Robot Snowman

Robot Snowman 3: The Monstrous Frost Bite

By Brady M. (Installment 3 in a 5-part series)

When Robot Snowman 2 ended, Robot Snowman was being chased by Robot King Heat with a chain saw arm. Did Robot King Heat catch Robot Snowman? Did Jalapeño Hotsworth survive Cat’s attack? And what was Power Monkey doing in that story, we thought we were taking a break until June with that story. Sorry, but he made an unplanned cameo. But enough about Power Monkey.

But Robot Power Monkey, Wait, Wait, Wait, I mean Robot Snowman slipped on a banana peel and fell to the ground. The one thing he did not realize was that he could change his arm into a chainsaw, too. And then he took off his hat and turned it into a Ninja star. He threw the Ninja star at the Immortal Genius. Wait, Wait, Wait, I mean Robot King Heat. I am so confused because it is early morning and I am not a morning person. Anyway, back to the story.

Robot Snowman changed his robotic suit so that it looked like a Robot Snowman, not like a human. Robot King Heat came up with an idea. He needed something monstrous to destroy Robot Snowman. He made a creature that looked like a rhinoceros out of the snow and gave it super-duper sharp fangs. Then he gave it a little big of magic potion that made it come alive. He had stolen some magic living juice from Frederick Trashcan, which is a different story about America. The living juice worked and the Snow Monster came to life. Robot King Heat said, “I will call you Frost Bite”.

He rode him to Robot Snowman’s home. King Heat yelled, “Capture that Snowman!” Frost Bite said, “Sir, I only see a Robot Snowman.” King Heat smacked his own forehead and said, “It is a Robot Snowman.” And then he had his own little tantrum.

Robot Snowman turned into a ball and rolled down the hill to King Heat’s lair, which was perfectly wrecked by Robot Snowman. He blasted open the door and King Heat said, “You could have just knocked.” And he was not happy. And then behind King Heat was Robot Jalapeño Hotsworth. Robot Snowman thought, “This could not be good.”

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(But the Frederick Trashcan crossover was pretty cool.)


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