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Brand New Power Monkey Series Coming Soon!

Hi Booksailors! It’s Brady here for some really exciting information! So the original Power Monkey series was WAY too long to even think about posting on this small website. So, I rewrote it in a less complex way with only four books in it. I started thinking about this project in about September of last year. Five or so months after I stopped writing them. (Sorry folks! you only get two original Power Monkey books!) I thought about it in all of my spare time including restroom breaks and also stepped up my drawings a notch. I am so glad to announce the title is:


Its three sequels are called:




The official poster will be posted soon with another article explaining more about the series.

Power Monkey

Power Monkey 3: The Power of the Vine

PROLOGUE: One thousand years earlier.

Firedude was thinking: “Huh, huh, huh, huh…I’ve finally made it to the tree of the power of the vine!! Yes!! Now I can defeat the monkey family’s future relatives! Now let me turn into my real self, which is a fire alligator devil!!”

Firedude got the power of the vine, but he was too weak. He flew into the air and landed in a tree. For 1,000 years, he did fitness activities to make himself more powerful, and to make his flames bigger and bigger.

And then, smart little Timmy Bidurmphidurmph came along, and he was like, “Hey, that’s unfair! According to my calculations, it is impossible to become smart enough to get the power of the vine! When I grow up, I’m going to be smart enough to make my charging banana! And once I’m done with it, you can have it, Firedude.”

Firedude nodded with agreement.

One thousand years later, Timmy, (a/k/a the Immortal Genius) was talking to Lanas in Vale Haven (kind of a bad guy heaven) about how to get the Apocalypse Banana (which used to be called the Charging Banana) back in power. Power Monkey had swallowed the Apocalypse Banana in a previous story, so he would always have it with him, but it tasted really bad. He learned that explosives are not very tasty. Lanas suggested that they give Power Monkey a pill as a piece of candy that will make him cough up the Apocalypse Banana, and then they could steal and repair it. The Immortal Genius thought that was a great idea.

Meanwhile, Lanas came back from Vale Haven disguised as Whackey Monkey, who is Power Monkey’s best friend. He knocked on Power Monkey’s door and said, “Hey, dude, I’ve brought you a great piece of candy.” “Why should I take candy from you? Last time I ate your candy, it did not end well for me. You may be Whackey, but your candy is even whackier!” But since Whackey Monkey was his friend, he agreed to try it. Big Mistake!!!! Up came the Apocalypse Banana. “EEEWWW! That’s gross,” said Lanas in disguise, but he picked up the Apocalypse Banana and ran out of Power Monkey’s house.

When he was running, Lanas dropped the Apocalypse Banana…………suspense……….

And Firedude found it! Firedude worked on it for ten days, and he remade the Apocalypse Banana so it would be more powerful than ever before.

Firedude ate it to give himself so many powers. He had over a million powers to use for destruction.

Power Monkey realized that the Apocalypse Banana was missing and put on his Power Monkey suit and left to find the Apocalypse Banana. He saw Firedude, and he said, “Hey, dude,” and Firedude glowed, like the Apocalypse Banana would. Power Monkey thought he’d never see the glow again. Then a fireball ehaded right for Monkey Manor. Power Monkey said, “Oh no, you didn’t!” and he stepped in front and deflected the fireball back at Firedude.

Then, Firedude said, “Fire Doesn’t destroy fire!” Power Monkey said, “Oooops! My bad, not a good hero move.” But he got a big box of water and threw it at Firedude, which put out all of the fires around Firedude. Power Monkey said, “What do you want?” Firedude said, “Your Power of the Vine.” Power Monkey shouted, “NEVER!!” and he kicked Firedude, causing him to fall back. Then he got a rubber band and shot it at Firedude.

Firedude shot a fireball, which knocked out Power Monkey. Nanas was walking nearby and saw all of the commotion. Nanas said, “Nobody touches that super hero.” Nanas kicked Firedude, who yelled, “Ouch! But no worries, I can still get my revenge.” Nanas dodged the fireballs from Firedude and attacked him. Nanas gave him a super punch, which knocked out his alligator teeth. Nanas then poured water on Firedude, which turned Firedude into an Ashdude. When Power Monkey woke up, he saw no Firedude, but there was Nanas.

Nanas said, “I was worried when I heard that you battled with Immortal Genius two weeks ago. But that was before I invented my new transbopalator, so I could teleport to anywhere on Earth. But it works now, so I was able to get here and defeat Firedude for you.”

Power Monkey said, “Thanks for all your help, Nanas!”

The End

Tune in next time for, “Power Monkey – Shipwrecked!” a/k/a Power Monkey 4.

Power Monkey

Power Monkey – Thanksgiving

Two days before Thanksgiving, Power Monkey was handing out invitations for his special Thanksgiving party. But meanwhile, hiding in the bushes outside his lair, MC Walrus and Immortal Genius were watching. “Yo, Yo, Yo, We need to stop this.” said MC Walrus. “But, How?” Said Immortal Genius. MC Walrus did not answer, but just started pulling together a horrible Thanksgiving song. “That’s it”, said Immortal Genius. “We can crash their party and sing the bad song.”

Meanwhile, back with Power Monkey, he had Monkey Woman on the phone and asked her to bring the cranberry sauce. Because last year, Power Monkey put the cranberries in the freezer, not on the stove, and they were just hard little marbles for dinner. “Nnnnooooo”, said Monkey Woman, you know I hate the taste of cranberries.” Power Monkey said, “I’ll bet you didn’t like tripping on the cranberry marbles last Thanksgiving, but it was funny.” “OOOhhh Kaaaaaaaay”, said Monkey Woman gloomily.

Power Monkey asked Whackey Monkey to buy a Turkey, but Whackey Monkey said “Why?” Power Monkey, said “Because it is Thanksgiving.” Whackey Monkey said, “Really, didn’t we just have that last year?” “Ok”, said Power Monkey, “Just do what I asked, and buy the turkey.”

Later that day, Whackey Monkey came back to Power Monkey’s house and a live turkey followed him in through the door. ”What did you do?”, said Power Monkey. Whackey Monkey said “Meat Tom. Ha Ha, get it?” And then Monkey Woman came in and said, “Hey, everybody, I have cranberry sauce.” And then Tom said, “I love cranberry sauce,” and ate the whole batch. Monkey Woman said, “Oh no, all of my work for nothing. Oh well, I don’t like cranberry sauce anyway.” Power Monkey said, “Oh great, now we don’t have a turkey or cranberry sauce to eat.”

Then Power Monkey remembered that Monkeyville National Park (where all of Team Monkey had their secret meeting), was having a Thanksgiving feast. So they all went to the Park. And, just in case the bad guys, MC Walrus and Immortal Genius, showed up, Power Monkey set up a sound activated blow torch trap for them in his house.   

Meanwhile, the Immortal Genius and MC Walrus, were sneaking into Power Monkey’s house, singing their horrible Thanksgiving carol all the way. And, that caused the blowtorch to fall on them and their hair caught on fire . This was good for MC Walrus because he wanted a big bald spot so a hat would fit on his head. But it wasn’t all that good for Immortal Genius, because he liked his hair and did not like to wear hats.

Power Monkey and his friends (including Tom) had a great Thanksgiving dinner at the Park.

The Special Thanksgiving carol is included after this picture.

It’s Thanksgiving Day, but people tell us to go away,
Thanksgiving day is cool, our bald heads smell like drool,
Our food is special too,
we have tuna ice cream sundaes and roasted kangaroo,
for dessert we like pumpkin pies,
with mixed in flies.

It’s Thanksgiving Day, yeah, yeah, yeah,
Our food is always best,
Our ice cream smells like old chicken breast,
And if you think that sounds bad, wait ’til you smell the rest.
And after dessert, we eat the inside of a bird’s nest.

We put dirt in our pies, and pickles on our cake,
Then we add pepper to it all before we put it in to bake.

It is fun to annoy you, and it is what we want to do
But if you think this sounds bad, you will really be sad
When we sing verse twenty -two.

We know we are off-key, but you just wait and see,
We can sound worse, and your ears may burst,
When you hear verse twenty -three.

This will all make our Thanksgiving great
We hope your Thanksgiving is sad, we hope your turkey is bad,
But yours will be awful, when we sing verse twenty-eight.

You know what we think of Thanksgiving, we really think it’s great,
Unlike our desserts, which people always hate,
We put sprinkles on cooked toothpaste, and soap served on a plate,
Don’t knock it til you try it, cause we think its great.

You know that turkey Tom, we think he can talk,
So, we won’t cook him because we think he rocks,
So, no Turkey for us, instead we eat old food we find on the bus,
We know it’s not heathy, and it doesn’t taste good,
But its better than last years old rotten wood.

So have a happy Thanksgiving, we decided to stop this song,
Your Turkey, and dressing, and pie, just sound so wrong,

You think it’s bad, but we love our song and think we jive,
and wait ’til next year, when you hear verse four hundred forty- five.

Nanas' Story Power Monkey

Nanas’ Story Chapter 5

In the last episode, The Immortal Genius opened up the locket Nanas had given him, but nothing but baby food barf came out and hit him right in the face. “Yuck, yuck, yuck,” said immortal Genius, “I got some in my mouth. I’ll get you, Order of the Primates.” Then a big surprise came.

Get them Big Foot”, said Immortal Genius. “With pleasure” said Moto Gorilla. Moto Gorilla was on the bad side!

Now on with the Conclusion of the power Monkey prequels!

“Moto Gorilla, NO”, said Nanas. “You said you would join our team so you could do good stuff.”

Moto Gorilla said, “Well I was going to capture you before we accidently destroyed the planet with Apocalypse Banana. Wait a minute, we actually destroyed the planet on purpose so that we could have a whole pack of aliens to use against you.”

Moto Gorilla removed the mask that was his face and………………..suspense…………he was really, the real Big Foot!  The rest of the Order of the Primates turned on their laser sticks. Big foot and the Immortal Genius (AKA IG) turned on their laser sticks, too. They fought on a bridge and Big Foot busted off the rails.

The Immortal Genius glared and said, “Leave me, Nanas.” As he clashed with IG, Nanas said, “Not a chance.”  Scooter said, “Never!” Portuguese Proboscis, “Not a long as my nose can get, and that is a long time.” And everyone looked at Portuguese Proboscis’s big and long nose for a moment. Then they all went back to fighting.

“Yeah, what he said,” said Scooter. Monkey Female said, “Nuh huh!” Super Wackey Monkey said, “Na Da!”

The Capuchin Monkey leader said, in Portuguese, “Nao, Non, Nay, which all mean NO, to you, Immortal Genius!” The IG said, “I can’t understand you, because of your little Portuguese snicker doodle thing, Do you really mean no?”

“Yes,… I mean no,…. wait. I mean No. You can figure it out” said Capuchin Monkey Leader. “Capuchin Monkeys attack!”, said Capuchin Monkey Leader. The Monkeys each got into their own little space ships and flew around the Capuchin Monkey Leader.” Nanas suddenly realized that they were fighting on top of a volcano and he reached into his pocket and got the locket that had the real Apocalypse Banana in it and threw it into the volcano! And that was the end of the Apocalypse Banana……suspense……, then Scooter said, “The first one anyway.”

Scooter said, “I hope you liked my story Power Monkey, which is Nanas’ story. I am writing a book about Nanas and I will call it the Power Monkey Prequels.


Tune in next time for Power Monkey 22, “A Tail of Two Monkeys” which returns to the present time.


 “Yes, I know ‘Tail’ should be Tale, but it is a play on words.

Power Monkey

Nanas’ Story: Chapter 4

Remember how the Revenge of the Banana ended in a cliff-hanger?

The Immortal Genius had tied Nanas up and dangled him over a cliff and put the Apocalypse Banana in a yellow locket. That was a real cliff-hanger!

Nanas was able to climb back up the side of the cliff and cut the ropes with his cub-scout utility knife, again, and grabbed the yellow locket off the Immortal Genius’s neck and replaced it with a phony.

Monkey Female and Super Wackey Monkey said at the same time, “Nanas, you got the Apocalypse Banana.” Nanas then said, “We should form a group and destroy it.”

While trying to find the group members they saw a car crash on the street and they found a super hero called Portuguese Proboscis. Nanas asked if he would like to join the group to destroy the Apocalypse Banana. The Portuguese Proboscis said, “Yes!”

The half-formed group got on a plane and flew all the way to Africa where they met Moto Gorilla, super hero ape. They asked Moto to join the group and he said, “Yes.”  Then they flew to Coronado and found another super monkey named Scooter and asked if he would like to join the group and he said, “Yes.”

“OK, five is the max we need so we do not have to find anyone else” said Nanas.

“We are the Order of the Primates!”

The next day, they hid the Apocalypse Banana on a distant planet and then they headed for the Immortal Genius’s house to form an assault. After they left the planet, the Apocalypse Banana began to glow and the planet blew up and the distant relatives of the aliens who lived on the planet were now against Nanas and the rest of the Order of the Primates.

The Immortal Genius was at his doorstep ready for the Battle of the Genius. But he only expected the Old School Team Monkeys, not the newly formed Order of the Primates and he did not realize that he only had a phony Apocalypse Banana.

The Immortal Genius is in for a big surprise, and so is the Order of the Primates!

The Immortal Genius opened up the locket but nothing but baby food barf came out and hit him right in the face. “Yuck, yuck, yuck,” said immortal Genius, “I got some in my mouth. I’ll get you, Order of the Primates.”

………………surprise coming……………….“ Get them Big Foot”, said Immortal Genius. “With pleasure” said Moto Gorilla. Moto Gorilla was on the bad side!


Another cliff-hanger (but no one was actually hanging off a cliff this time)!

Stay tuned for The Lord of the Trees, coming soon.

Power Monkey

Nanas’ Story: Chapter 3

Remember how the attack of the Monkeys ended in a cliff-hanger?

The Immortal Genius had come down in his space ship, and said, “Oh, you cute little capuchin monkeys cannot stop me!” But, that got Nanas really mad and he punched the Immortal Genius in the face! The Immortal Genius got in his baby cry and ran into the building with the large black dome on top, he thought was a panic room. Turns out it was not a panic room but was a cloning facility. Sure enough the Immortal Genius came back with a million of himself.

Now the rest of the story!

Nanas blinked a few times wondering if this was a dream. But it wasn’t. There were actually three Immortal Geniuses!  “You had better pay for using up half of my batteries for my cloning machine. Pay me in batteries”

“Look at you puny Capuchin Monkeys. You were even not that smart to know that there is a charging station for the Apocalypse Banana in Costa Rica,” Said IG #2. “That’s right”, said IG  #3 and IG  #1 (the original).  ”Let’s go to Costa Rica” said Nanas. IG #2, then said, “We probably shouldn’t have said that.”

As soon as they landed in Costa Rica, they went straight to the beach and they had such a great time that they almost forgot what they were there for. “Oh no, we need to find the power-up station,” said Nanas.

They found a travel guide and asked him where the Apocalypse Banana charging station was. He said that it was right around the corner. They walked around the corner and found…………….suspense…………a gigantic outlet. “Let’s start destroying this thing”, said Nanas. 

Then the three Immortal Geniuses came down and went to destroy Nanas. The Apocalypse Banana was fully charged and the original IG destroyed the charging station for the Apocalypse Banana.

Nanas looked up into the sky and he saw 900 Immortal Geniuses which meant the IG got back to the cloning station. The original IG had the Apocalypse Banana start a wild fire in Costa Rica.

After that the Immortal Genius tied Nanas up and dangled him over a cliff and put the Apocalypse Banana in a yellow locket.

The End – a real cliff-hanger ending.

Tune in next time for “The Order of the Primates.”

[From Auntie Obvious: I’m really, really, REALLY sorry about this story having a REAL cliffhanger. The next installment is ready, and I’ll try to get it posted soon!]

Power Monkey

Nanas’ Story: Chapter 2

Remember how the Fellowship of the Vine ended in a cliff-hanger?

Nanas opened the elevator door and used his powers to go back in time to save Super Wackey Monkey and Monkey Female. But the Immortal Genius (AKA IG) out-smarted Nanas and tied him up to the Apocalypse Banana too! 


Now that I have your attention, let’s start “Power Monkey, Attack of the Monkeys”

All of old school Team Monkey was worried.  But Nanas had a bright idea!  Wait a minute, Nanas just photo bombed me. Move out of the way Nanas, Ok he’s gone.

Now back to the story. Nanas got his cub-scout utility knife and cut the wire that was holding them. And they thought that they needed more monkeys so they went to Brazil to find some.

Once they landed, they were not in Brazil, they were in Peru! “Oops” said Super Wackey Monkey. ”Let me take the wheel”, said Nanas. Super Wackey Monkey moved aside and let Nanas take the wheel.

Once Old school Team Monkey landed in Brazil, They set out on their journey to find a Capuchin Monkey Pack. Then they found a big domed building and Nanas gasped. “This is my cloning facility which I had planned to give to my daughter, Anna Nartha Monkey.” (Power Monkey/Nartha’s mother).

Right then, a pack of Capuchin monkeys went by and thankfully, Nanas noticed them. Nanas said, “We are monkey residents of Brazil.” The monkeys then replied, “We are Macaco de Capuchin.” Another group of monkeys passed by and they looked a lot like Super Wackey Monkey, and one of them said, “We are Macaco Dourado do Tamarin do leau.” 

“Ola? Bonjour? Hello?” said the leader Capuchin Monkey. “Yes, English is the one!”, said Nanas. “We have been invaded by the Immortal Genius.  Have your cities been invaded too?”, asked the Capuchin Leader. “Yes”, replied Nanas. “During his next invasion, we need to stop the Immortal Genius,” said the Capuchin Monkey leader.  “That will not be a problem”, said Nanas.

The next morning, they had their battle stations all set up. And sure enough, the Immortal Genius came down in his space ship. “Oh, you cute little capuchin monkeys cannot stop me”, said the Immortal Genius.

That got Nanas really mad and he punched the Immortal Genius in the face! The Immortal Genius got in his baby cry and ran into the building with the large black dome on top, he thought was a panic room. Turns out it was not a panic room but was a cloning facility. Sure enough the Immortal Genius came back with three of himself.

The End.

Tune in next time for” Power Monkey, Revenge of the Banana.” Coming out September 4th.

(Auntie Admin note: I’m really, really sorry about the cliffhanger, y’all. Brady loves them. Me, not so much. The next installment in this series was originally released on September 4, 2019. But you won’t need a telephone time machine to check it out. It will be posted soon!)

Power Monkey

Nanas’ Story: Chapter 1

One day, Nanas was looking out his window at the beautiful Monkeyville. Until something very bad happened. He saw a bright flash of light with some fire thrown in for good measure. Next thing he knew, Nanas’ butler was pouring cold water on him. That immediately woke Nanas because he had passed out looking out the window. Nanas said, “Get me Team Monkey right away!”

………………..surprise……………So the butler brought in three new born baby monkeys. I told you it was a prequel.

“Just bring me the old school team Monkeys that I am a part of”, said Nanas. So the butler brought in Super Wackey Monkey and Monkey Female. After that, an old guy with a glowing laser stick came in. “Oh no,” said the three monkeys at the same time, ………suspense…………“It’s the Immortal Genius.”  

“Did you like my show outside your window, Nanas?” said the Immortal Genius. “It is my Armageddon Banana or you can call it the Apocalypse Banana, whichever you want.” Nanas said, “ You immortal scum!” Then Nanas said, “I’ll stop you with my ability to summon the power of the vine!”

Then the Immortal Genius pulled out his mallet and held it out in front of himself; and said, “Leave me, Nanas.” Nanas said, “I don’t think so!”  The Immortal Genius (IG for short) snapped his fingers and that tied Super Wackey Monkey and Monkey Female to the Apocalypse Banana.

And then Nanas’ Butler came in and smacked the IG with a plate and IG dropped his laser stick. “I’ll bet your laser stick is now a lazy stick, “said Nanas. And that made the IG really, really mad! And Nanas teleported behind the IG and knocked him to the ground.

Nanas tried to get into the nearest elevator but the IG got in, too. At first, they didn’t realize that they were both in the elevator, so they began to listen to elevator music. And then Nanas said, “Hey.” And they started fighting.

Nanas said, “You are going to pay for what happened to Super Wackey Monkey and Monkey Female.” And, the IG said, “Try and make me!”

Nanas opened the elevator door and used his powers to go back in time to save Super Wackey Monkey and Monkey Female. But IG out-smarted Nanas and tied him up to the Apocalypse Banana too! 

THE END…. But this is a cliff hanger. So……………….

(Auntie Admin note: Brady has been working on Power Monkey stories for a really long time! The next installment in this series was originally released on September 2, 2019. But you won’t need a telephone time machine to check it out. It will be posted soon!)

Power Monkey

Power Monkey in Quarantine

Power Monkey was sitting at home, and he was so bored. He thought, “I should be out saving the world, but here I am stuck in Monkey Manor. I miss my friends. Here I sit at home in my pajamas that I have been wearing for the last five months.” Then Power Monkey thought, “Wait, I have an idea. We can do a video conference on Doom.” He sent an email to Monkey Woman, Whackey Monkey, and Nanas with instructions to get on the link to Doom.

They all agreed to get on at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. Power Monkey had a lot to do to make sure it was a good Doom meeting. But first, he had to go to the bathroom. When he stepped inside the bathroom, he noticed someone had taken all of his toilet paper. “NARTHA,” he yelled. Power Monkey decided Nartha, his whiny evil sister, must have broken quarantine and stolen it because he saw a mask that was not his lying on the floor. Fortunately, he went to his secret place where he had a single roll that Nartha had missed. “WHEW,” thought Power Monkey.

He still had to plan the meeting. He would tell everyone to guard their toilet paper because Nartha was out there stealing it. He also would ask each of them to share any new activities they found fun during quarantine. He also got a clean shirt to put on, but secretly left his pajama bottoms on, because no one could see his bottom on Doom. He saw on his computer that there was a new update to Doom called the rvgfrpwrmkly. So, he loaded it and got ready for his Doom meeting.

At 3:00 a.m., Power Monkey logged on, and there were his friends. Monkey Woman and Whackey Monkey were both wearing their full super suit, and Nanas was wearing his brown hoodie and matching pants. They all said at once, “Power Monkey, why aren’t you wearing your pants?” “What?” said Power Monkey. “How did you know?” Then he saw that Nartha logged on, and she was with Dr. Doombottom, the CEO of Doom, and they were laughing vigorously. It was then that Power Monkey looked at the update name and yelled, “AARRGGUUGGHH”. When he realized the update name was short-speak for “Revenge for Power Monkey”, he knew Nartha had created it. She had changed the program to show your whole body, not just the top.

Dr. Doombottom

He was so embarrassed. Dr. Doombottom said, “We teamed up with Nartha because being mean to people is really fun.”

Power Monkey said, “I will not let you release any new updates for your already terrible website, Doom.” Dr. Doombottom said, “You can’t stop me, I am too powerful and important, and I am a Kazillionaire.” Power Monkey said, “Money isn’t everything, but I am a Kazillionaire, too.” So Power Monkey sent emails and letters and BananaBook posts telling everyone what Dr. Doombottom had done. And the company fired Dr. Doombottom and named Power Monkey the CEO. Power Monkey promised to make Doom meetings more fun, and he banned Dr. Doombottom and Nartha from any Doom meetings. But Power Monkey still had a serious problem……….suspense………

He was still almost out of toilet paper!

(P.S. Author note: maybe these people invaded Brady’s Doom meetings, because he is not happy with Doom, and so he gave the CEO the really offensive name of Doombottom in this story.)


Author Brady M. and Dr. Doombottom
Power Monkey

Monkey Woman’s Story

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