Reading Regatta

Summer Smackdown Reading Regatta!

Ahoy, Mateys! It’s summertime! And we have a special challenge: the First Annual Brady The Book Sailor Summer Smackdown Reading Regatta! A regatta is a boat race, but this will be a reading race! Here’s how it works:

Start Date: Monday, May 31st
End Date: Sunday, August 8th

How to Earn Points: Grab your Magic Purple Bookmark (OK, just a regular bookmark will do) and start reading! Invite your friends and family to participate, and earn points for each book based on the system below.

White Water Rafting600+1,000500

Bonus Kickstart for Kids: Kids get to count the last two books that they read before the start date!

[Auntie Obvious: What do Adults get?]

[Brady: You get to choose your own bedtime.]

[Auntie Obvious: And who designed those points? A kid?]

[Brady: Correct. You got a problem with the points? Scared you might get left in my wake?]

[Auntie Obvious: No way! Let’s do this thing!]

[Brady: It is on like Donkey Kong!]

[Auntie Obvious: Do you even know what Donkey Kong is?]

[Brady: Uh, oh. Here comes Auntie’s sad story about how she had to write reports without the Internet and how she had to get up and walk to the television to change the channel.]

[Auntie Obvious: Right. And there were only four of them.]

[Brady: Hey, what’s the prize?]

[Auntie Obvious: We don’t have prizes in the budget, but reading is its own reward. If the top point-getters would like, we’ll give them a shout-out in a future blog post.]

[Brady and Auntie: Ladies and gentlemen, OPEN YOUR BOOKS!!!!!!!]

Let us know what you are reading, and keep us posted on your points by leaving us comments throughout the summer!

[Brady: Come on kids, let’s show those adults who’s boss!]

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