Power Monkey - Legacy

Power Monkey: A Hero is Born

February 16, 2012 – Baby Power Monkey has been living with his neighbor, Mr. Bidurmphidurmph for the past year. Baby Nartha, Baby Power Monkey’s younger sister, said, “I weally wike Mr. Bunny Buns.” (That is what Baby Nartha calls Mr. Bidurmphidurmph.) Baby Power Monkey said, “I thwink he is weally weird and I no like him!”

Eight years later, February 13, 2020. Nartha explores the Immortal Genius’ lair and says, “Where is Mr. Bidurmphidurmph? I thought he invited me for bananas and milk.” Then, the golden TV turned on and Nartha saw a hooded figure on the screen. ……………….suspense…………….!

“My name is Vingar Blash, head of the Vingar Blash Association. Monkeys will go bananas for me, because I am so “apeeling”. Ha Ha! Not! I am the King of the Geniuses, and we can be very evil and attractive. You look like Immortal Genius, but you also look like a girl,” Nartha said, “I am not Immortal Genius. I am here to see my friend, Mr. Bidurmphidurmph, who I used to call Bunny…..” But, before she could finish, Vingar Blash shouted, “Your friend is a powerful source of evil and if you join us, I will train the two of you together to be a more powerful source of evil.”

Meanwhile, Baby Power Monkey was with Nanas and Nanas said, “I have two presents for you. The first one is my laser stick, and the other one is my suit with a gigantic PM on it. From now on, you will be Power Monkey instead of Baby Power Monkey. With these new responsibilities, you will fight evil and help people. I did get myself a new laser stick, but the one I am giving you is the most powerful in the world.”

Then Nanas called Baby Nartha, and said, “I have two presents for you. The first one is a collectible “build-a-bear” of me! It can go with the twenty others you already have! Actually, I have three presents. Next, I have a toy laser stick for you, it doesn’t do any damage, but is still cool. The third is a super fun, super hero costume, but althouth it is fake, it is really awesome. So now, you are Nartha, but that doesn’t mean all that much.”

Nartha ran away angrily when Nanas called Power Monkey again. Power Monkey said, “What’s going on this time, Nanas?” Nanas replied, “I have to give you some powers that I think you can control. It is the Power of the Vine from that book ‘Nanas’ Story’ that Scooter gave you. Yes, I am giving you my power!” Power Monkey said, “Nanas, but how?” “I will just tap you on the nose and you will get the power,” said Nanas. Then, Nanas tapped Power Monkey on the nose without warning and then Power Monkey had the special powers.

Nartha returned to Immortal Genius’s lair in the hope of talking to Vingar Blash in person. But fortunately, when she walked in, she saw Vingar Blash standing next to Immortal Genius. Vingar said, “Nartha, what a great pleasure to see you. We have heard that you have been treated unfairly. What do you most want?” Nartha replied, I’ve only seen you on TV and never in person. Can I trust you?” Before Vingar could answer, Power Monkey kicked down the door and walked in with Nanas.

Vingar said, “You two intruders disturbed a private conversation, and in here, we have dark punishment.” Then Nanas and Power Monkey pulled out their laser sticks. Immortal Genius said, “Nartha, what is it that you want. We are not going to treat you badly like these two monkeys, who acted like you were a prune.” Then Nanas started to reveal why they had been mean to Nartha. “At the Temple of Monkeys, we figured out that you had a streak of evil in your future, and we wanted to keep you down, so you would not trigger evil powers. But Nartha said, “I won’t turn evil, even if your stupid temple said so.”

“But look at Mr. Bidurmphidurmph, he is evil, and he has a gigantic castle.” Nanas said, “He owns that castle, because he stole it. I saw the castle being stolen when I was playing ball with you and Power Monkey in our back yard. Power Monkey said, “I even read that he blasted his boss off a cliff with an electric shock weapon.” Then they all clashed their weapons and Nanas said, “Everyone deserves something nice.” Power Monkey noticed that Nartha could not see that Vingar Blash was sneaking up and about to attack Nartha from behind, and Power Monkey grabbed her and pulled her to the side. Nartha did not know why Power Monkey grabbed her. Then Nartha got really angry because Power Monkey had embarrassed her. (Again!)

At that point, the three monkeys realized that Vingar Blash and Immortal Genius had other weapons at their disposal and had backed them up against a rail. They jumped from the rail, letting Vingar and Immortal win the battle. When they landed, the three monkeys headed back home from the lair. Nartha then said, “I am never treated fairly or get my fair share. I really wanted some banana pants, instead I only got this junky build-a-bear. Nanas said, “Stop whining, Nartha, you should have appreciated my gifts. So, you are grounded………not for a day, not for a week, not for a month…….but for a year!

Then Power Monkey started feeling bad and went over to Nartha and said, “I am so sorry, will you accept my apology?” Nartha responded angrily, “No, I never want to see you again, brothers are the worst. And someday, I will get even with you and the rest of the family. Then as Power Monkey left, he felt heartbroken and said to Nartha, “You know what, we have a lot in common and now we are even.”

“I have one more present for you, a set of banana pants.” When Nartha put them on, she slipped and fell and was madder than ever. Nartha said, “This is all your fault” and Power Monkey replied, “Not really, you should blame Sir Isaac Newton, after all, he discovered gravity!” When Power Monkey and Nanas started laughing, Nartha stormed out!

Where will she go? Will Power Monkey turn evil? Will Nartha turn to the evil side? Will they unite and become evil apprentices together, or join to fight evil?

Power Monkey said, “Wait, Wait, Wait, we can’t end yet. I have one question. How do we hold laser sticks, since we do not have opposable thumbs and plus, we are not drawn with fingers?” But, But, But, NNooooo………..Suspense……………

Tune in for the next episode of Power Monkey, titled, Our Hero Awakens!

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