Miscellaneous Comedy

Baby Yoda Monopoly!

Hello! This is Brady the Book Sailor and Auntie Obvious and welcome to our first unboxing ever! This was our first one, and yes, there were some glitches, but here’s the important part: in this video, we will be viewing the Hasbro Baby Yoda Monopoly from Star Wars – The Mandalorian. Prepare for a cuteness overload!!

[Auntie Obvious: Are you talking about you or Baby Yoda?]

Ha, ha! Very funny, Auntie Obvious. Let’s just let the fans watch for themselves. Remember, This Is The Way!

3 replies on “Baby Yoda Monopoly!”

You know, I kind of like the website how it is, but maybe a nice Frozen 2 theme, with a light blue background and some snowflakes? Oh, and Olaf! And it can play “Let it Go” when you open up the website! Thanks for giving me the idea!!!!


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