Nov. 22, 2020 – Hello and welcome to our first ever podcast! I call it “PodSailing” – get it??? I am so excited and cannot wait to show you this! So what kind of stuff do I talk about? This first episode is about the future of the Brady the Book Sailor website! Click the audio recording to begin!

PodSailing: Episode 1 (Hey! We have a podcast!)

PodSailing: Episode 2 (Brady The Book Sailor Lore)

(See the screen shot below the podcast for the Auntie Obvious Origin Story: The Comments section from “The Kind Little Truck: Star Trucks”.)

PodSailing: Episode 3 (Book and Video Picks!)

PodSailing: Episode 4 (Unedited Behind the Scenes!)

(Auntie Obvious note: I appear to have…uh…made a “thing that starts with an M” during this podcast. The editing for PodSailing is actually done in iMovie, not iTunes.)

PodSailing: Episode 5 (Happy Birthday!)

(Happy Birthday to BradyTheBookSailor.com – we’re one year old! Plus news on the YouTube channel formerly known as FaithfulSideKick Videos! Also, you can find the story we mentioned – Brady The Book Sailor: Book to the Future – on The Legends of Brady the Book Sailor!)