Robot Snowman

Robot Snowman 3: The Monstrous Frost Bite

By Brady M. (Installment 3 in a 5-part series)

When Robot Snowman 2 ended, Robot Snowman was being chased by Robot King Heat with a chain saw arm. Did Robot King Heat catch Robot Snowman? Did Jalapeño Hotsworth survive Cat’s attack? And what was Power Monkey doing in that story, we thought we were taking a break until June with that story. Sorry, but he made an unplanned cameo. But enough about Power Monkey.

But Robot Power Monkey, Wait, Wait, Wait, I mean Robot Snowman slipped on a banana peel and fell to the ground. The one thing he did not realize was that he could change his arm into a chainsaw, too. And then he took off his hat and turned it into a Ninja star. He threw the Ninja star at the Immortal Genius. Wait, Wait, Wait, I mean Robot King Heat. I am so confused because it is early morning and I am not a morning person. Anyway, back to the story.

Robot Snowman changed his robotic suit so that it looked like a Robot Snowman, not like a human. Robot King Heat came up with an idea. He needed something monstrous to destroy Robot Snowman. He made a creature that looked like a rhinoceros out of the snow and gave it super-duper sharp fangs. Then he gave it a little big of magic potion that made it come alive. He had stolen some magic living juice from Frederick Trashcan, which is a different story about America. The living juice worked and the Snow Monster came to life. Robot King Heat said, “I will call you Frost Bite”.

He rode him to Robot Snowman’s home. King Heat yelled, “Capture that Snowman!” Frost Bite said, “Sir, I only see a Robot Snowman.” King Heat smacked his own forehead and said, “It is a Robot Snowman.” And then he had his own little tantrum.

Robot Snowman turned into a ball and rolled down the hill to King Heat’s lair, which was perfectly wrecked by Robot Snowman. He blasted open the door and King Heat said, “You could have just knocked.” And he was not happy. And then behind King Heat was Robot Jalapeño Hotsworth. Robot Snowman thought, “This could not be good.”

Robot Snowman

Robot Snowman 2: The Betrayal of Heat

By Brady M. (Installment 2 in a 5-part series)

Two weeks have passed since King Heat’s downfall at the hands of Robot Snowman. Robot Snowman started to wonder if King Heat had survived. Suddenly, the room got warmer and the door swung open, and there was Robot King Heat! Jalapeño Hotsworth had saved him and installed Robot parts. Jalapeño Hotsworth followed him through the door and said, “ATTACK!” So, since Robot King Heat always did what he was told, NOT! He waited to attack until he was ready. And then got out his newly modified electric staff and dueled Power Monkey. Power Monkey said, “OOPS, wrong story, I should be in Power Monkey 10. Goodbye.” Now Robot King Heat had to duel Robot Snowman.

The noise from the electric staffs broke all of the glass in the Robot Snowman’s house. Then Robot Snowman jumped out of a window and fled.

Then he coincidentally ran into Robot King Heat’s brother, Zach Coldstone. He said, “You must be Robot Snowman. And, I will need all of the help you get to help me defeat King Heat.” “Robot King Heat,” Robot Snowman corrected him. And Zach said, “Here is some information about his weak spot that might help you. I’ll start from the beginning.”

“Me and King Heat were born to a cop and a Super Hero and twenty-five years later, we went to Separate colleges. King Heat went to Evil Villain’s School, and I went to Super Hero’s School. After he got his Master’s Degree, he came and wreaked havoc on Super Hero’s College. He destroyed the air conditioning so it would start a fire and we had an electric staff duel. Trying his best to avoid all of the flames, he ran through super Hero College to escape. But then one of the flames ran into him, and he lived through the process.”

At the Snowman cemetery, which was just a gigantic pool of water, Cat was there and then Jalapeño Pepper showed up, and they fought with their electric staffs. Jalapeño Pepper managed to push Cat into the water. Cat jumped back out of the water and nudged Jalapeno Pepper with his electric staff and Jalapeño Pepper fell into the water. Then Cat shot some electricity from his electric staff and Jalapeño Pepper fell into the water. Then Cat shot some electricity from his electric staff into the side of the pool, which shocked Jalapeño Pepper and let Cat escape.

Robot Snowman tracked down King Heat to the hanger where Cat’s double pod spaceship is, and King Heat said, “Well, Robot Snowman, it is nice to see you, because this will be my last time to see you!” Robot Snowman said, “NO, it will be my last time to see you!” They then did battle. After about 30 or 40 minutes, Robot Snowman went away to take a look at King Heat to learn how to control him. He pushed a couple of buttons on his chest plate and that knocked out King Heat.

Robot Snowman looked through King Heat’s robotic body parts and he even tried hacking into Jalapeno Pepper’s computer to see the blueprints for King Heat’s robotic parts. Finally, he saw a blueprint. And he found a button on his chest plate which let him make King Heat go dizzy and then he had full control of him. Even his human parts!

He finally pressed the buttons on King Heat. It was a trick! Those weren’t the real blueprints for King Heat! They were fakes! And King Heat went into full power mode! That could not be good! Finally, King Heat turned full robot and blasted fire at Robot Snowman! Robot Snowman ducked, and it burned a hole in the wall. Robot Snowman jumped out of it and escaped.

And King Heat followed him with a chainsaw for an arm now!

Brady Washington, Kid Historian

A Story About America, Episode 6 – The American Flag

One day Frederick was at home with his parents and his little brother. His parents did not know that Frederick had a living drink in his pocket. A The family decided to buy a mini-replica of the American flag. When they brought it home. Frederick’s little brother, Carl, accidently spilled some grow feet juice on the flag. Frederick thought that looked like fun and he spilled the living drink on the flag. And then, “WOOOOSH!” and “WAAACK” and “Flap, flap” and the flag grew feet and legs and started to tap dance.

“What is happening,” yelled Frederick’s daddy. 

“Whoops”, said Frederick and “Whoops” said Frederick’s little brother.

And they heard a booming voice, “Hello, Frederick, thank you for bringing me to life.” 

The flag turned on the TV and saw the Liberty Bell News and stayed there and got entertained.

The flag then wanted to march in a parade. When the flag passed by, people would take off their hats and put their hand over their heart.

The flag said, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank You.”

Then, they all went home and the flag tried to eat some popcorn, but just made a big mess. Frederick’s Daddy said “Frederick!” and “Carl!” Are you making a mess and extra work?” And Carl pointed to Frederick and said, “You did it!”

And then both boys very quietly said, “Eh, Eh, Eh”.

And the flag got away with making a big mess.

The End

This is a fiction story about America, but some of the information is true- 

  1. People stand up and take off their hats when the flag passes by.
  2. Sometimes people sing the Star Spangled Banner when they see the flag
  3. But this is a fact about the whole earth. Flags cannot dance!

I hope you have fun with these stories of myths and legends. And, that you “Read it like you mean it!”

Brady Washington, Kid Historian

Brady Washington, Kid Historian

A Story About America, Episode 5 – The 4th of July


Brady Washington, Kid Historian

On July 4, 2018,  Joe P. (the P stands for Pineapple) Trashcan, who was twenty years old, was at home with his parents and his ten year old little brother, Frederick Trashcan and his littler brother, Carl Burnett Trashcan, who was seven. To celebrate the 4th of July, the family was reading a story about America. His parents did not know that Joe had some of Frederick’s living drink in his pocket and when Joe got tired of reading to Frederick and Carl, he spilled some living juice on the book on purpose.  

“WOOOOSH!” and “splash” and a man climbed out of the pages, and Joe said, “I know him, that’s Samuel Chase, who was one of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence, which Joe learned about in a college history class. 

Mr. Chase said, “Where am I?” And Joe said, “This is 2018, in the future.” 

And Carl said, “Do you have a nick name. Mr. Chase said, “I did, but I didn’t like it” Joe, said, “I know your nick name”. Mr. Chase said, Please, don’t say it.” But Joe did it anyway; “Your nickname was “Mr. Old Bacon Face!” Mr. Chase then said “Oh Man, I hoped I would never hear that name again.”

Mr. Old Bacon Face, said, “I signed the Declaration of Independence as Samuel Chase, not as Mr. Old Bacon Face.”

Then Frederick began to feel sorry for Mr. Chase and said, I will call you …” And then Mr. Chase stooped Frederick and said, “Please Don’t say it?” And then Frederick said, “Mr. Chase, I will always call you Mr. Chase.” 

Then Frederick asked Joe and Carl to not call Mr. Chase by the nick name, “Mr. Old Bacon Face.”

“Oh no! said Frederick, I accidently said Mr. Old Bacon Face Again!  But, I will really try to not say ‘Mr. Old Bacon Face’ Again.  OOPS, I did it again. I had better end this story about America before I say, Mr. Old Bacon Face another time. OH NO! I did it again.”

The End 

Power Monkey - Legacy

Immortal Always

Brady M.
(the M does not stand for Monkey)

(Auntie Admin note: this is story #2 in the Power Monkey Series)

Inventor’s Desk Presentation, February 13, 2011: The Master of Ceremonies says, “Let’s welcome our next Keynote speaker, Tim Bidurmphidurmph! “Thank you,” said Tim. “Now, let’s start talking about what I have to show you. I call this little buddy my charging banana. It can charge from command ships to a cell phone battery! It will start at only 999 Monkey Bucks.” Two audience members blurted out, “We would sell our souls for one of those.” Then Tim Bidurmphidurmph threw monkey bucks into the audience and said, “Here is 100 monkey bucks for each of you to stop talking. “Now, where was I,” said Tim Bidurmphidurmph. “You have my boss, Miomarlt Uninues to thank for making this dream come true.”

Miomarlt Uginues office, February 14, 2011: “Seriously, I think you need to take a break,” said Miomarlt Uginues to Tim Bidurmphidurmph. “It is a holiday and we made 100 million dollars off that crowd.” Tim said, “I’ll take the day off to see how much progress my new invention has been making.” So, Tim took the day off.

Tim looked on the online monkey shop to see how much progress the charging banana had made, and he saw that it said, “Zero Buyers.” Then the online monkey shop glitched and went off the web! So, Tim Bidurmphidurmph went to the online monkey shop warehouse and it was abandoned. Then he saw a footprint that looked like it was from a heavy boot that his boss would wear. “Who could it be?” …….suspense….. Tim took out his footprint reader (one of his earlier inventions) and it said that the footprint belonged to……….suspense……The Immortal Genius! Tim was surprised. He thought the Immortal Genius was blown up in the fire at Dadat’s bank many years ago. Miomarlt Uginues would have only been twenty back then. Tim did the math and it said his boss is 966 now. And nobody can live that long. And then Tim got the sense of who his boss actually is.

Miomarlt Uginues’ office February 15, 2011: Tim decided to confront his boss and marched up to his office. He noticed that the office was different; it was air conditioned, no plants were growing through the floor tiles, it had all new leather furniture that reclines, and a 144 inch golden TV. Then Tim saw something was charging the TV, and it was a golden charging banana, HIS golden charging banana! Slowly, he took the charging banana out of the TV and put it in his pocket. Then he went through a drawer and found an old electro-shock weapon which had belonged to Immortal Genius. But, it had a newly installed charging station for one of his charging bananas. He stuffed everything in his backpack and went outside.

Soon the boss saw him and Tim pulled out some handcuffs and handcuffed his boss. Then he took his boss to his lair in an abandoned castle and Tim gave his boss a pencil and paper and told him to write his name. He wrote his name, Miomarlt Uginues, then put an arrow by it and switched around the letters to spell………suspense……


Tell me how you got out of Dadat’s Bank”, demanded Tim. Immortal Genius said, “I took Dadat’s golf cart and Dadat got out of the bank just in time before the explosion. He is so slow. He is only an inch away from the bank right now.

Then Tim took Immortal Genius to the top spire of his castle and pulled out the old Immortal Genius weapon. Immortal Genius said, “You can’t do this to me, I am Immortal. Then Tim fired the weapon, knocking Immortal Genius off the spire and Tim said, “I am Immortal Always.” Then something started to happen to Tim. His hair became short and curly, an eye patch appeared over one eye, the hair in his beard fell out, and he felt a streak of evil in his heart. He was lo longer Tim Bidurmphidurmph, but was now the Immortal Genius!

Meanwhile, Immortal Genius, formerly Tim, heard a knock on his door. It was the Monkey family, there was Nanas, Mr. Monkey, Mrs. Monkey, George, Crystal, Baby Nartha, and baby Power Monkey. Mr. Monkey decided to bring a cookie to Mr. Bidurmphidurmph, who he thought had just moved in. While the door was open, baby Power Monkey snuck into the castle with super stick super pain slime and he stuck it on the recliner, and so Immortal Genius sat on it. Baby Nartha pulled him free and Immortal Genius saw baby Power Monkey giggling in the corner. Immortal Genius gave him the, “I am keeping an eye on you” look.

And Immortal Geniuis and Power Monkey were adversaries forever after!

Power Monkey - Legacy

Power Monkey

by Brady M.

P.S. The M does not stand for Monkey

He is a tree swinging warrior! He is your favorite power monkey. He has the banana Power of the Vine that can only be given to a super monkey. And he is also a relative of Nanas who is pretty awesome too. And Power Monkey has no secret identity, unlike most heroes.

One very dark night, he was called to help with the rise of the apocalypse banana, which caused a whole lot of destruction. But the Order of the Primates had destroyed it. How was it back? The banaana glowed and then ten buildings fell over like dominos (not the pizza company). And then the banana glowed again. Power Monkey pulled a jar out of his utility belt and smashed the banana inside the jar. The jar smashed itself to pieces. And then the banana swirled out of Power Monkey’s hands into the very dark sky. Power Monkey jetted up into the air. He saw the banana and reached out his paw and stretched it really long and grabbed the apocalypse banana.

He chucked it at the police officer and the police officer caught it. And he took it into the police science lab.

At the science lab, the banana glows again. Most of the police station was wrecked but not all of it. Because Power Monkey saved a little bit. He needed to know who controlled the apocalypse banana and fast.

He read the A file and the B file for the banana filing. He found out nothing. But then he saw the AB file, which he had forgotten. The AB file said A Apocalypse banana by Nanas.

The file said: “The Apocalypse Banana was created by an immortal genius who used it to wreck the entire world. But fortuantely, I foiled his plan. He said he would never encounter me again.”

Then Power Monkey said to himself, “If Immortal Genius doesn’t want his plan to be foiled, I might as well do it.”

He went to the cave of the immortal genius. He knocked on his door. The genius answered, so he hid. There was a little escape hatch that he went through. It was dusty and cold. He slipped inside the fake fireplace, which was the only way to get out of the trap. And the Immortal Genius came walking inside and saw the Power Monkey and he said, “I thought I told you your ancestor should leave me alone.” “So that means that file AB was right, said Power Monkey.”

The Immortal Genius pulled a metal mallet from his utility belt and swung it at Power Monkey and Power Monkey stretched his arm up to the top of the ice castle and pulled himself up. With his arm still pulling himself, he flung himself at the Immortal Genius and the Immortal Genius fell back.

And the Apocalypse Banana was destroyed (a/k/a, eaten) and the Immortal Genius had become mortal.

The End

And tune in next time for Nanas to the future (a/k/a Power Monkey 2)

Brady the Book Sailor

The Legends of Brady the Book Sailor

From Auntie Admin – Ever wondered how Brady the Book Sailor got his name? The MommyLorian (formerly known as General Mommy) gave him the “Brady” part, but the rest is kind of a long story. Before Brady the Book Sailor existed, there was GrapeBeard the friendly pirate, who sailed the seas of EadRay in his bathtub ship. Brady and I dreamed up the idea for a contest (which we didn’t win). But we never could have guessed where that bathtub ship would lead us! Read on for Brady the Book Sailor’s origin story and further adventures! (And don’t mind any references to Kindergarten or First Grade – we wrote this a long time ago!)

Brady the Book Sailor – What, you might ask, is a Book Sailor? Or a Magic Purple Library Card? All is revealed here!

Brady the Book Sailor Meets the Storyvores – Say hello to Brady’s little friends!

Brady the Book Sailor and the Library Bash – Brady is ready to do some Book Sailing, but where IS everyone? A message delivered by Turtle Mail holds the key!

PageQuake: Brady Saves the Day! – Not all superheroes wear capes! Written by Brady and Auntie Kimberly*.

Brady the Book Sailor: Book to the Future, Part 1 – Brady and Auntie are stuck inside…but a new rule saves the day!

Brady the Book Sailor: Book to the Future, Part II – Brady, Auntie, and Grapebeard push their Book Sailing powers to the limit. Are they ready to learn what the future holds?

‘Twas the Day Before Christmas: A Brady the Book Sailor Poem – Brady, Auntie, and Grapebeard spread some Christmas Cheer!

*EDIT: This story was originally left out of the “Legends” blog post, but was added back on 12/6/20 at Brady’s request.


Auntie Kimberly Runs Out of Coffee!!!

One day Auntie Kimberly woke up and went to the kitchen to make her favorite food, (or drink) COFFEE! But when she went to place where she stored her coffee beans, the jar was empty. Well not empty, there was one lone coffee bean. “AAAARRRRGGGGUGGGHHHH!” Shouted Auntie Kimberly. “This is terrible. Worst problem ever. What will I do? I must have coffee. Must have Coffee! Must have Coffee! It is the only food I crave. How did this happen?”

Auntie Kimberly didn’t know Dadat borrowed the beans and intended to replace them but he got distracted because Brady came over and he and Dadat began to write stories. Dadat also had to do Lincoln Blog number 12,245. So, he was too busy and completely forgot to replace the beans. Unfortunately, Dadat also forgot to make Gra’s coffee and she really got grumpy.

Although Dadat lived over a mile away, he heard Auntie Kimberly scream, “Where is my coffee!” Brady’s mom had a coffee party with Auntie Kimberly and Gra the day before because they all liked coffee and drank 13 cups apiece.

Auntie Kimberly thought, “I’ll go to the store and buy more coffee and I’ll buy more than one package”, but then she remembered there was a quarantine. AAAARRRRRGGGGGUUUUUGGGGGHHHH!!!! So she tried to order from Instacart but the store was sold out and the person brought her a bag of peanuts instead.

Auntie Kimberly was getting desperate. She called Dadat on the phone and asked if he could bring her some coffee. “OOOOPPPPSSSS!” said Dadat, who now remembered that he had forgotten to replace the coffee he borrowed. Dadat said he could be there in two hours. “Oh No” said Kimberly, “I will be really crazy by then. I will call the CEO of Coffee Kingdom and have them deliver. 

In the meantime Auntie Kimberly saw the single lone coffee bean and started chewing on it. “Hey” she thought, “this doesn’t taste that bad.” And that is why Auntie Kimberly now eats coffee instead of drinking it!

The End.

Power Monkey - Legacy

Power Monkey Teaser

Very soon, we will be posting a 30 comic book series called Power Monkey. It will be the longest series on

It includes our hero Power Monkey and his allies Monkey Woman and Whackey Monkey. It contains two seasons with a sneak peek at new stories coming out in September 2020.

We posted this to prepare you for the big event of 30 new stories coming soon to my website. This means that some other series might be put on hold to get the Power Monkey series all posted first. Auntie Obvious takes a long time to do that, Obviously! [Admin note: you get what you pay for.]

So be patient if your favorite book has not been posted yet. Therealtypistdadat and Auntie Obvious will get to your books soon.

Robot Snowman

Robot Snowman

by Brady M. (Installment 1 of a 5-part series)

Once, Snowman and Cat were flying in a double pod space ship into outer space. Snowman got too close to the sun and his body melted. Oh, no! And then Cat flew to the space station as fast as he could. And at the space station the medical guy said, “Let’s put Snowman’s head on a mechanical body.” The operation was a success. He said, “Hello, Snowman, how do you like your new mechanical body?” We should give you a new name to go with it.” One of the pilots said, “I know, let’s call him Robot Snowman.”

From then on, Robot Snowman did Super Hero things And Robot Snowman asked for some broccoli. (I am Brady M., head of this story. Maybe we should talk about him completing his first mission instead of eating broccoli. Yuck! Now back to the story.) One day, Cat informed Robot Snowman that King Heat escaped from prison. King Heat is an enemy of all snowmen. Robot Snowman said, “We need to stop this humid hooligan.”

Cat and Robot Snowman went to King Humid Hooligan, as Robot Snowman called him. They found him near the ocean, turning the Ocean warm, so he could swim in it, and then fill all the seas in winter world with lava.

Robot Snowman ran into a wall and said, “Sorry, still getting used to these new legs.”

Robot Snowman got noticed by King Heat in about a millisecond, and King Heat said, “Who are you? You look a lot like Snowman.” Snowman said, I am Snowman, Robot Snowman, that is! And you are in big trouble.” King Heat said, “Oh, I am shaking in my boots, NOT!!!” And he pulled out his electric staff. Robot Snowman’s mechanical arm turned into an electric staff as well and he turned it on.

They faced off!

Robot Snowman kicked King Heat with his mechanical leg. That must have hurt. King Heat said, “Hey, you’re no snowman anymore, or I would have just been splashed by water.” Robot snowman forced ice out of his hand and froze King Heat’s hand. Then Robot Snowman shocked him.

The End.