The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck: The Right Thing

Prologue: Kind Little Truck is well known for helping people and vehicles. But there was one time when he could have, but didn’t help someone; and he still feels bad about it. And he has never let anyone down since. In our very first story about Kind Little Truck, he saw that the Garbage Truck had a flat tire and he decided to help. But what if I told you that was not the entire story.  The Garbage Truck had actually been bullying a small car, called a Kia Soul. Garbage Truck had made fun of the little car and smashed his windshield and ruined his bumper. The Kia Soul could not fight back but in a gesture of self-defense he picked up a long nail and stuck it in the tire of the garbage truck.  Kind Little Truck had not seen the bullying, but only saw the Kia Soul stab the tire and yelled, “Get out of here, you vandal!’ Kind Little Truck helped fix the tire.  Meantime, the Kia Soul was watching from behind a bush. The Garbage Truck began to feel bad and told Kind Little Truck that he had bullied the small Kia Soul and said, “Thank you for your kindness and I will never bully anyone again.” Now Kind Little Truck felt bad that he had yelled at Kia Soul and began to look for him. But Kia Soul had left the area and would never forgive Kind Little Truck. 

The Kind Little Truck was walking away from Truckingham Palace in London, with his friends, Garbage Truck, Little Dipper, and Flat Head Car talking about their experience. Suddenly they heard a strange loud noise. They see five people lying on the ground and quickly roll over to the scene of the explosion. Kind Little Truck says to one of the people lying on the ground who is wearing an eccentric hoodie, “Hello friend, can I help you?” The man wearing the hoodie looks up and says, “Wait, you are a truck, you are not supposed to be talking.” The Kind Little Truck says, “Why not, this isn’t a library. Are you OK?” The man in the Hoodie says, “I am Hoodie Man, and I cannot believe I am asking a truck this, but what is your name?” The Kind Little Truck says, “I am Truckilious Exhaustpipe Truck, people say my name is almost bigger than I am. But people just call me Kind Little Truck.” Hoodie man says, “I need a little bit of help. First, can you give me confirmation that this is a dream?” The Kind Little Truck shakes his head and says, “Nope, this is totally real.” Hoodie Man says, “Good Grief!”

Meanwhile the Kia Soul was plotting against the Kind Little truck. He had already managed to take away Kind Little Truck’s fine hotel room, but he had even worse plans. He put down a newspaper with the headline, “Natural Disaster near London Crater-witnesses say explosion caused by a shiny black star!” Kia Soul said to himself in the mirror, “I hope my plan to get the Kind Little truck to the Crater will work, so revenge will be served. He will regret that he ever decided to not be kind to me!” There was a knock on the door to his hotel room. And the room service car says, “Mr. Soul, your scrambled eggs are here.” Kia Soul said, “About time, now get out of my sight before you wear them!” ……….suspense…….

Kind Little Truck takes Hoodie Man and his four friends to his home. The friends are introduced as, Windbreaker, Jill Monsoon, Masked Fleecer, and Sweater Guy. Kind Little Truck and says, “Welcome to my humble garage.” Hoodie Man says, “I need some help, my Unisailor Card is at low battery, and it is powered by uranium. By any chance do you know any meteor crash sites?” Kind Little Truck says, “Yes, it is called the London Crater and it was next on our tourist destination, because we got a surprise upgrade from some unknown person.” Hoodie Man says, “Doesn’t that sound a bit fishy?” One of his friends, called Windbreaker, says, “I agree, but we should go.” Kind Little Truck’s friends, Little Dipper, Garbage Truck and Flat Head Car join them and Windbreaker says, “It doesn’t sound fishy, it was probably from a nice car, we have met a lot of nice cars here in the past.” Hoodie Man said, “OK, let’s go to the Crater.”

On their way there on a tourist bus, Hoodie man sees a shiny dark star in the sky and says, “It can’t be!” He runs to the front and pulls a yellow cord. The Tourist bus says, “I guess I have to stop.” SSCCRREECCHHH! The bus stops. Kind Little Truck said, “Sorry if that was a quick stop, here are a couple of bucks for your trouble.” Meanwhile, Hoodie Man was yelling, “Everyone out right now.” Flat Head Car, says, “What is going on?”  The ground started cracking beneath their feet and wheels. The Masked Fleecer says, “The Dark Star is coming, this dimension isn’t safe anymore.” Hoodie Man hopped into the bed of Kind Little who said, “Ouch, I wasn’t expecting that.” Hoodie Man says, “We all need to get back to your garage!” Hoodie Man explains that that the dark star had already destroyed his dimension and that is why they wound up the dimension with Kind Little truck and his friends. “Now said Hoodie Man, “The star is going to destroy every dimension until it finds a host. I may be able to save us using my Unisailor Card to create a portal to a new dimension, if there is enough juice left.” ………..suspense………. 

Hoodie Man begins to make a large enough portal for everyone while Kind Little Truck announces to the world that everyone needs to come to the portal, which will be over the top of Big Ben as soon as possible. One person who hears the announcement is Kia Soul but he still only has revenge on his mind, but he has a plan. He is going to destroy the portal before Kind Little Truck can go through.  Meanwhile Kind Little Truck heads for Big Ben and sees a Kia Soul but doesn’t recognize him as the one who stabbed the tire because he has a new bumper and windshield. Kia Soul says, “I see you don’t remember me. It must be easy for you to forget but I never forgot. Now, you have face me alone!” ……. Suspense…….

Kind Little Truck said, I do remember you now, and I have been very sorry for what happened. We need to look past our mistakes., because we should not be defined by them because no one is perfect. Now, I don’t want to fight you, but if you choose to fight, I won’t be alone.” As he spoke, Little Dipper, Garbage Truck, and Flat Head Car all roll up. Hoodie Man and his friend also jump in and Big RV, the Clown Car, the Mayor of Paradise Island, and everyone else who Kind Little Truck ever helped came up behind him. “Ooops,” said Kia Soul! As the ground cracks, Kia Soul slips into a crevasse…………suspense………..

As Kia Soul is falling, Kind Little Truck grabs him by the wheel and begins to pull him back up. When he is safe, Kia Soul, with a tear in his headlight asked, “Why did you save me.” Kind Little Truck said, “didn’t you just hear my ten minute speech about that?” Kia Souls replied, “Yes, I did and now I understand. Kia Soul then thanks the Kind Little Truck and goes through the portal. Kind Little Truck and all of his friends follow through the portal to a world they do not understand. As Hoodie Man enters the portal, he notices that the Reapers Star is missing from the sky. He thinks, “Oh no, it must have found a host!”

The End

Epilogue: A cat, whose name is really Cat, is talking to a cyborg snowman! Cat says, “Robot Snowman, I discovered something interesting, I think you will want to see. Have you ever seen a talking truck before?” Robot Snowman says, “Cat, what are you talking about?”

The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck Visits Truckingham Palace

The Kind Little Truck was about to go on a big vacation, to the United Kingdom (UK) with his friends, Garbage Truck, Little Dipper, and Flat Head Car.  His friends already had a passport, but he needed a passport, so he went to the Post Office and ordered one. Then he saw the Camera Car, who would take his picture, talking to his boss. The Camera Car said to the boss, “So do I really have to take that truck’s picture? I am so hungry. I need to take my lunch break early.” The boss said, “Not yet. You must also take pictures of any more people who are in line before you can go.” The Kind Little Truck noticed that there were more people in line and heard them asking for passports. The Kind Little Truck offered to help take pictures so that the Camera Car could eat lunch earlier.

Then The Kind Little Truck, waited for a couple of days and received his new passport in the mail. Next, The Kind Little Truck decided to help his friend Garbage Truck pack for the trip, because he was the only one who had not finished packing. He just couldn’t decide what to wear. Kind Little Truck knocked on Garbage Truck’s door at his house. Which was really a garage. The Garbage Truck answered and when Kind Little Truck walked in, there were clothes all over the floor, and the furniture, and his bed. Kind Little Truck said, “Lets get going, we have a lot of work to do.”

The Kind Little Truck said, “Lets throw all of the clothes into two piles, one to pack and one to leave. Garbage Truck said, “I have already done that, that tiny pile over there is the leave pile. All of this is the pack pile.” Kind Little Truck said, “You know you can only take two suitcases on the airplane and only two into the UK. This take pile would need 15 suitcases. So, I have an idea. You can pick out your 14 favorite outfits, and the rest have to stay behind.” Garbage truck said, “Oh no. How am I going to decide?” Kind Little truck took a blindfold and covered Garbage Truck’s eyes and told him to reach blindly into the pile and take out 14 outfits without looking. Kind Little Truck said, “When you pick one out, I will put it in the suitcases until you have 14 packed.” When they were finished, Kind Little Truck put all of the leftover outfits with the left pile. Garbage Truck said, “Thank you for the help.”

The time to leave home finally came and The Kind Little Truck was all ready and they were to meet at the airport. When Kind Little Truck saw Flat Head Car, he was really upset. His large bag weighed too much and the airline would not check him in. Fortunately, Kind Little Truck had packed so well that he had some extra room in his bag and offered put some of Flat Head Car’s clothes in his bag and they both were able to check in. Flat Head Car said, “Thank you for helping me.”

On the airplane, there was a family sitting in his row, but they had another kid who had to sit somewhere else. Kind Little Truck said, “I would be willing to exchange seats with your kid so you can all sit together. The mother said, “Thank you.”

Kind Little Truck and his friends landed in the UK and went to their hotel, and Kind Little Truck had ordered a nice room in a perfect location with a view of Big Ben and Truckingham Palace. When they checked in, there was some mistake and someone else had been given Kind Little Truck’s room. Little Dipper’s room was available and was a lot like Kind Little Truck’s room. The hotel told Kind Little Truck he would have to stay in a different hotel. Little Dipper remembered all of the nice things Kind Little Truck did for others and said, “Kind Little Truck, you can have my room, and I will stay at the small hotel.” Kind Little Truck said, “Thank you, Little Dipper.”

The next morning the friends met at Truckingham Palace where they had tickets for a tour and they hoped that they might meet the Queen, but it was a small chance.  When they arrived, Flat Head Car kept trying to talk to the guards.  He didn’t know that they were not supposed to talk, so, he just thought they were rude. When it came time for their tour, they went in the Palace and their guide took them to ten different rooms, but none of them were bathrooms, and Flat Head Car really needed one. Because, when all of the others made a bathroom stop before the tour, he was too busy trying to get the guards to talk. And he was too embarrassed to ask the guide. The Kind Little Truck helped Flat Head Car by asking the guide if he would tell Flat Head Car where to find a bathroom. The guide tells Flat Head Car, “Go back down the hall, make two lefts and two rights, and you will see the dining hall and the restroom is southwest of the kitchen. It is on your right. Meet us in fifteen minutes at the Grand Living Room, which is just down this hallway”  Flat Head had to go so bad that he bolted off. He missed at least one turn, maybe two. ……..suspense…….

Meanwhile Kind Little Truck, Garbage Truck and Little Dipper continued the tour and saw the Grand Hall. It was very beautiful and shiny. Little Dipper said, “I have never seen a place like this before.” The guide started telling them about the history, but Garbage Truck only wanted to look at the room and put a finger to his lips to quiet the guide. The Kind Little Truck was getting tired and decided to sit down. There was a big wooden chair at the end of the hall and he plopped down in the chair. “Oh No.” shouted the guide as a group of palace guards flooded the room and surrounded Kind Little Truck. Now, one of the guards who are supposed to remain silent, removed his mask and yelled, “Sir, on behalf of the Queen’s orders, you are under arrest! You cannot sit on the throne!” The Kind Little Truck was not arrested but the guards escorted them out of Truckingham Palace.

In the meantime, Flat Head Car was lost and still had not found a bathroom. He noticed a door that was partially open and when he went in, he found the Queen and she was reading a book called Truckey Potter and the Philosopher’s Car. Flat head Car said, “Hey lady, I read that book too. It’s really gruesome when Cardemort is on the back of Professor Carill’s head.” The Queen turned around and said, “Really, oh no, you spoiled it for me!” She had the guards escort Flat Head Car out of the Palace, too. Poor Flat Head Car, he had still not found a bathroom.

When all of the friends were together outside the Palace, Flat Head Car finally saw a sign for a restroom. The friends began to plan their next day’s adventure. Watching the friends when they were walking back to their hotels, from a hotel room with a great view of Truckingham Palace and Big Ben, was a small funny looking car..….a Kia Soul! Maids said that if they stood outside the room, they could hear maniacal laughing

To be continued.

The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck: Truckey Birthday Little Dipper

It was almost Little Dipper’s birthday and Kind Little Truck and his friends wanted to throw a surprise birthday party. Kind Little Truck said, “What can we possibly do?” Garbage Truck said, “Little Dipper likes astronomy so we could make the party with a space theme. Flat Head Car said, “I’ll order the decorations.” So, the three worked on Little Dipper’s birthday party.

While Flat Head Car was ordering decorations, Kind Little Truck noticed that he was having a hard time finding them on the on-line Monkey Shop. Kind Little Truck said, “We can order space decorations from Truckazon.” Flat Head Car clicked the Truckazon search bar and typed in space decorations and he got a million results. He ordered a whole bunch of stuff including a game called “Pin the Helmet on the Astronaut” and he charged it all on Garbage Truck’s Truckazon account while Kind Little Truck wasn’t looking. The credit card company would send the bill at the end of the month, and it was already September 29th. The party would not be until October, so Garbage Truck will get a big old bill tomorrow.

The next day, Garbage Truck said, “My credit card bill just came and it shows that I ordered a lot of party games and decorations.” Kind Little Truck said, “I have no idea how that could happen. But that is everything Flat Head Car and I ordered yesterday on Truckazon.” So, Kind Little Truck followed Garbage Truck to his garage where Flat Head Car was moving a lot of boxes from the front door.

Garbage Truck said, “You did this. How am I going to pay this bill?” Flat Head Car said, “What. You mean we have to pay for this, I just thought we ordered it using your name.” But Garbage Truck was in no mood for a joke. He told Flat Head Car, “You will have to help me pay for this. What can we do for money?” Kind Little Truck said, “Wait guys, this is about Little Dipper, think how surprised and happy he will be when he sees the garage decorated for his party. That will be our motivation to raise the money to pay for all of this.” Garbage Truck said, “Ok, but what is the easiest way to raise the money…………………suspense…………………

Kind Little Truck said, “We could open a lemonade stand and, after we raise the money, we can still use the stand for appetizers at the party.” They set up the stand and made it space themed. Kind Little Truck said, “Here is our money jar.” It was an old jar with a label which read, “Tips!” As the other two looked at him weirdly, he said, “Don’t mind the label, I’ll take it off the first chance I get. We will sell the lemonade at the garage to all of the employees and customers.” That was a good idea because they sold enough lemonade to pay for all of the stuff.

Kind Little Truck said, “Now let’s decorate for the party!”  They got out all of the decorations and spelled out “Happy Birthday Little Dipper” on a banner and hung it on the Kind Little Truck’s garage. Then they put up all of the decorations and Kind Little Truck said, “It’s about time for the party. Garbage Truck, flip the switch to turn on the color changing plastic star.” And, just then, Little Dipper walked into the building. And, it was the best party ever.

The End

The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck Meets the Big RV

One day, when Kind Little Truck was unpacking from his island adventure, He saw smoke coming from the road next to his garage. He went out to see what the commotion was. It was a broken-down RV. The RV said, “Kind Little Truck, can you help me? My engine is broken and I am in serious need of a good cleaning up. Seriously, I recently found some crazy kid’s tooth in here!

Kind Little Truck said, “Don’t worry Big RV, I will let my friend Tire Flyer work on your engine and my Friend Flat Head Car will clean up your inside and make your peeling floors as flat as his head.” The RV said, “Thank you, Kind Little Truck.” So, Kind Little Truck went off to find Tire Flyer and Flat Head Car.

Kind Little Truck went to Tire Flyer’s engine workshop and Tire Flyer said, “Hello Kind Little Truck, I haven’t seen you since your big race last month.” “It went well, said Kind Little Truck, “The motor you gave me was awesome.” Tire Flyer said, “I made it just for you and that is why the angry line of trucks is outside because they want a motor like yours. And can you please give me an excuse to get out of here. I can’t stand their pestering any longer.”

Kind Little Truck told Tire Flyer about the RV and said, “Lets go get Flat Head Car and I’ll take you to the RV.” When they arrived at Flat Head Car’s garage, Flat head Car said, “Hey KLT, how’s it going?” Kind Little Truck said, “Its going great. How is your limbo championship going?” Flat Head Car said, “I am still number 1 in the galaxy.” Kind Little Truck said, “Good job.” Flat Head Car said, “But I need a break.” Kind Little Truck said, “That is why I am here. Would like to help clean up a big RV.” Flat Head Car said, “I would love to.” So, they headed off to fix the RV.

When they got to Kind Little Truck’s house, the RV said, “Thank goodness, but where are your tools?” Everyone looked at each other at the same time and said, “Oh Noooooo!” Tire Flyer said, “Let’s go over to Garage Depot. We can buy everything we need there.” Everyone agreed that was a good idea, and headed to Garage Depot. Kind Little Truck said, “Here is a new exhaust pipe.” And Flat Head Car said, “Wow, the biggest wrench in the world is on sale.” Kind Little Truck said, “OK, you guys can buy it, it may come in handy for screwing on the RV’s tires, they were really loose.” They bought what they needed and went back to Kind Little Truck’s house.

The RV said, “I am glad you are back, you took forever.” Kind Little Truck said, “Glad to be back. Now let’s get to work on your motor and cleaning up your insides.” Tire Flyer took off the RV’s hood and asked, “Is this the high-quality Hoodie Man brand hood?” He then took out the old engine and replaced it with his new Rainbow motor. Flat Head Car fixed the floors while Kind Little Truck fixed the broken shower door. The Big RV said, “Thank you, I love my new look. How many truck bucks do I owe you guys?” The Kind Little Truck said, “We are always happy to help a friend and we will do it for free.” The Big RV started up and said, “Thank you for helping me. Goodbye.”

The End

The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck: Honesty Day is Awesome

by Brady M.

(The M. does not stand for mechanic)

The Kind Little Truck was looking for good things to do when he saw the Garbage Truck on his electronic device on a website called http://www.TruckBook.con. The Garbage Truck was looking at his electronic device while rolling down the street. The Kind Little Truck said, “Please stop! That is very dangerous for you, and you could crash.” Garbage Truck said, “You are right.” I knew what I was doing was bad.” The Kind Little Truck said, “I appreciate you being honest, but why? You could have just ignored me and stopped driving, but you told the truth.” The Garbage Truck said, “Look at my message, and you will know why.” The message read, “Dude, it is Honesty Day, April 30th, didn’t you know that?”

The Kind Little Truck said, “I didn’t know that. Now I guess today I have to be kind and honest. But I try to do that anyway. Thank you for telling me about Honesty Day.” Then the Kind Little Truck went out to do some kind things and to make sure he was also honest. First, he went to help Flathead Car with his new paint job. He helped paint the car, but when he saw the new color, he was honest and said, “Oh no. That is not a good color. I’m sorry I had to be honest.” But the Kind Little Truck helped him change the color and now he was able to say that it looked very cool. So, he was now kind and honest!

Next, Kind Little Truck went to see Little Dipper, his friend who was a flying car. Kind Little Truck noticed that Little Dipper’s engine was in bad shape and could explode any time. That was honest, but it hurt Little Dipper’s feelings. So Kind Little Truck went out and bought a new motor that would let Little Dipper fly higher and farther. Kind and honest twice already!

Then, Kind Little Truck went to see another friend, Nickle Wise, the clown car. He meant to give his friend a new squeaky nose, but picked up the wrong package and gave him a fire alarm that went off every two seconds. And it looked funny, too. “Oh, no,” said Kind Little Truck. “You have a small fire alarm on your nose and it will go off every two seconds, no matter what. I guess I tried to be kind, but it didn’t work out, but I was honest and told you I made a mistake.”

That night, Kind Little Truck thought that this had been a good Honesty Day. And he could not wait until next year for another Honesty Day that would also be Kind, and filled with comedy for our readers!

The End

The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck: Island Adventure

It is summertime! So, it is time for Kind Little Truck’s vacation to a tropical island. He was going to do volleyball, drink coconut milk, swim (NOT!- trucks can’t swim, but he might turn into a boat and float, no rhyme intended), remove his paint and tan (NOT! But he can just sit in the sun and get warm). It was going to be the best island adventure.

When he arrived at his hotel, Kind Little Truck helped the guy who was supposed to carry his baggage, by carrying most of it himself. He just couldn’t help being kind. When he got into his room, he saw that the hotel staff had left him……………….suspense………………..

A complimentary bottle of water. Now we know that being kind can pay off.

Then he went to the beach and saw a car who was surfing (very dangerous for a car with a lot of electronics). When the car get back to the beach, he found that someone had stolen his special relaxation migration beach towel. “Oh no! My beautiful beach towel is gone”, said the car. “How will I relax?”  Kind Little Truck said, “I have a relaxation migration beach towel that I have not used, would you like to have it?”

The surfer car said, “Yes, Thank you. I love it. What a Kind thing to do.” The Kind Little Truck said, “You are welcome, after all Kind is my middle name, OK, maybe it is my first name.”

Kind Little truck decided to get some coconut milk flavored motor oil. When he goes up to the counter to buy it, the server was very nice and made up a great motor oil drink. Kind Little Truck always gave a tip to a server, but this time, he gave him a 500 tb (truck buck, rhyme intended) tip. The server was very grateful for the massive tip and said, Thank you very much, mister Kind Little Truck.”

Next, Kind little truck went to play volleyball. He joined a team and played for a while. He noticed a very skinny car with a flat tire watching them play. Kind Little Truck asked the skinny car if he would like to play. The other vehicles all said, “Not him, he is not athletic and beefy like us.” But Kind Little Truck said, “He can be on our team.” One of the beefier opponents said, “With two runts like you on the same team, we will definitely win!”

But Kind Little Truck and Skinny Car won the game, because they knew how to play volleyball better than the beefy cars. Skinny Car was happy that Kind Little Truck invited him on his team. And, the beefy guys were humiliated in front of their girlfriend trucks. But one of them said to Skinny Car, “Next time I hope you will be on my team. Just please don’t humiliate me in front of my truck girlfriend.”

Now it was time for Kind Little Truck to pack up. He received a letter from the mayor of the island that said the mayor was proud of Kind Little Truck being so nice to everyone. He also said that he had never seen such great kindness in his life. He then said that he would welcome the Kind Little truck back to the island anytime for a free vacation. So Kindness always pays off.

Author Brady M. hopes that everyone who reads this story will remember that!


The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck: A Kind Deed Day

The Kind Little Truck was setting up for a big party to celebrate Kind Deed Day, his favorite holiday. He bought lights, a karaoke machine, and a new entire paint job specifically for the party. He planned the party to be in “The Garage”, which is a bar with a laser tag arena and a dance floor. They have the best oil drinks in town. They have lemon oil, cotton candy oil, and Kind Little Truck’s favorite, plain oil!

Kind Little Truck put batteries in the Karaoke machine and set off to do some kind deeds. He first donated a hose he no longer needed to the fire department so that they could use it to put out fires.

Then he helped clean up “The Garage” and decorated the tables he reserved and covered them in glitter and placed free sunglasses he would give his friends. He also helped the janitor clean up the dance floor so it would be very shiny for the party and for other customers.

After he got home from doing his kind deeds, he noticed that the batteries were missing from the Karaoke machine. He found them in cushions of the couch along with a lot of slime that was not there before. He then noticed that his house had been toilet papered! Someone was trying to ruin his party!

So, he bought a web cam and placed it. Now that he knew that his house was safe, he decided to do more kind deeds. He went to the oil dripper’s house and it was messy as usual. Garbage truck was already there helping clean up. Kind Little Truck decided to pitch in and help.

Then the Kind Little Truck returned home to check the web-cam and discovered someone had taken those batteries and replaced them with nickels. “Nickels won’t power anything”, thought Kind Little Truck. “Who is trying to ruin my party?” So, he pretended to leave the house but stayed and hid so he could catch the vandal in the act.

Then he saw a chubby little clown come down the chimney, and the clown said, “MMwwaahahahahahaha! I am Nickel Wise the clown, and my younge brother is Penny Wise, a clown who turned into a maniac. I am a little bit evil, but not as bad as my little brother. He used to bite my ankle when he was a baby. I am here to destroy Kind Deed Day and get revenge on Kind Little Truck who laughed at me during the circus performance.” Kind Little Truck said, “I am sorry, I thought you were supposed to laugh at circus clowns, and I was being Kind because I liked your act. Since you are feeling so bad, would you like to come and join my party at the garage? But first, we have to get batteries that are not slimy for the karaoke machine.”

The clown started feeling better and they went to the party. Little Dipper said, “I really like this party, and I have already played laser tag twice. Flat Head Car said, “Can you please make limbo a little harder? My flat head fits under the pole easily.” The Garbage Truck said, “Although I brought a lot of garbage with me, this party is anything but garbage.”

And Nickel Wise said, “This party is so much fun, I am sorry that I tried to disrupt it.” Kind Little Truck said, “Let’s have a glass of Oil and then dance.”


The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck: A Race to be Kind (A Big Story)

One day, Kind Little Truck was playing at the park and he saw a small truck getting bullied by a lager truck. And that seemed unfair. So, Kind Little Truck said, “Hey, Mr. Bully Truck, will you please stop being mean to that little truck.” The bully said, “Mind your own business, dude, if you want me to stop, you have to beat me in a race. and you don’t stand a chance!

Kind Little Truck said, “OK, we will have that race on Saturday morning. Then the bully truck went off to get some gas. The small truck was relieved and left the park, but he did not say thank you.

The Kind Little Truck thought that he will need a new motor and paint job. He went to his friend, Tire Flyer, and asked for help. Tire Flyer agreed to give him a new paint job with a sun shine on one side and the words, “Be Kind” on the other. He also had a new motor that would allow the Kind Little Truck to go 5 times faster than he used to go. Kind Little Truck then paid a large tip even though Tire Flyer did not expect one.

Then Kind Little Truck tested out his new motor by doing some kind things. First, he helped pick up the gargbage in the park and he was able to do it really fast. Next, he helped his friend Garbage Truck with Par Core exercises to help Garbage Truck’s gas flow correctly and his oil flow to keep him from squeaking. In return, Garbage Truck agreed to help Kind Little Truck learn how to race.

Then Kind Little Truck began to get ready for the race. He took an oil bath, and got his tires screwed on tight. he also made sure his new motor would go at full speed and that his rear-view mirrors were set correctly.

So, it was time for the big race. The starting bleep (they did not use a gun) went Bleep and the race was on. The bully truck made a big jump over a block of bricks, but Kind Little Truck went around the bricks when he saw that the small truck from the park was sitting on them and he did not want to hurt him. So, the bully truck got the lead.

Then the bully truck cheated and took a short cut through the audience, but the Kind Little Truck did not go near the audience and stayed on the track to be fair. Now the Bully truck had a bigger lead. Since Kind Little Truck was being so kind and fair, his new motor kicked into full speed.

Kind Little Truck began to gain on the bully truck and the bully truck tried to jump another pile of bricks and……………suspense…………..

He hit the bricks and bumped his head, and Kind Little Truck passed him and was an inch away from the finish when he decided to go back and help the bully truck.

Kind Little Truck said, “let’s finish this race together and be friends.”


Tune in next time for Kind Little Truck, Kind Deed Day!

The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck 4

Once upon a time, there was a little truck that was super-duper kind. He had friends called the Garbage Truck, the Little Dipper, and the Flat Head Car.

The Kind Little Truck’s first deed in this story is to pick up litter. Some people do not know it, but that is a very kind deed.

Next, the Kind Little Truck fixed a broken motor on someone’s car, and that was very kind.

Then The Kind Little Truck banned cigarettes from his garage. Some people did not know that he was saving lives.

The Kind Little Truck was happy and did another kind deed. He packed meals for starving children.

Lastly, he shooed away some birds that were harassing his friend, Little Dipper.

The Kind Little Truck always said, “If you treat love as the prize, kindness will rise.”


The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck 3: Star Trucks

There once was a little truck named Mr. Truck, AKA Truckilious Exhaustpipe Truck. His name was almost bigger than he was.

The little truck liked to do kind things for others because that made him happy, too.

The Kind Little Truck lived on the deserted planet Trucktooine.

Truck2D2 and C3Poil came to Trucktooine on an escape pod. Truck2D2 had an important message from Princess Leia.

The Kind Little Truck found some other people who were leaving for Alderaan. He said, “Hello, people I don’t know! Hey, I do know one of you, you are Abraham Lincoln.” To say hello to people when you run into them is very kind.

Abe said, “Whoops, it’s the wrong book here. See ya.” Everybody looked at each other in disbelief. And then, the people who the Kind Little Truck did not know, took the Kind Little Truck to a space-ship. One of the people said, “Hi, I am Han Solo from the planet Mud.”

The Kind Little Truck said, I am a really good pilot. Maybe you could take a break and let me drive.” Doing something for someone else is very, very kind.

Then the Kind Little Truck set out to look for more kind things he could do. Then Truck2D2 accidentally flew into the escape pod. The escape pod launched itself in the zone of incoming fire. The Kind Little Truck jumped through the hole where the escape pod was. He saved someone’s life, which is very, very, very, very kind.

Then the ship went to the destination, which was Alderaan, but Alderaan had blown up. Standing right there was the Caraccident star.

The End

Until Part Two, which may be a very long time.

[Auntie Note: Abraham Lincoln is an ambitious crossover from books written by Brady’s “Dadat”]