Brady Washington, Kid Historian

A Story About America, Episode 7 – The First Thanksgiving

One day, Frederick Trashcan and his little brother Carl Trashcan were visiting in Cape Cod, when they saw a statue of a Pilgrim meeting a Native American. There was a sign that read, “This is the site of the first Thanksgiving.” Carl had secretly taken a small plastic bottle of his brother’s Living Juice and also $20.00 from his mother’s purse. Carl had already spent the entire $20.00 on five boxes of 10 piece of McDonald’s Chicken nuggets and a 48-ounce cup of regular Pepsi for lunch, which he was not going to share with anyone.  But it was only 9:00 a.m. and lunch was a long way off.  It was becoming hard for Carl to carry all of those boxes plus the 48-ounce cup of Pepsi, and the small bottle of living juice. He had to set some of it down, so he put the living juice next to the statue. BIG MISTAKE!

Some of the living juice spilled on the statue. “Where am I?” said the Pilgrim and the Native American said, “I have no idea! We were just on our way to dinner!”

They both said at the same time, “I am Hungry, when is Thanksgiving Dinner?” The Pilgrim said, “I hope we are having chicken tonight, I am getting really tired of Turkey.” The Native American saw the boxes of Chicken Nuggets and said, “So maybe we are having chicken instead of Turkey.” Carl started to say, “No, those nuggets are mine,” but he saw the Native American’s spear and decided to run away to save his chicken nuggets. BAD DECISION! Because he missed the First Thanksgiving Dinner.

The Native American and the Pilgrim invited Frederick to their special dinner. The Pilgrim explained that the Native Americans had helped them with food for the last year, but they had a good harvest that fall with corn, squash, potatoes, and meat from the Hamburger Tree (Just Kidding). The Pilgrim said. “We do have fish, venison, eels, chicken and the most famous of all, turkey. We wanted to show our thanks and gratitude to the Native Americans for their friendship and help through the long hard year.” They all had a wonderful day. Except for Carl! The Native Americans had found him and with their spears they lightly poked him once and said “That’s for selfishness!” Carl said “Owie, well at least I still have my nuggets! He then noticed Native American chowing down on his chicken nuggets.

 The End

Brady Washington, Kid Historian

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