Reading Regatta

Reading Regatta Update and Week #2 Point Break Selections!

[Brady]: Ha, ha! You said #2.

[Auntie Obvious]: Dude. I need you to focus here.

[Brady]: (Still laughing). I sure hope everyone is having fun so far with the Reading Regatta 2022! How about we share our scores?

[Auntie]: Great! I’ll also put the scoring at the bottom of this post, so everyone can calculate their own scores! Anyway, I have 5,000 points.

[Brady]: Truthfully?

[Auntie Obvious]: Oopsies! How did that extra “0” get in there? Truthfully, I have 500 Grownup points for reading Alex Segura’s Poe Dameron Free Fall and Kevin Shinick’s Force Collector!

[Brady]: I have 1,200 points! I have 500 Kid points each for Poe Dameron Free Fall and Rick Riordan’s The Burning Maze, plus the 200 points for last week’s Point Break.

[Auntie]: Hey, speaking of the Point Break, let’s talk about our two selections for the week! Mine is “The Kind Little Truck Meets the Big RV” because I think people planning their summer vacations will really enjoy it!

[Brady]: I was working on my decision, when I got a postcard from GrapeB the Friendly Pirate! So I am going to go with his suggestion of Aqua Dolphin, because it is actually a really good suggestion!

[Auntie]: Keep Reading, Sail On!

[Brady]: Hey, that’s my line! Remember to count up your points and tell us in the comments what YOU are reading!

White Water Rafting600+1,000500
Point Break (kids only): Give yourself an extra 200 points if you read (or listen to) the two selections for the week!

New categories added on 6/15/22 (Week 3) to include comic books!

Splash Page:
Small Splash
Any Single Comic3015
Splash Page:
Any “Collected” Edition6030

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