Robot Snowman

Robot Snowman 5: The Last Snowman

By Brady M. (Installment 5 in a 5-part series)

When we left off at the end of Robot Snowman 4, Robot Snowman could have destroyed King Heat, but instead, he tranquilized King Heat. The police took King Heat away without him even noticing. Robot Snowman returned to Winter Wonderland, and the Sand King was again King of the Pyramids. But will King Heat break out? Will Winter Wonderland be taken over? Now for Robot Snowman 5, The Last Snowman.

King Heat woke up from his cell and played a trick on the Police, so he could escape. He made a drawing of himself and put it under the bulletin board, which he removed from the wall and placed it on the floow. King Heat remembered this trick from a book he read in the second grade, called “Flat Snowman.”

Then King Heat went and robbed the bank. After that, he was the richest person in town. He then went to free his pet, the monstrous Frost Bite, form Robot Snowman’s hoverway, and then went to his wrecked fortress to clone his massive pet.

Meanwhile, Power Monkey…….(Editor comment: I meant Robot Snowman. Ugh! Why do I always mess this up?”) Start Over! Meanwhile, Robot SnowMonkey (Editor comment: AAAARRRRRRGGGHHH! I did it again. I have got to start this series all over again.” Start Over:

Meanwhile, R O B O T S N O W M A N (Whew) was reading the newspaper and saw that King Heat had escaped again. Robot Snowman thought, “I thought he was perfectly locked up!”

Then Robot Snowman asked Cat, “Do you know anything about King Heat’s escape?” Cat replied, “I have not seen him since he was locked up.” So, the two of them went to question another accomplice, but they did not really want to. They did not want to visit Jalapeño Pepper. He said, “I know what King Heat is doing and where he is. He is at his cloning factory, which is the only part of his lair that was not wrecked.”

Sure enough, they went to King Heat’s lair, and there he was giving the several Frost Bites he had clones very scary masks that allowed them to breathe fire. He also had a mask of his own. They were planning to make an assault on Winter Wonderland. Robot Snowman knew that he had to get to Winter Wonderlnad before King Heat.

He made a bunch of snowballs which had icicles sticking out of them. He also had a catapult to launch the spiky snowballs and also made two walls around Winter Wonderland to protect it. They were ready for King Heat’s master plan.

King Heat came with the fire breathing Frost Bites and used his laser pointer to cut off the top part of the wall, so that the Frost Bites could get over it. Then he melted all of the igloos. Then he melted all of the snow using his fire breathing mask.

Then King Heat set the land itself on fire. Then Robot Snowman jumped on the one remaining iron wall, and King Heat followed him. They each pulled out their electric staffs and Robot Snowman said, “Let’s finish this!” King Heat said, “We shall. Let’s do it now!” Robot Snowman sent a spiral of lightning toward King Heat, but he dodged it and it hit the wall and cut the wall in half.

King Heat and Robot Snowman leapt off the wall before it fell. They both tried to use their electric staffs in the same way at the same time, and the bolts of lightning conjoined and that pulled King Heat and Robot Snowman towards each other.

After they came together, Robot Snowman said, “You may be hot, but you will never have the warm feeling of love.” Suddenly, King Heat realized what that meant. He realized that the reason he was so evil was that he had never loved anyone, not even his own family. He was bullied as a kid because he was the only human in his class. King Heat wanted to change and said to Robot Snowman, “I will never be mean to you again.” Robot Snowman said, “And I will never call you a hooligan again, like I did in the first book.”

And they became friends forever.


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I just copy & paste, dude. You might want to take this up with the guy who thinks he’s the best typist in the world! But OK, I did fix the typo. Thanks for catching it.


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