Hoodie Man

Hoodie Man 6: The Reaper’s Star

He is the Bearer of the Zipper. He is the Crusader of the Coats. No tank top is safe. Its Hoodie Man! But every hero has to have a nemesis and his is Winter Gear Girl who betrayed him and made his other enemy, Stinky Tank top, more powerful.

They framed Hoodie Man for it and he and his friends, Sweater Man and Jill Monsoon were sent to jail. But they escaped and they teamed up with Windbreaker to get information about taking away Stinky Tank Top’s new powers. They found a scientist at Economics Land who filled them in about how stinky Tank top became so powerful. Let’s just say the detergent didn’t work. As we left Hoodie Man 5, they had found a cure, a way to destroy Stinky Tank Top. But when they tried to use it, the Grim Reaper kidnapped Hoodie Man and sent him to the Dirt Mines.

When Hoodie Man woke up, he found himself with a pick axe in front of a mine opening with a sign that read, “All dirt miners enter here.” Hoodie Man thought, “This is not good at all!”

On with our story.

When Hoodie Man entered the dark mine, a man with a mustache and beard said, “Hello, prisoner 9999. Welcome to our humble corporation. Here we mine for dirt. It may sound like this institution is pointless but it is not. You will be serving here for the rest of your life. If you are wondering, I am Sergeant Grump. Now carry on into the mine!”

Hoodie Man walked in and drew his pick axe. He said, “Hello, is anybody there?” He walked down one tunnel and saw a pair of gleaming bright yellow eyes. ……..suspense………..

Hoodie Man saw a snake coiled up. He knew what it was instantly; a boa constrictor! It began to slither toward him, He tried to dodge it, but it head butted him back into one of the passage ways into the cave. Hoodie knew that his friends would have handled this problem better, so he really missed them, especially right now! The snake slithered toward him, and opened its mouth with teeth shinning with venom dripping. Suddenly, someone kicked the snake away! But Who?

The person started running away and Hoodie Man yelled, “Stop! Why are you running away?” Hoodie Man ran too! He banged his pick axe against a stalactite which fell down on the boa constrictor. Just then, the cave started rumbling and began to collapse. Hoodie man ran down another tunnel and waited there until rocks stopped falling. He heard a voice say, “What were you thinking? You could have gotten us killed.”  Hoodie man knew that voice.

Hoodie Man said, “Surprised, Winter Gear Girl?” She replied, “No, not at all.” Hoodie asked, “Why are you here?” She said, “I got sent here for impersonating Scarfskin. How about you?” He said, “I was Messing with elderberry juice and Grim Reaper snatched me up.” Winter Gear Girl said, “Now we are both in trouble with Sergeant Crump. We ruined the mine.” They heard on a speaker, “All dirt miners return to your dormitories for bed time. Hoodie Man said, “I can’t believe they gave me this mess of a hoodie for a mining suit. I can’t sleep in this.” 

So, Hoodie Man walked over to the lost and found bin. He could not find his old hoodie, but found a new one. Then he tried to find the dormitories, but did find one room with a door open, so he went in. He saw a shining black star sitting in a tank with water that was glowing. “Why would that be?”, he thought. He snuck in to get a closer look, as he got closer, he noticed that Sergeant Grump was now standing behind him. “Oops,” said Hoodie Man as he started breathing faster! Sergeant Grump said, “I see you found the Reaper’s Star; would you like to know what it is?” 

Meanwhile, at Stinky Tank Top’s castle, one of his heralds is interrogating Wind Breaker who is sitting in an electric chair. The interrogator says, “Where is Hoodie Man?” Wind Breaker says, “I don’t know.” The interrogator zaps him! “Ouch,” Windbreaker yells. The interrogator says, “Don’t be silly, we know he was fighting Stinky Tank Top when he vanished into thin air.” Wind Breaker said, “I don’t know, I really don’t know!” “What a shame I have to zap you again,” said the interrogator. Another of Stinky Tank Top’s heralds walks in and says, “Winter Gear Girl has notified us of Hoodie Man’s location.” The interrogator says, “Should I send a squad?” The herald says, “I think Stinky Tank Top would like to finish this himself.”

The interrogator walks out of the room leaving the zapper on! Wind Breaker, gets another jolt and says, “You will never win!”

The Masked Fleecer, Sweater Guy, and Jill Monsoon walked into the room where Wind Breaker was being held. Jill Monsoon took out a hair clip which she used to free Wind Breaker from the electric chair. Wind Breaker says, “Thank You.” Sweater Guy asks, “What is our next move?” The Masked Fleecer says, “Find Hoodie Man, release him, and defeat Stinky Tank top once and for all.”

Back at the Mining Institute, Sergeant Grump says, “Two decades ago, what you see before you almost wiped out the universe. The Reaper’s Star, alongside its host, Caution Prime, together wiped out the Booksailors and stole their library cards. Recently, it was brought to our possession by Caution Prime because long term use of the radioactive star caused impact to his body. The Star needs a host in order to survive. We think with the right host, it could do a lot of good, like curing many diseases and could prevent wars by altering realities so that they never happen. It could also solve world hunger. And one last thing, you have not been mining dirt this whole time, you have been mining Uranium, which is the only thing with a radioactive signature that matches the Reaper’s Star.  Hoodie Man asks what the liquid is. “It is water with radiation, combined with some essence of the Star.” Without Sergeant Grump noticing, Hoodie Man filled a small vial with the liquid. “Well, it was nice talking to you, Sergeant Grump. I had better head back to my dormitory.” Hoodie Man thinks he may be able use the liquid so that he can alter reality and escape. He returned to his room to assemble a device to hold the Star’s liquid so that it does not harm his body.

Stinky Tank Top is sitting on his throne and realizes that Hoodie Man disappeared in the attempt to use elderberry juice, one of the most powerful substances in the world. Stinky goes to the Elderphants temple and asks them, “Please bestow upon me the Elderberry juice.” The Elderphants say, “No, you are not worthy.” Stinky tells the Elderphants, “Do you not think that the most powerful person in the world is capable of handling the most powerful substance in the world?” The Elderphants replied, “Elderberry juice is not the most powerful substance in the world.” Stinky asks, “Then what is?” The Elderphants say, “The Reaper’s Star but you are too cowardly to possess it or elderberry juice.” Stinky gets angry and spontaneously combusts the Elderphants temple. But in the ruins, Stinky finds the Nemeses Portal, which Hoodie Man had used before to find Stinky. “I can get you now, Hoodie Man!”

Stinky goes through the Nemeses Portal and arrives at the Mining Institute. At the same time, Hoodie Man’s friends also figure out that he is at the Mining Institute and arrive at the same time as Stinky Tank Top. 

In the meantime, Winter Gear Girl has confronted Hoodie Man and said, “Give me the Reaper’s Star serum or else.”  Hoodie Man says, “No! This could do good things but you just want to give it to Stinky Tank Top so he can rule the world and you can be his commander-in-chief.” Hoodie Man has constructed a devise that is in the shape of a card to honor the Booksailors. The card in now capable of transporting and altering reality. He uses the transport function to quickly get behand winter Gear girls and punch her. Hoodie Man says, “We are not quite even yet, but that punch helped!” Winter Gear Girls grabs her pick axe to strike Hoodie Man, but he uses the card to alter reality and the pick axe turns to dust. Hoodie Man says, “Well, now we are getting close to even.” Winter Gear Girl says, “Well this was fun but now my master is here,” just as Stinky Tank Top enters the room. Hoodie Man runs out of the room and his friends see him. Wind Breaker says, “I see you have a new hoodie.” Hoodie Man says, “I see you have the same old jacket.” Wind Breaker says, “You know me so well.”

Hoodie Man takes his friends to the room with the Reaper’s Star and says, “We have to protect it or else Stinky Tank Top will steal it and control the world.”  Masked Fleecer says, “That sounds pretty bad.” Stinky Tank Top and Winter Gear Girl appear behind him in the room where the Reaper’s Star is. Stinky Tank Top says, “Hand it over, right now.” Hoodie Man tries to punch Stinky, but Stinky grabs his arm and flings him at the tank with the Reaper’s Star. The tank breaks and the Star flies toward Stinky and land on him; then a voice comes from the Star and says, “You are weak, Stinky Tank Top.” Stinky was frightened and said, “No, I am not, well maybe a little bit” The Star says, “You come in greed, Stinky and in search of Power.” Stinky said, “So what.” The Reaper’s Star says, “Here is where your story ends. There will be no more of you. Your greed, selfishness, thirst for power, and lack of compassion is over. Goodbye Stinky Tank Top. Welcome to oblivion!”  Suddenly Stinky Tank Top begins to turn black and gets bigger and bigger. “Oh no, says Hoodie Man, He is going to explode.” Hoodie Man uses the Unisailor card to transport everyone else, except Winter Gear Girl, to a new dimension where they will be safe, he hopes. KABOOM, the end of Stinky Tank Top.

What happens to Winter Gear Girl? Where is the Reaper’s Star? In what dimension did our heroes wind up in?

The End.

Epilogue: Hoodie Man and the others had passed out when the teleported. He wakes up and sees a sign “Welcome to London”. He is thankful that they arrived in civilization. Then he hears a strange sound. “Vvrrroooommmm” “That sounds like an engine,” he thought. “Maybe we can catch a ride to the nearest hotel.” A high-pitched voice says, Hello friend, can I help you.” Hoodie Man looks over and the voice is coming from………..suspense….….

A Kind Little Truck!

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