Power Monkey - Legacy

Power Monkey – Thanksgiving

Two days before Thanksgiving, Power Monkey was handing out invitations for his special Thanksgiving party. But meanwhile, hiding in the bushes outside his lair, MC Walrus and Immortal Genius were watching. “Yo, Yo, Yo, We need to stop this.” said MC Walrus. “But, How?” Said Immortal Genius. MC Walrus did not answer, but just started pulling together a horrible Thanksgiving song. “That’s it”, said Immortal Genius. “We can crash their party and sing the bad song.”

Meanwhile, back with Power Monkey, he had Monkey Woman on the phone and asked her to bring the cranberry sauce. Because last year, Power Monkey put the cranberries in the freezer, not on the stove, and they were just hard little marbles for dinner. “Nnnnooooo”, said Monkey Woman, you know I hate the taste of cranberries.” Power Monkey said, “I’ll bet you didn’t like tripping on the cranberry marbles last Thanksgiving, but it was funny.” “OOOhhh Kaaaaaaaay”, said Monkey Woman gloomily.

Power Monkey asked Whackey Monkey to buy a Turkey, but Whackey Monkey said “Why?” Power Monkey, said “Because it is Thanksgiving.” Whackey Monkey said, “Really, didn’t we just have that last year?” “Ok”, said Power Monkey, “Just do what I asked, and buy the turkey.”

Later that day, Whackey Monkey came back to Power Monkey’s house and a live turkey followed him in through the door. ”What did you do?”, said Power Monkey. Whackey Monkey said “Meat Tom. Ha Ha, get it?” And then Monkey Woman came in and said, “Hey, everybody, I have cranberry sauce.” And then Tom said, “I love cranberry sauce,” and ate the whole batch. Monkey Woman said, “Oh no, all of my work for nothing. Oh well, I don’t like cranberry sauce anyway.” Power Monkey said, “Oh great, now we don’t have a turkey or cranberry sauce to eat.”

Then Power Monkey remembered that Monkeyville National Park (where all of Team Monkey had their secret meeting), was having a Thanksgiving feast. So they all went to the Park. And, just in case the bad guys, MC Walrus and Immortal Genius, showed up, Power Monkey set up a sound activated blow torch trap for them in his house.   

Meanwhile, the Immortal Genius and MC Walrus, were sneaking into Power Monkey’s house, singing their horrible Thanksgiving carol all the way. And, that caused the blowtorch to fall on them and their hair caught on fire . This was good for MC Walrus because he wanted a big bald spot so a hat would fit on his head. But it wasn’t all that good for Immortal Genius, because he liked his hair and did not like to wear hats.

Power Monkey and his friends (including Tom) had a great Thanksgiving dinner at the Park.

The Special Thanksgiving carol is included after this picture.

It’s Thanksgiving Day, but people tell us to go away,
Thanksgiving day is cool, our bald heads smell like drool,
Our food is special too,
we have tuna ice cream sundaes and roasted kangaroo,
for dessert we like pumpkin pies,
with mixed in flies.

It’s Thanksgiving Day, yeah, yeah, yeah,
Our food is always best,
Our ice cream smells like old chicken breast,
And if you think that sounds bad, wait ’til you smell the rest.
And after dessert, we eat the inside of a bird’s nest.

We put dirt in our pies, and pickles on our cake,
Then we add pepper to it all before we put it in to bake.

It is fun to annoy you, and it is what we want to do
But if you think this sounds bad, you will really be sad
When we sing verse twenty -two.

We know we are off-key, but you just wait and see,
We can sound worse, and your ears may burst,
When you hear verse twenty -three.

This will all make our Thanksgiving great
We hope your Thanksgiving is sad, we hope your turkey is bad,
But yours will be awful, when we sing verse twenty-eight.

You know what we think of Thanksgiving, we really think it’s great,
Unlike our desserts, which people always hate,
We put sprinkles on cooked toothpaste, and soap served on a plate,
Don’t knock it til you try it, cause we think its great.

You know that turkey Tom, we think he can talk,
So, we won’t cook him because we think he rocks,
So, no Turkey for us, instead we eat old food we find on the bus,
We know it’s not heathy, and it doesn’t taste good,
But its better than last years old rotten wood.

So have a happy Thanksgiving, we decided to stop this song,
Your Turkey, and dressing, and pie, just sound so wrong,

You think it’s bad, but we love our song and think we jive,
and wait ’til next year, when you hear verse four hundred forty- five.

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