The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck: Truckey Birthday Little Dipper

It was almost Little Dipper’s birthday and Kind Little Truck and his friends wanted to throw a surprise birthday party. Kind Little Truck said, “What can we possibly do?” Garbage Truck said, “Little Dipper likes astronomy so we could make the party with a space theme. Flat Head Car said, “I’ll order the decorations.” So, the three worked on Little Dipper’s birthday party.

While Flat Head Car was ordering decorations, Kind Little Truck noticed that he was having a hard time finding them on the on-line Monkey Shop. Kind Little Truck said, “We can order space decorations from Truckazon.” Flat Head Car clicked the Truckazon search bar and typed in space decorations and he got a million results. He ordered a whole bunch of stuff including a game called “Pin the Helmet on the Astronaut” and he charged it all on Garbage Truck’s Truckazon account while Kind Little Truck wasn’t looking. The credit card company would send the bill at the end of the month, and it was already September 29th. The party would not be until October, so Garbage Truck will get a big old bill tomorrow.

The next day, Garbage Truck said, “My credit card bill just came and it shows that I ordered a lot of party games and decorations.” Kind Little Truck said, “I have no idea how that could happen. But that is everything Flat Head Car and I ordered yesterday on Truckazon.” So, Kind Little Truck followed Garbage Truck to his garage where Flat Head Car was moving a lot of boxes from the front door.

Garbage Truck said, “You did this. How am I going to pay this bill?” Flat Head Car said, “What. You mean we have to pay for this, I just thought we ordered it using your name.” But Garbage Truck was in no mood for a joke. He told Flat Head Car, “You will have to help me pay for this. What can we do for money?” Kind Little Truck said, “Wait guys, this is about Little Dipper, think how surprised and happy he will be when he sees the garage decorated for his party. That will be our motivation to raise the money to pay for all of this.” Garbage Truck said, “Ok, but what is the easiest way to raise the money…………………suspense…………………

Kind Little Truck said, “We could open a lemonade stand and, after we raise the money, we can still use the stand for appetizers at the party.” They set up the stand and made it space themed. Kind Little Truck said, “Here is our money jar.” It was an old jar with a label which read, “Tips!” As the other two looked at him weirdly, he said, “Don’t mind the label, I’ll take it off the first chance I get. We will sell the lemonade at the garage to all of the employees and customers.” That was a good idea because they sold enough lemonade to pay for all of the stuff.

Kind Little Truck said, “Now let’s decorate for the party!”  They got out all of the decorations and spelled out “Happy Birthday Little Dipper” on a banner and hung it on the Kind Little Truck’s garage. Then they put up all of the decorations and Kind Little Truck said, “It’s about time for the party. Garbage Truck, flip the switch to turn on the color changing plastic star.” And, just then, Little Dipper walked into the building. And, it was the best party ever.

The End

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