SailorCon Panel 2

SailorCon Part 2 has finally arrived! I know, it’s been a week. But at least we do get it. It has tons of exciting announcements and a sad announcement, but you can’t say no to an extra clip for Geoff the Ghost 2!

We’re super excited to kick off the second annual Reading Regatta! Here’s a link to an older post explaining what it is! And to see how it ended last year, check out this post! Stay tuned for more details!

(UPDATE: Brady’s new Geoff the Ghost project has been delayed. Stay tuned for more details!)

In case you missed it, here are all the announcements that I made today:

  • I announced a new story called The Wonder Dog.
  • I also announced some new rules and a start date for the Reading Regatta.
  • I showed some new footage of Geoff the Ghost: Finding Pumpkin.
  • I announced a short about a Pelican Drone that will only get a sequel if you guys like it!
  • I sadly had to cancel Aqua Dolphin: Freestyle Swimming, which was a Book Sailor Animations project.
  • I announced that although it was cancelled, there will be new footage of Aqua Dolphin: Freestyle Swimming coming soon.

If you’re only interested in the clip for Geoff the Ghost 2: Finding Pumpkin, it’s down here:

Make sure to check out my next post, which will be about movies to watch before you see Geoff the Ghost 2!

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