The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck: Honesty Day is Awesome

by Brady M.

(The M. does not stand for mechanic)

The Kind Little Truck was looking for good things to do when he saw the Garbage Truck on his electronic device on a website called http://www.TruckBook.con. The Garbage Truck was looking at his electronic device while rolling down the street. The Kind Little Truck said, “Please stop! That is very dangerous for you, and you could crash.” Garbage Truck said, “You are right.” I knew what I was doing was bad.” The Kind Little Truck said, “I appreciate you being honest, but why? You could have just ignored me and stopped driving, but you told the truth.” The Garbage Truck said, “Look at my message, and you will know why.” The message read, “Dude, it is Honesty Day, April 30th, didn’t you know that?”

The Kind Little Truck said, “I didn’t know that. Now I guess today I have to be kind and honest. But I try to do that anyway. Thank you for telling me about Honesty Day.” Then the Kind Little Truck went out to do some kind things and to make sure he was also honest. First, he went to help Flathead Car with his new paint job. He helped paint the car, but when he saw the new color, he was honest and said, “Oh no. That is not a good color. I’m sorry I had to be honest.” But the Kind Little Truck helped him change the color and now he was able to say that it looked very cool. So, he was now kind and honest!

Next, Kind Little Truck went to see Little Dipper, his friend who was a flying car. Kind Little Truck noticed that Little Dipper’s engine was in bad shape and could explode any time. That was honest, but it hurt Little Dipper’s feelings. So Kind Little Truck went out and bought a new motor that would let Little Dipper fly higher and farther. Kind and honest twice already!

Then, Kind Little Truck went to see another friend, Nickle Wise, the clown car. He meant to give his friend a new squeaky nose, but picked up the wrong package and gave him a fire alarm that went off every two seconds. And it looked funny, too. “Oh, no,” said Kind Little Truck. “You have a small fire alarm on your nose and it will go off every two seconds, no matter what. I guess I tried to be kind, but it didn’t work out, but I was honest and told you I made a mistake.”

That night, Kind Little Truck thought that this had been a good Honesty Day. And he could not wait until next year for another Honesty Day that would also be Kind, and filled with comedy for our readers!

The End

The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck: Island Adventure

It is summertime! So, it is time for Kind Little Truck’s vacation to a tropical island. He was going to do volleyball, drink coconut milk, swim (NOT!- trucks can’t swim, but he might turn into a boat and float, no rhyme intended), remove his paint and tan (NOT! But he can just sit in the sun and get warm). It was going to be the best island adventure.

When he arrived at his hotel, Kind Little Truck helped the guy who was supposed to carry his baggage, by carrying most of it himself. He just couldn’t help being kind. When he got into his room, he saw that the hotel staff had left him……………….suspense………………..

A complimentary bottle of water. Now we know that being kind can pay off.

Then he went to the beach and saw a car who was surfing (very dangerous for a car with a lot of electronics). When the car get back to the beach, he found that someone had stolen his special relaxation migration beach towel. “Oh no! My beautiful beach towel is gone”, said the car. “How will I relax?”  Kind Little Truck said, “I have a relaxation migration beach towel that I have not used, would you like to have it?”

The surfer car said, “Yes, Thank you. I love it. What a Kind thing to do.” The Kind Little Truck said, “You are welcome, after all Kind is my middle name, OK, maybe it is my first name.”

Kind Little truck decided to get some coconut milk flavored motor oil. When he goes up to the counter to buy it, the server was very nice and made up a great motor oil drink. Kind Little Truck always gave a tip to a server, but this time, he gave him a 500 tb (truck buck, rhyme intended) tip. The server was very grateful for the massive tip and said, Thank you very much, mister Kind Little Truck.”

Next, Kind little truck went to play volleyball. He joined a team and played for a while. He noticed a very skinny car with a flat tire watching them play. Kind Little Truck asked the skinny car if he would like to play. The other vehicles all said, “Not him, he is not athletic and beefy like us.” But Kind Little Truck said, “He can be on our team.” One of the beefier opponents said, “With two runts like you on the same team, we will definitely win!”

But Kind Little Truck and Skinny Car won the game, because they knew how to play volleyball better than the beefy cars. Skinny Car was happy that Kind Little Truck invited him on his team. And, the beefy guys were humiliated in front of their girlfriend trucks. But one of them said to Skinny Car, “Next time I hope you will be on my team. Just please don’t humiliate me in front of my truck girlfriend.”

Now it was time for Kind Little Truck to pack up. He received a letter from the mayor of the island that said the mayor was proud of Kind Little Truck being so nice to everyone. He also said that he had never seen such great kindness in his life. He then said that he would welcome the Kind Little truck back to the island anytime for a free vacation. So Kindness always pays off.

Author Brady M. hopes that everyone who reads this story will remember that!


The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck: A Kind Deed Day

The Kind Little Truck was setting up for a big party to celebrate Kind Deed Day, his favorite holiday. He bought lights, a karaoke machine, and a new entire paint job specifically for the party. He planned the party to be in “The Garage”, which is a bar with a laser tag arena and a dance floor. They have the best oil drinks in town. They have lemon oil, cotton candy oil, and Kind Little Truck’s favorite, plain oil!

Kind Little Truck put batteries in the Karaoke machine and set off to do some kind deeds. He first donated a hose he no longer needed to the fire department so that they could use it to put out fires.

Then he helped clean up “The Garage” and decorated the tables he reserved and covered them in glitter and placed free sunglasses he would give his friends. He also helped the janitor clean up the dance floor so it would be very shiny for the party and for other customers.

After he got home from doing his kind deeds, he noticed that the batteries were missing from the Karaoke machine. He found them in cushions of the couch along with a lot of slime that was not there before. He then noticed that his house had been toilet papered! Someone was trying to ruin his party!

So, he bought a web cam and placed it. Now that he knew that his house was safe, he decided to do more kind deeds. He went to the oil dripper’s house and it was messy as usual. Garbage truck was already there helping clean up. Kind Little Truck decided to pitch in and help.

Then the Kind Little Truck returned home to check the web-cam and discovered someone had taken those batteries and replaced them with nickels. “Nickels won’t power anything”, thought Kind Little Truck. “Who is trying to ruin my party?” So, he pretended to leave the house but stayed and hid so he could catch the vandal in the act.

Then he saw a chubby little clown come down the chimney, and the clown said, “MMwwaahahahahahaha! I am Nickel Wise the clown, and my younge brother is Penny Wise, a clown who turned into a maniac. I am a little bit evil, but not as bad as my little brother. He used to bite my ankle when he was a baby. I am here to destroy Kind Deed Day and get revenge on Kind Little Truck who laughed at me during the circus performance.” Kind Little Truck said, “I am sorry, I thought you were supposed to laugh at circus clowns, and I was being Kind because I liked your act. Since you are feeling so bad, would you like to come and join my party at the garage? But first, we have to get batteries that are not slimy for the karaoke machine.”

The clown started feeling better and they went to the party. Little Dipper said, “I really like this party, and I have already played laser tag twice. Flat Head Car said, “Can you please make limbo a little harder? My flat head fits under the pole easily.” The Garbage Truck said, “Although I brought a lot of garbage with me, this party is anything but garbage.”

And Nickel Wise said, “This party is so much fun, I am sorry that I tried to disrupt it.” Kind Little Truck said, “Let’s have a glass of Oil and then dance.”


The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck: A Race to be Kind (A Big Story)

One day, Kind Little Truck was playing at the park and he saw a small truck getting bullied by a lager truck. And that seemed unfair. So, Kind Little Truck said, “Hey, Mr. Bully Truck, will you please stop being mean to that little truck.” The bully said, “Mind your own business, dude, if you want me to stop, you have to beat me in a race. and you don’t stand a chance!

Kind Little Truck said, “OK, we will have that race on Saturday morning. Then the bully truck went off to get some gas. The small truck was relieved and left the park, but he did not say thank you.

The Kind Little Truck thought that he will need a new motor and paint job. He went to his friend, Tire Flyer, and asked for help. Tire Flyer agreed to give him a new paint job with a sun shine on one side and the words, “Be Kind” on the other. He also had a new motor that would allow the Kind Little Truck to go 5 times faster than he used to go. Kind Little Truck then paid a large tip even though Tire Flyer did not expect one.

Then Kind Little Truck tested out his new motor by doing some kind things. First, he helped pick up the gargbage in the park and he was able to do it really fast. Next, he helped his friend Garbage Truck with Par Core exercises to help Garbage Truck’s gas flow correctly and his oil flow to keep him from squeaking. In return, Garbage Truck agreed to help Kind Little Truck learn how to race.

Then Kind Little Truck began to get ready for the race. He took an oil bath, and got his tires screwed on tight. he also made sure his new motor would go at full speed and that his rear-view mirrors were set correctly.

So, it was time for the big race. The starting bleep (they did not use a gun) went Bleep and the race was on. The bully truck made a big jump over a block of bricks, but Kind Little Truck went around the bricks when he saw that the small truck from the park was sitting on them and he did not want to hurt him. So, the bully truck got the lead.

Then the bully truck cheated and took a short cut through the audience, but the Kind Little Truck did not go near the audience and stayed on the track to be fair. Now the Bully truck had a bigger lead. Since Kind Little Truck was being so kind and fair, his new motor kicked into full speed.

Kind Little Truck began to gain on the bully truck and the bully truck tried to jump another pile of bricks and……………suspense…………..

He hit the bricks and bumped his head, and Kind Little Truck passed him and was an inch away from the finish when he decided to go back and help the bully truck.

Kind Little Truck said, “let’s finish this race together and be friends.”


Tune in next time for Kind Little Truck, Kind Deed Day!

The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck 4

Once upon a time, there was a little truck that was super-duper kind. He had friends called the Garbage Truck, the Little Dipper, and the Flat Head Car.

The Kind Little Truck’s first deed in this story is to pick up litter. Some people do not know it, but that is a very kind deed.

Next, the Kind Little Truck fixed a broken motor on someone’s car, and that was very kind.

Then The Kind Little Truck banned cigarettes from his garage. Some people did not know that he was saving lives.

The Kind Little Truck was happy and did another kind deed. He packed meals for starving children.

Lastly, he shooed away some birds that were harassing his friend, Little Dipper.

The Kind Little Truck always said, “If you treat love as the prize, kindness will rise.”


The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck 3: Star Trucks

There once was a little truck named Mr. Truck, AKA Truckilious Exhaustpipe Truck. His name was almost bigger than he was.

The little truck liked to do kind things for others because that made him happy, too.

The Kind Little Truck lived on the deserted planet Trucktooine.

Truck2D2 and C3Poil came to Trucktooine on an escape pod. Truck2D2 had an important message from Princess Leia.

The Kind Little Truck found some other people who were leaving for Alderaan. He said, “Hello, people I don’t know! Hey, I do know one of you, you are Abraham Lincoln.” To say hello to people when you run into them is very kind.

Abe said, “Whoops, it’s the wrong book here. See ya.” Everybody looked at each other in disbelief. And then, the people who the Kind Little Truck did not know, took the Kind Little Truck to a space-ship. One of the people said, “Hi, I am Han Solo from the planet Mud.”

The Kind Little Truck said, I am a really good pilot. Maybe you could take a break and let me drive.” Doing something for someone else is very, very kind.

Then the Kind Little Truck set out to look for more kind things he could do. Then Truck2D2 accidentally flew into the escape pod. The escape pod launched itself in the zone of incoming fire. The Kind Little Truck jumped through the hole where the escape pod was. He saved someone’s life, which is very, very, very, very kind.

Then the ship went to the destination, which was Alderaan, but Alderaan had blown up. Standing right there was the Caraccident star.

The End

Until Part Two, which may be a very long time.

[Auntie Note: Abraham Lincoln is an ambitious crossover from books written by Brady’s “Dadat”]

Brady Washington, Kid Historian

A Story About America, Episode 4 – Money

Brady Washington, Kid Historian

One day, Frederick was at school and was just about to walk into history class when his history teacher showed him a five-dollar bill with Abraham Lincoln’s picture on it. But Frederick secretly had a living drink for snack time and he accidentally spilled the whole bottle on the five-dollar bill.

And then, “WOOOOSH!” and “WAAACK” and Abe Lincoln started rising from the money.

“What is happening?” yelled the history teacher.  

“Whoops”, said Frederick.

And they heard Abe Lincoln’s voice, “Hello, Frederick, thank you for bringing me to life.” 

“Well”, said Frederick, “it was accident, but I am glad it happened.”

But the history teacher was not happy and sent Frederick to the principal’s office. Abe followed Frederick to try to cheer him up.

The principal called Frederick’s mommy and when she got to school she said, “Frederick Trashcan, what did you do this time? This is like the times you made the Statue of Liberty, and the Liberty Bell, and the American flag come to life. What did you make come to life this time?” 

“Mrs. Trashcan”, said Abe, “Frederick made me come to life from a five-dollar bill.”

When Mrs. Trashcan got Frederick back home, along with Abe Lincoln, they decided to have a party and invited, Emily (who was the former statue of Liberty), the Liberty Bell who was still wearing the bandage over the crack, and the American Flag, who was still in a parade and tap dancing down the street.

Abe Lincoln said, “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. for coming to our fantastic party.  Frederick  ordered a roller coaster.”  His daddy said, “Frederick how are we going to pay for a roller coaster?”

Abe said, “I have an idea. I will call a lot of other five dollar bills to come to the party and we can pay for the rollercoaster.”

And Federick said, “Eh, Eh, Eh”.

And they had a great party when the rollercoaster came from Amazon and the roller coaster App!

 The End

Brady Washington, Kid Historian

A Story About America, Episode 3 – The Flag

Brady Washington, Kid Historian

One day Frederick was at home with his parents and his little brother. His parents did not know that Frederick had a living drink in his pocket. And his little brother, Sam, had some “grow feet” drink in his pocket. The family decided to buy a mini-replica of the American flag. When they brought it home, Frederick’s little brother accidently spilled some grow feet juice on the flag. Frederick thought that looked like fun and he spilled the living drink on the flag. And then, “WOOOOSH!” and “WAAACK” and “Flap, flap” and the flag grew feet and legs and started to tap dance.

“What is happening?” yelled Frederick’s daddy. 

“Whoops”, said Frederick and “Whoops” said Frederick’s little brother.

And they heard George Washington’s voice, “Hello, Frederick, thank you for bringing me to life.” 

The flag turned on the TV and saw the Liberty Bell News and stayed there and got entertained.

The flag then wanted to march in a parade. When the flag passed by, people would take off their hats and put their hand over their heart.

The flag said, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank You.”

Frederick’s Daddy said “Frederick!” and “Sam!” “Are you making a mess and extra work?” And Sam pointed to Frederick and said, “You did it!” And then both boys very quietly said, “Eh, Eh, Eh”.

And the flag got away with making a big mess.

The End

(Check out the facts below)

Dear readers,

This is a fictional story about America but some of the information is true- 

  1. People stand up and take off their hats when the flag passes by.
  2. Sometimes people sing the Star Spangled Banner when they see the flag
  3. This is a fact about the whole earth. Flags cannot dance!

I hope you have fun with these stories of myths and legends. And, that you “Read it like you mean it!”

Brady Washington, Kid Historian


A Story About America, Episode 2 – The Liberty Bell

Brady Washington, Kid Historian

One day Frederick was visiting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his parents and his little brother. His parents did not know that Frederick had a living drink in his pocket. The family decided to visit the Liberty Bell and went inside the small building where it is kept. Some of the living juice spilled on the Liberty Bell and “WOOOOSH!” and “WAAACK and “Ding!” and the Liberty Bell grew feet and legs and started walking toward Frederick and his family.

“What is happening,” yelled Frederick’s daddy. 

“Whoops”, said Frederick

And they heard a man’s voice say, “Hello, welcome to Philadelphia, but I am going home to London England where I was born and get more attention. They will ring me more often like no one ever rang me before and they will be more careful and not crack me. I have only two tiny cracks and do not want them to turn into one big crack.”

But, when he got to England, they rang the bell too hard and the two little cracks turned into a super volcano crack (That is really big).

So, the Liberty Bell shouted, take me to the United Hospital and maybe they can fix my crack.” 

Well, the hospital could not fix the crack but they offered to put a lot of duct tape on it. But, the liberty Bell said, “No thanks. I think I will go back to Philadelphia and maybe they can fix the crack.”

And when he got back to America they fixed his crack with two small magnets and that is they way he looks today. But, he can still talk but still looks like a Bell.

He is not like Emily, the former statue of liberty, or like anyone else, but is happy the way he is. 

He is a television reporter and sometimes you can see him reading the news.

The End

(Check out the facts below)

Dear readers,

This is a fiction story about America but some of the information is true- The Liberty Bell was made in London, it is in Philadelphia, and it does have a super volcano crack,

1.The Liberty Bell was made in London in 1752 for a building in Philadelphia.

2. The bell cracked a little when it was first rung but the crack was repaired.

3. The Bell was probably rung after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

I hope you have fun with these stories of myths and legends. And, that you “Read it like you mean it!”

Brady Washington, Kid Historian

Brady Washington, Kid Historian

A Story About America, Episode 1 – Statue of Liberty

Brady Washington, Kid Historian

One day Frederick was visiting New York City with his parents and his little brother. His parents did not know that Frederick had a living drink in his pocket and he also had car insurance. The family decided to visit the Statue of Liberty and go inside the large statue. Some of the living juice spilled on the floor of the Statue and “WOOOOSH!” and “WAAACK!” and the statue of Liberty started walking with Frederick and his family inside.

“What is happening,” yelled Frederick’s daddy. 

“Whoops”, said Frederick

And they heard a woman’s voice saying, “Hello, welcome to New York City. Where freedom is yours. I’m Lady Liberty.”

“Oh no” said Frederick, I must be dreaming or my mind is playing tricks on me.” And he told his family, “Run, run out of here.” But when they started running, Lady Liberty said “Please stop, it tickles when you run inside of me.”

“Oh, hee, hee, you are tickling me. Oh no! I dropped my torch in the ocean.”

Frederick’s family felt bad since they had caused Lady Liberty to lose her torch. 

Frederick had an idea. “Let’s make a new torch made out of gold with a bright light inside.”

Lady Liberty loved the idea. And that is the torch you see on Lady Liberty today.

After that, Lady Liberty became human, but she wanted the world to still see a Statue of Liberty. So, she asked some workers to build a new one and she gave them her crown, the torch, and the tablet to use for the new statue.

Now when you see the human Lady Liberty walking around, she calls herself Emily.

The End