The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck: The Right Thing

Prologue: Kind Little Truck is well known for helping people and vehicles. But there was one time when he could have, but didn’t help someone; and he still feels bad about it. And he has never let anyone down since. In our very first story about Kind Little Truck, he saw that the Garbage Truck had a flat tire and he decided to help. But what if I told you that was not the entire story.  The Garbage Truck had actually been bullying a small car, called a Kia Soul. Garbage Truck had made fun of the little car and smashed his windshield and ruined his bumper. The Kia Soul could not fight back but in a gesture of self-defense he picked up a long nail and stuck it in the tire of the garbage truck.  Kind Little Truck had not seen the bullying, but only saw the Kia Soul stab the tire and yelled, “Get out of here, you vandal!’ Kind Little Truck helped fix the tire.  Meantime, the Kia Soul was watching from behind a bush. The Garbage Truck began to feel bad and told Kind Little Truck that he had bullied the small Kia Soul and said, “Thank you for your kindness and I will never bully anyone again.” Now Kind Little Truck felt bad that he had yelled at Kia Soul and began to look for him. But Kia Soul had left the area and would never forgive Kind Little Truck. 

The Kind Little Truck was walking away from Truckingham Palace in London, with his friends, Garbage Truck, Little Dipper, and Flat Head Car talking about their experience. Suddenly they heard a strange loud noise. They see five people lying on the ground and quickly roll over to the scene of the explosion. Kind Little Truck says to one of the people lying on the ground who is wearing an eccentric hoodie, “Hello friend, can I help you?” The man wearing the hoodie looks up and says, “Wait, you are a truck, you are not supposed to be talking.” The Kind Little Truck says, “Why not, this isn’t a library. Are you OK?” The man in the Hoodie says, “I am Hoodie Man, and I cannot believe I am asking a truck this, but what is your name?” The Kind Little Truck says, “I am Truckilious Exhaustpipe Truck, people say my name is almost bigger than I am. But people just call me Kind Little Truck.” Hoodie man says, “I need a little bit of help. First, can you give me confirmation that this is a dream?” The Kind Little Truck shakes his head and says, “Nope, this is totally real.” Hoodie Man says, “Good Grief!”

Meanwhile the Kia Soul was plotting against the Kind Little truck. He had already managed to take away Kind Little Truck’s fine hotel room, but he had even worse plans. He put down a newspaper with the headline, “Natural Disaster near London Crater-witnesses say explosion caused by a shiny black star!” Kia Soul said to himself in the mirror, “I hope my plan to get the Kind Little truck to the Crater will work, so revenge will be served. He will regret that he ever decided to not be kind to me!” There was a knock on the door to his hotel room. And the room service car says, “Mr. Soul, your scrambled eggs are here.” Kia Soul said, “About time, now get out of my sight before you wear them!” ……….suspense…….

Kind Little Truck takes Hoodie Man and his four friends to his home. The friends are introduced as, Windbreaker, Jill Monsoon, Masked Fleecer, and Sweater Guy. Kind Little Truck and says, “Welcome to my humble garage.” Hoodie Man says, “I need some help, my Unisailor Card is at low battery, and it is powered by uranium. By any chance do you know any meteor crash sites?” Kind Little Truck says, “Yes, it is called the London Crater and it was next on our tourist destination, because we got a surprise upgrade from some unknown person.” Hoodie Man says, “Doesn’t that sound a bit fishy?” One of his friends, called Windbreaker, says, “I agree, but we should go.” Kind Little Truck’s friends, Little Dipper, Garbage Truck and Flat Head Car join them and Windbreaker says, “It doesn’t sound fishy, it was probably from a nice car, we have met a lot of nice cars here in the past.” Hoodie Man said, “OK, let’s go to the Crater.”

On their way there on a tourist bus, Hoodie man sees a shiny dark star in the sky and says, “It can’t be!” He runs to the front and pulls a yellow cord. The Tourist bus says, “I guess I have to stop.” SSCCRREECCHHH! The bus stops. Kind Little Truck said, “Sorry if that was a quick stop, here are a couple of bucks for your trouble.” Meanwhile, Hoodie Man was yelling, “Everyone out right now.” Flat Head Car, says, “What is going on?”  The ground started cracking beneath their feet and wheels. The Masked Fleecer says, “The Dark Star is coming, this dimension isn’t safe anymore.” Hoodie Man hopped into the bed of Kind Little who said, “Ouch, I wasn’t expecting that.” Hoodie Man says, “We all need to get back to your garage!” Hoodie Man explains that that the dark star had already destroyed his dimension and that is why they wound up the dimension with Kind Little truck and his friends. “Now said Hoodie Man, “The star is going to destroy every dimension until it finds a host. I may be able to save us using my Unisailor Card to create a portal to a new dimension, if there is enough juice left.” ………..suspense………. 

Hoodie Man begins to make a large enough portal for everyone while Kind Little Truck announces to the world that everyone needs to come to the portal, which will be over the top of Big Ben as soon as possible. One person who hears the announcement is Kia Soul but he still only has revenge on his mind, but he has a plan. He is going to destroy the portal before Kind Little Truck can go through.  Meanwhile Kind Little Truck heads for Big Ben and sees a Kia Soul but doesn’t recognize him as the one who stabbed the tire because he has a new bumper and windshield. Kia Soul says, “I see you don’t remember me. It must be easy for you to forget but I never forgot. Now, you have face me alone!” ……. Suspense…….

Kind Little Truck said, I do remember you now, and I have been very sorry for what happened. We need to look past our mistakes., because we should not be defined by them because no one is perfect. Now, I don’t want to fight you, but if you choose to fight, I won’t be alone.” As he spoke, Little Dipper, Garbage Truck, and Flat Head Car all roll up. Hoodie Man and his friend also jump in and Big RV, the Clown Car, the Mayor of Paradise Island, and everyone else who Kind Little Truck ever helped came up behind him. “Ooops,” said Kia Soul! As the ground cracks, Kia Soul slips into a crevasse…………suspense………..

As Kia Soul is falling, Kind Little Truck grabs him by the wheel and begins to pull him back up. When he is safe, Kia Soul, with a tear in his headlight asked, “Why did you save me.” Kind Little Truck said, “didn’t you just hear my ten minute speech about that?” Kia Souls replied, “Yes, I did and now I understand. Kia Soul then thanks the Kind Little Truck and goes through the portal. Kind Little Truck and all of his friends follow through the portal to a world they do not understand. As Hoodie Man enters the portal, he notices that the Reapers Star is missing from the sky. He thinks, “Oh no, it must have found a host!”

The End

Epilogue: A cat, whose name is really Cat, is talking to a cyborg snowman! Cat says, “Robot Snowman, I discovered something interesting, I think you will want to see. Have you ever seen a talking truck before?” Robot Snowman says, “Cat, what are you talking about?”

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