Tom and Harry

Tom and Harry 2

Once upon a time…….(wait, that is a terrible beginning, who thought that up? Ooops, I did. Start again.)

It was a dark and stormy night, as Isaac Bonjour was being escorted to prison. He thought, “I know someone who wasn’t banned from Critter Country. Rigged Roomba!” Then, he jumped out of the police car while it was moving. Again! He then went to buy a new Rigged Roomba.

One day, Tom and Harry were buying fresh produce, and they saw an evil looking Roomba with a projector and a microphone on it. Harry said, “That Roomba looks familiar to me.” Tom said, “It looks to me like it does more than clean your floors.” They switched on the projector and the microphone and saw Isaac Bonjour going live. He said, “Hello, Tom and Harry. It is time I got my revenge by…………suspense…….


Tom said sarcastically, Oh, no, the worst kind of revenge.” Isaac Bonjour said, “That is what I like to hear.” Not realizing that Tom was just being sarcastic.

So, Tom and Harry went home and found that Ronald Roomba was stuck in a hole in their floor. “Now that is a nasty prank,” said Harry. Ronald Roomba was a good Roomba, and that is the reason that Tom can go so fast when other turtles are so slow. They got Ronald out of the hole and decided to play a prank right back to Isaac Bonjour. They gave Rigged Roomba a swimming pool and when he got in, he got a real shock, both figuratively and literally! Isaac was so mad, because he had to spend another $500 to get a new Rigged Roomba. “I’ll get even with you, Tom and Harry,” thought Isaac. But how? ……………..suspense…………….

“More pranks!” Isaac decided to abduct Ronald Roomba and take him to Italy. What he did not know was that Tom and Harry had swapped Ronald Roomba for Rigged Roomba. After Isaac got to Italy, he realized what they had done and had to ship Rigged Roomba back across the Sprite River to Critter Country. And that cost him another $500. Tom and Harry had cost him $1,000 already. He needed a super prank to get even. “But What?”


In the meantime, Tom and Harry were thinking of a new super prank to play on Isaac. They rigged the computer at the electric company to send Isaac a bill for 9,000 Kazillion dollars and made the address where he was supposed to pay the bill as 2132 North 11th Way, which was really the address of Tom and Harry’s duplex mansion. When Isaac saw the bill, he was extremely UPSET! When he got to Tom and Harry’s mansion, they said, “Gotcha!’ and laughed and laughed. Now Isaac was even more upset and thought, “I’ll get you guys with a new prank……….suspense……thought up by Prank Robot 4000, which gives me infinite pranks to use on you two.”

The new Prank Robot 4000 whirred and clanged and spit out a tiny piece of paper. It read, “Buy them an ice cream cone, but make it out of broccoli that you paint brown to look like chocolate.” Isaac said, “No, that is a lame prank. Try again.” The machine whirred and cranked and spit out another tiny piece of paper. When Isaac read the new prank, he smiled a big, evil, ugly smile. “This is a great prank,” thought Isaac……….suspense………

They had cost him $1,000 and had him think that his electric bill was 9,000 Kajillion dollars, but this was the perfect prank to get back at Tom and Harry. He would bake them a cake as a peace offering with brown sprinkles all over it, but the sprinkles would really be ants. He knew they liked cake so much that they would quickly gobble it down before they realized they were eating bugs.

He took the cake to their house and gave it to them. Tom said, “Thank you so much. would you like to share it, and here, you can have the first slice?”

“AAARRRGGGGHHHHH,” yelled Isaac.

And then Power Monkey showed up from the crossover dimension portal and said, “You whine a lot and make the same noise as my evil sister, Nartha. Do you know her? By the way, that cake looks really good.”

Harry said, “Isaac, if the main character from the second-best Brady M. series said the cake looks good, then it must be good.”

Isaac said, “Oh, no, foiled again by a rabbit and a turtle.”

The End.

Tune in next time for Tom and Harry 3, When Turtles Fly! (There are no pigs in this story, so…….)

2 replies on “Tom and Harry 2”

This is another excellent story, but I’m kind of bummed that you didn’t use my suggestion for a title: Tom and Harry: Attack of the Pranks.


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