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Power Monkey: The Crusader of the Crescent Moon

Prologue: Ten years earlier. Piggy stares out the window at the PigTech Building. A monkey wearing an eye patch greets him and says, “Its time. Today is the big day.” Piggy says, “You should be proud of yourself, Tim. You deserve this.” Piggy walks away out of Tim’s sight and opens a chamber where Piggy walks in and grabs a small vial and a needle plunger, and says aloud but to himself (he thought), “Twenty years of work has all led up to this moment.” A monkey standing behind Piggy speaks, “And that is where it ends too!” Piggy says, “Tim deserves this and I am sorry it wasn’t you.” The monkey says, “Tim Grey is driven by pride and this knowledge will drive him insane.” Piggy says, “That is exactly where you have gone, my friend, you are the insane one!” Piggy and the monkey begin to fight!…………….Our story now moves ten years ahead in time, to the present.

It was an early Saturday morning. Alex bounces out of bed because today is a very special day! Nanas greets Alex by telling him, “Happy Monkey Day, Alex.” Monkey Day was a celebration to honor the day that the monkeys took over earth. Alex replies, “You too, uncle Nanas.” Alex goes into the living room and his I-phone buzzes and caller ID indicates it is from his sister, Nartha, but Alex sent the call to voice mail. Just then, there is a knock at the door, Alex says, “Come in.”  It is Piggy, who says, “I hope you don’t mind my private jet in your driveway. I am here to see you, Alex, and I want to give you a Monkey Day present.” Nanas comes in and says, “I know what you are thinking, Piggy, but it is not going to happen. Alex won’t let it.” But Piggy says to Alex, “Are you ready to be Power Monkey again?”

Alex says, “I don’t know.” But Piggy takes Alex out to his jet and gives him a box. Alex opens it and sees a vial of green liquid. Piggy says, “This is for you, Alex, and it increases speed, strength, and intelligence. I call it the Immortal Genius Project. It is the most valuable substance in the world. And, I have your next mission.” Alex’s eyes divert from the vial in his hand to Piggy, who says, “There have been attacks in Paris, France, by a group called the War Hogs and we want you to stop them. And, we think you will need this….” Piggy pulls out another package and Alex instantly knows what it is. A new utility belt to replace the one taken by Nartha. Alex gives the green serum back to Piggy but proudly puts on the new utility belt.

Alex and Piggy go to Paris in Piggy’s jet and they find the War Hogs. He says, “Bonjour, the last time I checked, you guys were law breakers so you have to come with me.” The War Hogs do not move! Alex says, “I guess you want to do this the hard way.” Alex quickly dodges a punch from a War Hog and sees another one with an axe coming at him. “This is the last time I will “axe” you nicely to drop the axe.”, says Alex. The War Hog drops the axe, but looks up and watches a pig in a robot suit drop down from a building. The pig says, “Greetings, I am Oobie Doobie Pig Man and I am here to get the Immortal Genius serum. I come not as a friend, but as your enemy!” 

Alex jumps on the top of the Robot suit and pulls out a component saying, “This looks important.” Oobie says, “Oh, no! That affects my left hand, so it’s a good thing I am right-handed.” Piggy runs over to the plane to protect the serum, but Oobie shoots a laser at Piggy’s jet and destroys it. Alex pulls a diamond bladed knife out of his new utility belt and when Oobie tries to punch Alex, our hero grabs Oobie’s large metallic arm and sticks the knife through it. Oobie can’t fight anymore until he can get his suit repaired. At this point, a monkey with an eye patch walks over to the damaged plane and says to Piggy, who is whimpering on the ground, “I want the serum, now. Ten years ago, you said I deserved the serum, why did you keep it from me?” He then kicks Piggy, hard, knocking him a few yards. The vial fell out of Piggy’s pocket and the attacker picks it up and says to Piggy, “Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?” The attacker then walks away. In the mean-time, Alex has tied up the War Hogs and Oobie and then goes to check on his friend, Piggy. “He took the serum,” said Piggy, with a stutter in his voice. Alex asks, “Who took the serum?” Piggy says, “my former personal body guard, who was once your uncle’s best friend, Tim Grey.”

Tim Grey steps into his laboratory and says to his lab assistant, “Roll out the medical bed.” Tim Grey lies down on the bed, the assistant puts metal restrains on his arms and legs, puts the serum into the needle plunger, and sticks it into Tim’s right arm, and Tim says, “Here goes nothing!” He feels a burning sensation start in his right arm, but soon moves to his head where it pains him the most; and he passes out. In his unconscious mind he sees Piggy telling him, “Tim, you deserve this.” Suddenly the lab assistant notices that Tim’s vital signs are dropping. Tim sees another memory of Piggy giving the vial to another monkey and tells him to keep it safe. The burning sensation has now traveled to his toes and he hears a whisper in the back of his head, “Get rid of the Power Monkey, he stole what was rightfully yours!” Tim mumbles, “Yes, I understand.” The whisperer continues, “You are better than him, you are the Immortal Genius!” Tim mumbles, “I am.” The Immortal Genius awakes and quickly breaks the metal restraints and says to the assistant, “Get every War Hog you can find and send them after Power Monkey! We must destroy him!”

It was the day of Oobie Doobie Pig Man’s trial and the police had chained him to a chair in the courtroom. Alex was present at the trial. The judge said, ‘You are charged with damaging Paris while running around in a robot suit. How do you plead?” Oobie says, “Not guilty,…….of that!” Oobie looks toward the door and the Immortal Genius kicks it in and storms into the courtroom.  Alex jumps from his seat and the Immortal Genius says, “If it isn’t Power Monkey.” Alex says, “If it isn’t the man who is about to get arrested!” Immortal Genius said, “Don’t you know who I am?” Alex replies, “Not in the slightest!” The Immortal Genius picks up a chair from the galley and throws it at Alex and it hits him hard! “What makes Piggy think you are better than me?”, said Immortal Genius. Alex says, “Oh, maybe because I don’t knock down doors and throw chairs at people or monkeys. And also, the fact that I am not insane.” 

Immortal Genius says, “You are a pathetic little monkey, Power Monkey, and you will not stand in my way of glory!” He then throws a match into the room and starts a fire and grabs Oobie and runs out of the court room. But Immortal Genius blocks the main courtroom door. Alex realizes that he must find an emergency exit so he goes to the stairwell but the door has also been blocked. He then heads for the elevator and tells the other courtroom guests to follow him so they can be saved. But, the doors to the elevator are stuck!………..suspense…. 

Alex tried to pry open the doors but they were really stuck hard. He saw a flag pole standing nearby and decided to use it to open the doors. Just as he gets the door open, he notices that it is a Costa Rica flag and says, “Costa Rica saves me again! The monkeys all crowd in the elevator and, Power Monkey closes the door and they start down. At the next floor, the doors start opening and there stands a War Hog. Power Monkey and the War Hog stare at each other and the War Hog says, “Hey I know you. You are the monkey the boss man wanted us to find. Power Monkey quickly closes the elevator doors. As the door closed, one of the other monkeys, who was the judge, pushes the open-door button and says, “that wasn’t polite, let him in.” Power Monkey closes the door again.

They find the emergency exit and escape the burning building. Alex sees the Immortal Genius and Oobie getting in a black convertible and runs after them. He jumps onto the back of the car and punches through the back window. Oobie says, “Oh no. Not again!” Power Monkey says, “Miss Me?” Power Monkey reached over and grabbed the steering and the car crashed on a bridge. Immortal Genius said, “Look what you made me do.” Then the Immortal Genius and Oobie jump from the car and Immortal Genius picks up a small car and throws it at Power Monkey. “Whaaattt!” said Power Monkey, “That guy is strong!” Then Oobie throws a bomb onto the bridge and Power Monkey has to hold on to a railing to keep from falling a long way down into the water. As he is barely hanging on, his Utility belt slips off and falls into the water below. Alex says, “Oh man, I go through so many of those.” When he climbs back on to the damaged bridge, he sees that Immortal Genius and Oobie are gone.

Alex returns to his house and Nanas comes over. Nanas explained that “The man who attacked you and freed Oobie was poisoned from the use of a serum called Immortal Genius developed at PigTech. I tried to stop Piggy from giving the serum to him and I thought I had succeeded until I saw him today. His name was Tim Grey, but he now calls himself Immortal Genius” Alex says, “I can’t defeat him, he is too strong.” Nanas says, “You have to find a way!” Alex yells, ‘No!” Then Nanas says, “You can leave behind the life of a hero, but you can never say you didn’t have a choice to fight or hide.”

Meanwhile at the Immortal Genius’s lair, Oobie goes on the police website and looks up how many criminals have been apprehended since Alex became Power Monkey. He finds that 70% more criminals have been brought to justice, now that Power Monkey is helping the police. However, every day since Tim Grey became the Immortal Genius, fewer and fewer criminals are being caught. Oobie now realizes that Immortal Genius is only looking out for himself and wants power. Oobie knew about a weak point of the serum which could make the molecules of the serum explode and be the end of the Immortal Genius. He knew he had to tell Alex, but first, Oobie goes to his outdoor lab and starts making a concoction that will trigger the molecule’s explosive reaction. Immortal Genius walks up behind Oobie and says, “What are you doing?” ……….suspense…….

Oobie says, “The right thing!” The Immortal Genius says, “You aren’t siding with that little brat of a monkey, are you?” Oobie says, “His name is Alex, and you are the brat!” Immortal Genius says, “That wasn’t wise.” The two begin to fight, but Oobie is no match for the strength of Immortal Genius, so he grabs the serum antidote, which is an electric blue color, and runs into the woods. He stops at the edge of a cliff and takes a small drone out of his pocket and programs it to go to Alex’s house. Oobie adds the antidote to the drone and records a voice message telling Alex the purpose of the antidote. Just as the drone lifts off, the Immortal Genius arrives and grabs Oobie by his tie and says, “Tell me where the antidote is and what it can do to me.” Oobie says, “I’ll never tell.” Oobie cuts his tie, slips away from Immortal Genius, and throws himself off the cliff. Immortal Genius says out loud, “What a pointless sacrifice.” I will still win!”

Meanwhile, at Alex’s house, Alex finally listens to voice mail from Nartha. She says, “Hey Alex, we have a lot to talk about. I understand you might not want to listen to this, but this is in no way a truce and we will still fight. However, maybe you are not as bad as I thought you were. I just wanted to wish you a Happy Monkey Day. Look under your bed, I left a present for you.” Alex looks under his bed and there is the old Utility Belt that Nartha had stolen from him. He puts the Utility Belt on and says, “Time to be Power Monkey again. At that time, Oobie’s glossy black drone flies into Power Monkey’s yard. He retrieves the antidote and listens to the recording. Oobies voice says, “It may feel like you are out of hope right now, but if you are looking for some hope, here it is. I call it the Anti-Genius antidote. You have to find a way to get the antidote into Immortal Genius’s body. If you can, it will destroy him. I am sure Piggy will figure that out. Do not give up! You can do anything you set your mind to. I am sorry I worked with Immortal Genius, but now I want to help you.

Piggy rounded up a bunch of weapons to deliver the antidote, but he thought the most effective would be a smoke bomb filled with the antidote that Immortal Genius would breathe in. Power Monkey goes to Immortal Genius’s lair and sneaks in. When he finds Immortal Genius in his laboratory, and he says, “Here I am.” Immortal Genius says, “Ah, if it isn’t Power Monkey, the Crusader of the Crescent Moon. Let this be the last battle. Immortal Genius quickly picks up Power Monkey and pins him to the ground and ties him up and straps him to a missile.  “You were no match for me!” Power Monkey says, “True, but I do not give up hope. I leaned that from a wise man named Oobie.” Alex then releases the smoke bomb. The Immortal Genius tried to run away but breaths in the antidote. Alex hears the Immortal Genius yell, “No, what have you done to me.” Then the antidote works, Immortal Genius explodes, and Alex cuts the ropes binding him to the rocket and walks away.

After Alex returns home, Nanas and him watch a fireworks show. Nanas says, “What are you going to do now?” Alex says, I will go on the path of a hero!”

The End

Epilogue: Nartha is walking around the ruins of a large spaceship with the letter “CRSC” on it. She sees something gleaming in the rubble, She picks it up and sees that it is a glossy black star. She puts it in her bag and says, “Huh, nifty find.”

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