Power Monkey - Legacy

Power Monkey: Our Hero Awakens

When we last left Power Monkey, he had started feeling bad for teasing Nartha and said, “I am sorry, will you accept my apology?” But Nartha did not accept the apology, saying, “No, I never want to see you again, brothers are the worst. And someday, I will get even with you and the rest of the family.” Power Monkey was heartbroken. Now to continue the story.

Power Monkey was sitting at a campfire feeling bad and he thought about Nanas saying to him, “From now on, you will be Power Monkey instead of Baby Power Monkey. With these new responsibilities, you will fight evil and help people.” Power Monkey took off his suit with the gigantic PM on it and started to throw it into the fire when he thought about how Nanas would feel if he destroyed the suit. So, he decided to give it to Nartha as an apology gift, as a way to help someone, as Nanas wished, and that someone would be Nartha.

So he went over to Nartha and held the suit out to her, but she ripped it out of his hands and screamed, “Oh, Thank You…in your dreams!” Power Monkey said, I was just trying to be ni……” Nartha interrupted and said, “You can keep this stupid suit because there is no turning back now!” Nartha then stormed off to the Immortal Genius’ lair. Power Monkey followed her because he still hoped he could help her.

But when he stepped into the Immortal Genius’ lair, an alarm went off. “Beep Beep, Beep Beep, Beep Beep.” Then Immortal Genius said, “Me and my new master, Vingar Blash, will stop you if you reject my new offer. I want you to become my apprentice. If you do not accept, I will only say that your punishment will involve your sister, Nartha.”

Power Monkey shouted, “Never!” And, he pulled out his new laser stick. “OK, so that is how it will be,” as Vingar Blash pulled out his double fire sticks. And then Immortal Genius also pulled his laser stick, which he had fixed after Nanas dropped it. Now, Power Monkey was outnumbered! Then Immortal Genius and Vingar Blash both turned off their weapons, and Vingar Blash said, “Now we will do this the hard way. Immortal, Get Nartha!”

Power Monkey yelled, “Do not touch my sister!” Then he threw his new laser stick across the room, injuring both Vingar Blash and Immortal Genius. Power Monkey found his sister and took her back to the tree house.

Power Monkey then went to his workshop and he fashioned a new laser stick that was real and almost invincible. Nanas also helped make Nartha a new power suit that was real and was almost as good as Nanas’ own favorite suit. There is a difference in the suits that Nanas, Power Monkey, and Nartha each now own (see the drawing). Now they had to meet Nartha to give her the gifts.

Vingar Blash and Immortal Genius went to the hospital and recovered from their injuries. But they were now very AANNGRRY! But Vingar did not look the same, because his hood was missing! He was unmasked! He was a………suspense……..A monkey, actually a Capuchin Monkey. He looked a lot like Power Monkey, except he had a mustache.

In the meantime, Power Monkey and Nanas found Nartha and gave her the gifts. Nartha said, “This is way better than that ugly bag of rags that Power Monkey wears and the laser stick is way better than Power Monkey’s old one. Thank you Nanas.” But she did not thank Power Monkey. She then went to Power Monkey and said, “Ok, we are even!”

Tune in next time to find out if Power Monkey and Nartha really get along and will they work together. Or, will Vingar Blash go bananas (pun intended)? Find out next time in “Vingar’s Return”!

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