LEGO Unboxing

Hello and welcome to our third unboxing! We have still not improved that much. And this time we thought we’d do a LEGO Speed Build, but it was harder than we expected. Oh, well, hope that you enjoy this video! Now for me to cry in my panic room.

[Auntie Obvious: Dude. This is a tiny problem.]

3 replies on “LEGO Unboxing”

That was awesome. Can’t wait to see the second half. The production value was priceless and the opening music sensational.


Hello Auntie Obvious, I have a request Can you please change the name of FaithfulSidekickVideos to BradyTheBookSailor


I’ll see what I can do! Not sure if YouTube will let me. Sometimes, there are restrictions around changing the name of a page. For example, you wouldn’t want to subscribe to a page called “Ice Cream is Awesome” – and and then find out they changed their name to, “Kids Should Eat More Vegetables.”


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