 days, but we’re finally here with a new audio book! We forgot to post this last week, but it’s finally here! Behold, The Kind Little Truck Meets the Big RV! And the tooth thing was kind of based on a true story!