The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck Visits Truckingham Palace

The Kind Little Truck was about to go on a big vacation, to the United Kingdom (UK) with his friends, Garbage Truck, Little Dipper, and Flat Head Car.  His friends already had a passport, but he needed a passport, so he went to the Post Office and ordered one. Then he saw the Camera Car, who would take his picture, talking to his boss. The Camera Car said to the boss, “So do I really have to take that truck’s picture? I am so hungry. I need to take my lunch break early.” The boss said, “Not yet. You must also take pictures of any more people who are in line before you can go.” The Kind Little Truck noticed that there were more people in line and heard them asking for passports. The Kind Little Truck offered to help take pictures so that the Camera Car could eat lunch earlier.

Then The Kind Little Truck, waited for a couple of days and received his new passport in the mail. Next, The Kind Little Truck decided to help his friend Garbage Truck pack for the trip, because he was the only one who had not finished packing. He just couldn’t decide what to wear. Kind Little Truck knocked on Garbage Truck’s door at his house. Which was really a garage. The Garbage Truck answered and when Kind Little Truck walked in, there were clothes all over the floor, and the furniture, and his bed. Kind Little Truck said, “Lets get going, we have a lot of work to do.”

The Kind Little Truck said, “Lets throw all of the clothes into two piles, one to pack and one to leave. Garbage Truck said, “I have already done that, that tiny pile over there is the leave pile. All of this is the pack pile.” Kind Little Truck said, “You know you can only take two suitcases on the airplane and only two into the UK. This take pile would need 15 suitcases. So, I have an idea. You can pick out your 14 favorite outfits, and the rest have to stay behind.” Garbage truck said, “Oh no. How am I going to decide?” Kind Little truck took a blindfold and covered Garbage Truck’s eyes and told him to reach blindly into the pile and take out 14 outfits without looking. Kind Little Truck said, “When you pick one out, I will put it in the suitcases until you have 14 packed.” When they were finished, Kind Little Truck put all of the leftover outfits with the left pile. Garbage Truck said, “Thank you for the help.”

The time to leave home finally came and The Kind Little Truck was all ready and they were to meet at the airport. When Kind Little Truck saw Flat Head Car, he was really upset. His large bag weighed too much and the airline would not check him in. Fortunately, Kind Little Truck had packed so well that he had some extra room in his bag and offered put some of Flat Head Car’s clothes in his bag and they both were able to check in. Flat Head Car said, “Thank you for helping me.”

On the airplane, there was a family sitting in his row, but they had another kid who had to sit somewhere else. Kind Little Truck said, “I would be willing to exchange seats with your kid so you can all sit together. The mother said, “Thank you.”

Kind Little Truck and his friends landed in the UK and went to their hotel, and Kind Little Truck had ordered a nice room in a perfect location with a view of Big Ben and Truckingham Palace. When they checked in, there was some mistake and someone else had been given Kind Little Truck’s room. Little Dipper’s room was available and was a lot like Kind Little Truck’s room. The hotel told Kind Little Truck he would have to stay in a different hotel. Little Dipper remembered all of the nice things Kind Little Truck did for others and said, “Kind Little Truck, you can have my room, and I will stay at the small hotel.” Kind Little Truck said, “Thank you, Little Dipper.”

The next morning the friends met at Truckingham Palace where they had tickets for a tour and they hoped that they might meet the Queen, but it was a small chance.  When they arrived, Flat Head Car kept trying to talk to the guards.  He didn’t know that they were not supposed to talk, so, he just thought they were rude. When it came time for their tour, they went in the Palace and their guide took them to ten different rooms, but none of them were bathrooms, and Flat Head Car really needed one. Because, when all of the others made a bathroom stop before the tour, he was too busy trying to get the guards to talk. And he was too embarrassed to ask the guide. The Kind Little Truck helped Flat Head Car by asking the guide if he would tell Flat Head Car where to find a bathroom. The guide tells Flat Head Car, “Go back down the hall, make two lefts and two rights, and you will see the dining hall and the restroom is southwest of the kitchen. It is on your right. Meet us in fifteen minutes at the Grand Living Room, which is just down this hallway”  Flat Head had to go so bad that he bolted off. He missed at least one turn, maybe two. ……..suspense…….

Meanwhile Kind Little Truck, Garbage Truck and Little Dipper continued the tour and saw the Grand Hall. It was very beautiful and shiny. Little Dipper said, “I have never seen a place like this before.” The guide started telling them about the history, but Garbage Truck only wanted to look at the room and put a finger to his lips to quiet the guide. The Kind Little Truck was getting tired and decided to sit down. There was a big wooden chair at the end of the hall and he plopped down in the chair. “Oh No.” shouted the guide as a group of palace guards flooded the room and surrounded Kind Little Truck. Now, one of the guards who are supposed to remain silent, removed his mask and yelled, “Sir, on behalf of the Queen’s orders, you are under arrest! You cannot sit on the throne!” The Kind Little Truck was not arrested but the guards escorted them out of Truckingham Palace.

In the meantime, Flat Head Car was lost and still had not found a bathroom. He noticed a door that was partially open and when he went in, he found the Queen and she was reading a book called Truckey Potter and the Philosopher’s Car. Flat head Car said, “Hey lady, I read that book too. It’s really gruesome when Cardemort is on the back of Professor Carill’s head.” The Queen turned around and said, “Really, oh no, you spoiled it for me!” She had the guards escort Flat Head Car out of the Palace, too. Poor Flat Head Car, he had still not found a bathroom.

When all of the friends were together outside the Palace, Flat Head Car finally saw a sign for a restroom. The friends began to plan their next day’s adventure. Watching the friends when they were walking back to their hotels, from a hotel room with a great view of Truckingham Palace and Big Ben, was a small funny looking car..….a Kia Soul! Maids said that if they stood outside the room, they could hear maniacal laughing

To be continued.

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