Robot Snowman

Robot Snowman 2: The Betrayal of Heat

By Brady M. (Installment 2 in a 5-part series)

Two weeks have passed since King Heat’s downfall at the hands of Robot Snowman. Robot Snowman started to wonder if King Heat had survived. Suddenly, the room got warmer and the door swung open, and there was Robot King Heat! Jalapeño Hotsworth had saved him and installed Robot parts. Jalapeño Hotsworth followed him through the door and said, “ATTACK!” So, since Robot King Heat always did what he was told, NOT! He waited to attack until he was ready. And then got out his newly modified electric staff and dueled Power Monkey. Power Monkey said, “OOPS, wrong story, I should be in Power Monkey 10. Goodbye.” Now Robot King Heat had to duel Robot Snowman.

The noise from the electric staffs broke all of the glass in the Robot Snowman’s house. Then Robot Snowman jumped out of a window and fled.

Then he coincidentally ran into Robot King Heat’s brother, Zach Coldstone. He said, “You must be Robot Snowman. And, I will need all of the help you get to help me defeat King Heat.” “Robot King Heat,” Robot Snowman corrected him. And Zach said, “Here is some information about his weak spot that might help you. I’ll start from the beginning.”

“Me and King Heat were born to a cop and a Super Hero and twenty-five years later, we went to Separate colleges. King Heat went to Evil Villain’s School, and I went to Super Hero’s School. After he got his Master’s Degree, he came and wreaked havoc on Super Hero’s College. He destroyed the air conditioning so it would start a fire and we had an electric staff duel. Trying his best to avoid all of the flames, he ran through super Hero College to escape. But then one of the flames ran into him, and he lived through the process.”

At the Snowman cemetery, which was just a gigantic pool of water, Cat was there and then Jalapeño Pepper showed up, and they fought with their electric staffs. Jalapeño Pepper managed to push Cat into the water. Cat jumped back out of the water and nudged Jalapeno Pepper with his electric staff and Jalapeño Pepper fell into the water. Then Cat shot some electricity from his electric staff and Jalapeño Pepper fell into the water. Then Cat shot some electricity from his electric staff into the side of the pool, which shocked Jalapeño Pepper and let Cat escape.

Robot Snowman tracked down King Heat to the hanger where Cat’s double pod spaceship is, and King Heat said, “Well, Robot Snowman, it is nice to see you, because this will be my last time to see you!” Robot Snowman said, “NO, it will be my last time to see you!” They then did battle. After about 30 or 40 minutes, Robot Snowman went away to take a look at King Heat to learn how to control him. He pushed a couple of buttons on his chest plate and that knocked out King Heat.

Robot Snowman looked through King Heat’s robotic body parts and he even tried hacking into Jalapeno Pepper’s computer to see the blueprints for King Heat’s robotic parts. Finally, he saw a blueprint. And he found a button on his chest plate which let him make King Heat go dizzy and then he had full control of him. Even his human parts!

He finally pressed the buttons on King Heat. It was a trick! Those weren’t the real blueprints for King Heat! They were fakes! And King Heat went into full power mode! That could not be good! Finally, King Heat turned full robot and blasted fire at Robot Snowman! Robot Snowman ducked, and it burned a hole in the wall. Robot Snowman jumped out of it and escaped.

And King Heat followed him with a chainsaw for an arm now!

3 replies on “Robot Snowman 2: The Betrayal of Heat”

That is so cool that I got a special thank you! And I want our readers know that no money changed hands in order for me to get this special honor! Well, OK, it’s possible that an ice cream sandwich might have changed hands. And some Baby Yoda merch.


By the way, that picture looks nothing like me! OK, maybe it looks a little bit like me. OK, so it looks a LOT like me. Especially the cup of coffee.


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