The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck Meets the Big RV

One day, when Kind Little Truck was unpacking from his island adventure, He saw smoke coming from the road next to his garage. He went out to see what the commotion was. It was a broken-down RV. The RV said, “Kind Little Truck, can you help me? My engine is broken and I am in serious need of a good cleaning up. Seriously, I recently found some crazy kid’s tooth in here!

Kind Little Truck said, “Don’t worry Big RV, I will let my friend Tire Flyer work on your engine and my Friend Flat Head Car will clean up your inside and make your peeling floors as flat as his head.” The RV said, “Thank you, Kind Little Truck.” So, Kind Little Truck went off to find Tire Flyer and Flat Head Car.

Kind Little Truck went to Tire Flyer’s engine workshop and Tire Flyer said, “Hello Kind Little Truck, I haven’t seen you since your big race last month.” “It went well, said Kind Little Truck, “The motor you gave me was awesome.” Tire Flyer said, “I made it just for you and that is why the angry line of trucks is outside because they want a motor like yours. And can you please give me an excuse to get out of here. I can’t stand their pestering any longer.”

Kind Little Truck told Tire Flyer about the RV and said, “Lets go get Flat Head Car and I’ll take you to the RV.” When they arrived at Flat Head Car’s garage, Flat head Car said, “Hey KLT, how’s it going?” Kind Little Truck said, “Its going great. How is your limbo championship going?” Flat Head Car said, “I am still number 1 in the galaxy.” Kind Little Truck said, “Good job.” Flat Head Car said, “But I need a break.” Kind Little Truck said, “That is why I am here. Would like to help clean up a big RV.” Flat Head Car said, “I would love to.” So, they headed off to fix the RV.

When they got to Kind Little Truck’s house, the RV said, “Thank goodness, but where are your tools?” Everyone looked at each other at the same time and said, “Oh Noooooo!” Tire Flyer said, “Let’s go over to Garage Depot. We can buy everything we need there.” Everyone agreed that was a good idea, and headed to Garage Depot. Kind Little Truck said, “Here is a new exhaust pipe.” And Flat Head Car said, “Wow, the biggest wrench in the world is on sale.” Kind Little Truck said, “OK, you guys can buy it, it may come in handy for screwing on the RV’s tires, they were really loose.” They bought what they needed and went back to Kind Little Truck’s house.

The RV said, “I am glad you are back, you took forever.” Kind Little Truck said, “Glad to be back. Now let’s get to work on your motor and cleaning up your insides.” Tire Flyer took off the RV’s hood and asked, “Is this the high-quality Hoodie Man brand hood?” He then took out the old engine and replaced it with his new Rainbow motor. Flat Head Car fixed the floors while Kind Little Truck fixed the broken shower door. The Big RV said, “Thank you, I love my new look. How many truck bucks do I owe you guys?” The Kind Little Truck said, “We are always happy to help a friend and we will do it for free.” The Big RV started up and said, “Thank you for helping me. Goodbye.”

The End

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