Power Monkey

Power Monkey 3: The Power of the Vine

PROLOGUE: One thousand years earlier.

Firedude was thinking: “Huh, huh, huh, huh…I’ve finally made it to the tree of the power of the vine!! Yes!! Now I can defeat the monkey family’s future relatives! Now let me turn into my real self, which is a fire alligator devil!!”

Firedude got the power of the vine, but he was too weak. He flew into the air and landed in a tree. For 1,000 years, he did fitness activities to make himself more powerful, and to make his flames bigger and bigger.

And then, smart little Timmy Bidurmphidurmph came along, and he was like, “Hey, that’s unfair! According to my calculations, it is impossible to become smart enough to get the power of the vine! When I grow up, I’m going to be smart enough to make my charging banana! And once I’m done with it, you can have it, Firedude.”

Firedude nodded with agreement.

One thousand years later, Timmy, (a/k/a the Immortal Genius) was talking to Lanas in Vale Haven (kind of a bad guy heaven) about how to get the Apocalypse Banana (which used to be called the Charging Banana) back in power. Power Monkey had swallowed the Apocalypse Banana in a previous story, so he would always have it with him, but it tasted really bad. He learned that explosives are not very tasty. Lanas suggested that they give Power Monkey a pill as a piece of candy that will make him cough up the Apocalypse Banana, and then they could steal and repair it. The Immortal Genius thought that was a great idea.

Meanwhile, Lanas came back from Vale Haven disguised as Whackey Monkey, who is Power Monkey’s best friend. He knocked on Power Monkey’s door and said, “Hey, dude, I’ve brought you a great piece of candy.” “Why should I take candy from you? Last time I ate your candy, it did not end well for me. You may be Whackey, but your candy is even whackier!” But since Whackey Monkey was his friend, he agreed to try it. Big Mistake!!!! Up came the Apocalypse Banana. “EEEWWW! That’s gross,” said Lanas in disguise, but he picked up the Apocalypse Banana and ran out of Power Monkey’s house.

When he was running, Lanas dropped the Apocalypse Banana…………suspense……….

And Firedude found it! Firedude worked on it for ten days, and he remade the Apocalypse Banana so it would be more powerful than ever before.

Firedude ate it to give himself so many powers. He had over a million powers to use for destruction.

Power Monkey realized that the Apocalypse Banana was missing and put on his Power Monkey suit and left to find the Apocalypse Banana. He saw Firedude, and he said, “Hey, dude,” and Firedude glowed, like the Apocalypse Banana would. Power Monkey thought he’d never see the glow again. Then a fireball ehaded right for Monkey Manor. Power Monkey said, “Oh no, you didn’t!” and he stepped in front and deflected the fireball back at Firedude.

Then, Firedude said, “Fire Doesn’t destroy fire!” Power Monkey said, “Oooops! My bad, not a good hero move.” But he got a big box of water and threw it at Firedude, which put out all of the fires around Firedude. Power Monkey said, “What do you want?” Firedude said, “Your Power of the Vine.” Power Monkey shouted, “NEVER!!” and he kicked Firedude, causing him to fall back. Then he got a rubber band and shot it at Firedude.

Firedude shot a fireball, which knocked out Power Monkey. Nanas was walking nearby and saw all of the commotion. Nanas said, “Nobody touches that super hero.” Nanas kicked Firedude, who yelled, “Ouch! But no worries, I can still get my revenge.” Nanas dodged the fireballs from Firedude and attacked him. Nanas gave him a super punch, which knocked out his alligator teeth. Nanas then poured water on Firedude, which turned Firedude into an Ashdude. When Power Monkey woke up, he saw no Firedude, but there was Nanas.

Nanas said, “I was worried when I heard that you battled with Immortal Genius two weeks ago. But that was before I invented my new transbopalator, so I could teleport to anywhere on Earth. But it works now, so I was able to get here and defeat Firedude for you.”

Power Monkey said, “Thanks for all your help, Nanas!”

The End

Tune in next time for, “Power Monkey – Shipwrecked!” a/k/a Power Monkey 4.

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