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New Book Sailor Announcements!

Hi, Book Sailors! Today, I have a couple of new announcements for new series! I hope you really like these, and that I’m able to release them all very soon.

The Monkey Legion is the sequel series to the hit Power Monkey novels. It follows Aaron two months after The Elusive Prey, in an all-out war against the Gorilla Clan. I am also here to give you some news about the titles of The Monkey Legion books and a new hero, who will be a main character in The Monkey Legion. Say hello to Shield Maiden. Shield Maiden is the sister of Alex and Nartha, who has to help Aaron in his escapades to defeat a mysterious gorilla named Wade Woodrow Walters and a mysterious other villain along with many surprise characters. The book titles are:

  • The Crusader and the Shadow
  • Arrows of Vengeance
  • Metal Reckoning
  • Starfall Battlefield
  • Wade’s Fury

Next up, we have an entirely new series starring an entirely new character. May I introduce you to Mercury, The Last Avatar? This story, based on Roman and Egyptian mythology, follows Mercury, the last of the Avatars, who is being hunted down by an evil entity named Pluto. The Mercury books will consist of three books:

  • Mercury: The Last Avatar
  • Mercury: Journey through the Duat
  • Mercury: Flames of Justice

For my next comedy series, we have Mr. Anti-Hero, the villain who does it all wrong. He gets recruited by the Association of Villains to stop a hero who’s been stealing money from all the villains. This is their journey to expose the hero for what he is: a fraud. The Mr. Anti-Hero series will consist of many various books, like the classic series Power Monkey and The Kind Little Truck.

Moving on to the topic of Book Sailor Animations, we get a name change in that department: introducing Sailor Studios. Sailor Studios will broaden the view from paper animation to tech animation, as well as new audio stories, PodSailing season 2, and much, much more.

Our last and biggest announcement is that the Reading Regatta got so much attention this summer that we’re bringing it back with an all-new season and all-new rules. This time, the challenge is to read four books in two months, starting on Labor Day. Stay tuned for more details on the Fall Flight Reading Regatta.

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