The Feast Thief

Hello! This is my Thanksgiving carol about a thief who steals your Thanksgiving food and leaves you with something disgusting! I performed this with Dadat at Thanksgiving, and everyone loved it! It kind of reminded people of The Grinch!

The Feast Thief

(By Brady and Dadat)

Thanksgiving Day is finally here
It is time to us all to cheer
Unless you encounter the Feast Thief
A really bad guy who will give you grief.
He will steal your cranberries and turkey
And leave you with a smelly stick of jerky

The pumpkin pie will be slashed
And the sweet potatoes will be smashed
The bread rolls will have lots of mold
And the green beans will be very cold
But nothing is lost and you will not miss
Thanksgiving dinner, because he will leave you with this

A small soggy but very spicey pepper pie
And roasted eel that smells like a pig stye
Some old popcorn that didn’t pop
And smelly potatoes that look like slop
And if you think the stuffing may be good,
Fooled you, because it is made with rotten wood.

As you can suspect, the thief is not a good cook,
But what do you expect from a Thanksgiving crook?
Now you may think the Feast Thief is very rude
Just remember, Thanksgiving is not about the food,
It’s about family, friends, and gratitude for all we enjoy,
So, let’s all Give Thanks today with praise and a lot of joy.

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