SailorCon Panel 2

SailorCon Part 2 has finally arrived! I know, it’s been a week. But at least we do get it. It has tons of exciting announcements and a sad announcement, but you can’t say no to an extra clip for Geoff the Ghost 2!

We’re super excited to kick off the second annual Reading Regatta! Here’s a link to an older post explaining what it is! And to see how it ended last year, check out this post! Stay tuned for more details!

In case you missed it, here are all the announcements that I made today:

  • I announced a new story called The Wonder Dog.
  • I also announced some new rules and a start date for the Reading Regatta.
  • I showed some new footage of Geoff the Ghost: Finding Pumpkin.
  • I announced a short about a Pelican Drone that will only get a sequel if you guys like it!
  • I sadly had to cancel Aqua Dolphin: Freestyle Swimming, which was a Book Sailor Animations project.
  • I announced that although it was cancelled, there will be new footage of Aqua Dolphin: Freestyle Swimming coming soon.

If you’re only interested in the clip for Geoff the Ghost 2: Finding Pumpkin, it’s down here:

Make sure to check out my next post, which will be about movies to watch before you see Geoff the Ghost 2!

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