Relax, Guys!

I have yet to get a letter from Disney containing scripts for the next Mandalorian episodes, but there have been some concerns considering my last post, and I just want to inform you that Brady the Book Sailor is not closing down next year due to money. It’s because I am busy with sports and school, and have recently taken up a lot of new hobbies. I saw one post on my amazing friend Charlie’s website saying that we need support – and we LOVE your support, we just don’t need $$$ support. Although there is one way to get us to continue: 2023 has to be our biggest year ever, and our YouTube Channel has to reach 1,000 subscribers. I know that may sound like a lot, but that’s the point. It can’t be a challenge unless it is challenging! I know this type of content isn’t normal for us, and let me assure you we will be getting back to normal (posting stories and reading challenges) soon. In the next two weeks, my all-new story, Mr. Antihero: The First Felony will be posted!

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