A Story About America, Episode 2 – The Liberty Bell

Brady Washington, Kid Historian

One day Frederick was visiting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his parents and his little brother. His parents did not know that Frederick had a living drink in his pocket. The family decided to visit the Liberty Bell and went inside the small building where it is kept. Some of the living juice spilled on the Liberty Bell and “WOOOOSH!” and “WAAACK and “Ding!” and the Liberty Bell grew feet and legs and started walking toward Frederick and his family.

“What is happening,” yelled Frederick’s daddy. 

“Whoops”, said Frederick

And they heard a man’s voice say, “Hello, welcome to Philadelphia, but I am going home to London England where I was born and get more attention. They will ring me more often like no one ever rang me before and they will be more careful and not crack me. I have only two tiny cracks and do not want them to turn into one big crack.”

But, when he got to England, they rang the bell too hard and the two little cracks turned into a super volcano crack (That is really big).

So, the Liberty Bell shouted, take me to the United Hospital and maybe they can fix my crack.” 

Well, the hospital could not fix the crack but they offered to put a lot of duct tape on it. But, the liberty Bell said, “No thanks. I think I will go back to Philadelphia and maybe they can fix the crack.”

And when he got back to America they fixed his crack with two small magnets and that is they way he looks today. But, he can still talk but still looks like a Bell.

He is not like Emily, the former statue of liberty, or like anyone else, but is happy the way he is. 

He is a television reporter and sometimes you can see him reading the news.

The End

(Check out the facts below)

Dear readers,

This is a fiction story about America but some of the information is true- The Liberty Bell was made in London, it is in Philadelphia, and it does have a super volcano crack,

1.The Liberty Bell was made in London in 1752 for a building in Philadelphia.

2. The bell cracked a little when it was first rung but the crack was repaired.

3. The Bell was probably rung after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

I hope you have fun with these stories of myths and legends. And, that you “Read it like you mean it!”

Brady Washington, Kid Historian

Brady Washington, Kid Historian

A Story About America, Episode 1 – Statue of Liberty

Brady Washington, Kid Historian

One day Frederick was visiting New York City with his parents and his little brother. His parents did not know that Frederick had a living drink in his pocket and he also had car insurance. The family decided to visit the Statue of Liberty and go inside the large statue. Some of the living juice spilled on the floor of the Statue and “WOOOOSH!” and “WAAACK!” and the statue of Liberty started walking with Frederick and his family inside.

“What is happening,” yelled Frederick’s daddy. 

“Whoops”, said Frederick

And they heard a woman’s voice saying, “Hello, welcome to New York City. Where freedom is yours. I’m Lady Liberty.”

“Oh no” said Frederick, I must be dreaming or my mind is playing tricks on me.” And he told his family, “Run, run out of here.” But when they started running, Lady Liberty said “Please stop, it tickles when you run inside of me.”

“Oh, hee, hee, you are tickling me. Oh no! I dropped my torch in the ocean.”

Frederick’s family felt bad since they had caused Lady Liberty to lose her torch. 

Frederick had an idea. “Let’s make a new torch made out of gold with a bright light inside.”

Lady Liberty loved the idea. And that is the torch you see on Lady Liberty today.

After that, Lady Liberty became human, but she wanted the world to still see a Statue of Liberty. So, she asked some workers to build a new one and she gave them her crown, the torch, and the tablet to use for the new statue.

Now when you see the human Lady Liberty walking around, she calls herself Emily.

The End

The Kind Little Truck Stories

Have a Merry Truckey Christmas: A Kind Little Truck Story

It was almost Christmas. It was December 24th, 11:59 p.m.. Only one minute until Christmas.

The kind little truck’s favorite day to be kind. The kind little truck’s name is really Truckilious Exhaustpipe Truck, but he prefers just Mr. Truck.

When the clock struck midnight, he woke up. And he told everybody who was up, “Merry Christmas.” Surprisingly he saw that there were 359 other cars who were up.

The truck made his favorite Christmas dish which was oil casserole and shared it with the other cars.

The flathead car was all alone on Christmas so the kind little truck invited the flathead car to his house to have some oil casserole.

The next day the Garbage truck had a Kwanzaa party and the little truck took some of his oil casserole over to the party. Joining someone at a party is very kind.

A few days before, the little dipper hosted a Hanukkah party. Even though the truck did not celebrate Hanukkah, he wanted to see his friend.

Christmas was as big as ever that day and every single car in the universe was celebrating. Everyone was happy that day and the kind little truck loved that his friends were happy.

The End.

The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck 2

There once was a little truck named Mr. Truck, a/k/a Trickilious Exhaustpipe Truck. His name was almost bigger than he was.

The little truck liked to do kind things for others because that made him happy too.

The kind little truck decided to get books for little trucks who did not have any books. He started a charity called Truck House Donations.

Then he saw a little boat. It was sinking. The little truck got a lifesaver and drove it into the ocean. And he saved the little boat. Now there was a little hole in the little boat. And the little truck found some metal that was the same that he once found for the Little Dipper and patched the little hole in the little boat.

Then the little truck set out to do more kind things.

The little truck decided to write a note to the garbage truck who he had not seen for two years. To send a letter to someone you have not seen in a long time is a kind act.

Then he decided to host a big party for everyone who gave books to the Truck House Donations charity.

The Little Dipper, the garbage truck, and the flat head car all came to the party.

Because the little truck had been so kind they were all proud.

The End

The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck

There once was a little truck named Mr. Truck, a/k/a Truckilious Exhaustpipe Truck. His name was almost bigger than he was.

He saw the garbage truck with a flat tire, so he stopped to help. He pulled out a little needle from the tire and started blowing air into the little hole.

Then, after the tire was blown back up, he saw that “Little Dipper”, the flying car, had a big bite out of his wing. The little Truck went to the metal store and bought some metal the same color to fix the wing. The flying car said, “Thank you.” And Mr. Truck said, “You are welcome.” And then he set off down the road to do some more kind things.

The little truck then saw his friend, a car named “Bolt” who had a flat head. He was getting laughed at by the other cars because he had a flat head. Mr. Truck stood up for the little car with the flat head and said, “You have a nice head and you shouldn’t be laughed at all of the time. I like your head. It is unique.” And the little car felt really good.

The vehicles that the little truck helped, the garbage truck, the flying car, and the flat head car, were together. The garbage truck had an idea. “Let’s say a really big thank you to the little truck. We can have a gigantic party for Mr. Truck. I know what we all can do to throw the party.”

“Little Dipper, Mr. Truck’s favorite cake is Moon Cheese; can you fly to the moon and get some? “Yes, Sir,” said Little Dipper.

“I’ll work on the entrance,” said the garbage truck.

The flat head truck had a job, too; he was to make the decorations.

It will be a great party.

The garbage truck was clever and made a boat that looked like it’s anchor was stuck. The little truck could never pass someone in trouble, so he stopped to help the little boat. Something started coming up out of the water, and it was a big tent! And the little truck saw the “Thank You” sign, and he went inside the tent and he saw nothing because it was dark inside the tent. There was a tiny bit of light and then his friends came out and said, “SURPRISE!” And the little truck had a blast. It was a fun day for Mr. truck, a/k/a Truckilious Exhaustpipe Truck. And he needed car insurance.

(Auntie note: This series of stories was inspired by an actual gift that Brady received from a family friend. Stay tuned for more adventures!)


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