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Whackey Monkey 3: The Fate

When we left off last time, the N.E.R.D. was holding Power Monkey and was going to not let him have bananas for ten minutes. Whackey Monkey said that is too cruel and N.E.R.D. said, “I am going to make it 20 minutes.” Whackey Monkey gave Power Monkey a bag of nuts, which gave him some energy, so Power Monkey escaped and they battled the N.E.R.D. Power Monkey remarked that N.E.R.D. sounded a lot like a girl.

“How dare you offend me like that,” said N.E.R.D. “I am clearly not a ggggiiirrrlll.” Then they heard a big bang and N.E.R.D. was unconscious on the floor. It was Super Cow firing a tranquilizer at N.E.R.D. Power Monkey said, “Now that we have N.E.R.D. unconscious, lets see who this mysterious person is.”

They took off the N.E.R.D.’s hat and glasses and revealed………….suspense………

(Sorry Alfred Hitchcock, we have a new master of suspense.)

Oh, no. there was another mask underneath! Whackey Monkey asked Power Monkey if he could take the mask off and Power Monkey said “OK”, so Whackey Monkey removed the mask. It was Power Monkey’s sister Nartha!

Power Monkey said, “Oh no, so this is where Nartha went, she was a lost child who ran away from home. I hope she will be OK.” Power Monkey said, “Lets get her back to Monkey Manor, but how? I don’t have my dog whistle with me so I can’t call up the mean mutt to bring my dogsled.” Whackey Monkey said, “I have a spaceship called the Kitty Kolossus which I can get here quick.” One second later, the ship picked them up.

And, one second after that, they were in Monkey Manor. Nartha regained consciousness and she said, “Where is my mask, get me my mask?” She scowled at Power Monkey and said, “YOU!” Power Monkey said, ”It is now all clear to me why you ran away. You were selfish.” Nartha said, “You and the rest of our family didn’t respect my awesome power. Nanas decided to give you the Power of the vine, instead of me. So, you are the selfish one, Power Monkey.” Power Monkey said, “I would have shared the power of the vine with you if you would have stayed. How could you let me go twenty minutes without bananas, that was really cruel?”

Then Whackey Monkey came up and said, “Hey you two, one of you is evil and one of you is good, but it is not clear to me right now. So, I am going to let an antennaed friendly frog lick your faces and he will decide which of you is good”. (What comes next is gross.)

The Friendly frog opened its mouth super wide and sent slobber toward Power monkey and Nartha. Before the slobber could hit Power monkey, Nartha pulled him by the arm into the Kitty Kolossus saving them both from the slobber. Nartha said, “This is a bad situation for you, but not for me. I am going to give you an extraction of power and you will explode and the power of the vine will be mine. So, she got off the ship and started the extraction.

The ship started expanding and expanding and expanding then it fell to the ground and exploded. Everyone in Monkeyville saw it and they were super sad. Whackey Monkey was in tears. It was the end of our hero and the beginning of Nartha’s reign.

The End

Tune in next time for Whackey Monkey 4 – The hero

*** The Fate of the Summary and Reviews ***

Whackey Monkey 3 – The Fate

In this third episode, author Brady M. continues the saga of Whackey Monkey and his nemesis the N.E.R.D. In this new episode, the N.E.R.D. is unmasked and we learn the villain’s true identity.

It will be a surprise to everyone who has read the earlier episode Power Monkey 16, The Battle of Brazil.

Will the territory of Monkeyville become controlled by N.E.R.D. or will Whackey Monkey and his friend, Power Monkey be able to stop the evil N.E.R.D.??

Earlier Reviews of this book:

“Brady M. has made this an amazing series. I can’t wait to see what happens next. I could not see that much potential in a nine-year-old.”
-Albert Einstein

“The Fate is such a fateful story. I laughed, I cried, and sank my banana boat,” – Anonymous  (from the publisher-not really, we know this was from Robot Snowman)

“YYYYAAAAYYY! This was such a great story. I really loved the part where……. (censored because the reviewer issued a spoiler) But I did not like the ending where……. (censored because the reviewer issued ANOTHER spoiler). – Kind Little Truck

“This book stinks, I dropped it in a pile of my dirty socks. Ewww! By the way, I should have been in this book.” The Garbage Truck, – The best Brady M. character ever.

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