Hoodie Man

Hoodie Man 2: Jailhouse Hoodie

He is the Bearer of the Zipper. He is the Crusader of the Coats. No tank top is safe. It’s Hoodie Man! But every hero has to have a nemesis. When we last left Hoodie Man, our hero and his friends Sweater Man, Jill Monsoon, and Winter Gear Girl put the evil Stinky Tank Top in the washing machine. But Winter Gear Girl tricked them and made the washing machine spin real fast and Stinky Tank Top came out more stinky and larger and more powerful. Then Winter Gear Girl whispered in Hoodie Man’s ear, “You have been betrayed!”

Now on with our story.

Hoodie Man said, “Winter Gear Girl, how could you?” She said, “Duh, I set the washing machine for super fast and put in super powered detergent. I am surprised I even have to tell you.” Then Winter Gera Girl took off her Ski goggles and said, “The reason I did this was because I wanted revenge, Hoodie Man.” The Hoodie Man recognized her as the woman he had thrown into the tree with her cat. And Winter Gear Girl said, “You were supposed to bring my cat down to me, not throw me up into the tree.” “Oops”, said Hoodie Man. ”You ruined my life, and now I am going to ruin yours.” “Really, I ruined your whole life just because I threw you in the tree?” Winter Gear Girl said, “well, er, huh, its more complicated. I am allergic to that kind of tree.”

So, Winter Gear Girl said, “Now I will ruin your life.” She put a hoodie that was an exact replica of the one hoodie man wore, in the washing machine and then called 911. She told the police that Hoodie Man had created the brand new Stinky Tank Top monster. Winter Gear Girl also told the police that Jill Monsoon and Sweater Guy helped Hoodie Man. The Police officer said, “Oh no, we will lock them up in the Rainbow Institute where we keep the Masked Fleecer, who is a very dangerous criminal. The Rainbow Institute sounds like a nice name, but it is not a nice place! So, the team was taken to the Rainbow Institute and the police officer told Hoodie Man that the Institute was ran by a special Hoodie called the Jailhouse Hoodie. If anyone stole the Jailhouse Hoodie, the Institute would shut down, but there are very many traps guarding it, so don’t get any ideas. 

Hoodie Man was escorted into his cell and there was a figure already there. Hoodie Man said, “Hello?” The figure said, “I am the crusader of the wool and the Bearer of the Zipper. I am the Masked Fleecer!” Hoodie Man said, “Wait a minute, I am the Bearer of the Zipper and the Crusader of the Coats. You just stole my catch phrase!” Then Hoodie Man said, “Boy, prison is going to be boring with rip-off people like you.” The Masked Fleecer said, “Maybe you won’t have to stay in prison, all we need is the Jailhouse Hoodie.” Hoodie Man said, I heard that was impossible. The Masked Fleecer said, “Not for me.” Hoodie Man said, “Great, but can we get my friends out too?” The Masked Fleecer said, “If the Jailhouse Hoodie goes away, all of the cells go away too.”

The Masked Fleecer picked the lock to his cell and said, “Now we just need to jump across those flying platforms that are above a very deep pit. Hoodie Man leaned against the wall and his head hit a button that released lava into the pit. The Masked Fleecer said, “I like your difficulty level.” So, they jumped across the platforms, which were not as wobbly as they looked and got the other side. Hoodie Man said, “Wow that was so easy.” But the, lava started pouring down from the ceiling. The Masked Fleecer pointed to an elevator and said, “That is where we need to go.” Hoodie Man said, “I am a little busy dodging lava right now.” But he ran as fast as he could and finally reached the elevator. They pressed the button in the elevator, but little did they know that it was taking them to the next challenge.


When the elevator doors opened, they were in a room full of cute little living tank tops. But as soon as the Masked Fleecer stepped into the room, all of the tank tops turned into angry monsters with snake like eyes and mold growing on them. Hoodie Man yelled, “How do we fight these things?” Masked Fleecer said, “I don’t know, they did not do this the last time I was here.” Hoodie Man said, “Tank goodness, it looks like they are after you, not me.” Masked Fleecer said, “That does not cheer me up, and, the word is Thank Goodness.” Hoodie Man said, “I just feel like puns today. But I can defeat these little tank tops so we can get to the next room.” So, they fought their way across the room and opened the door but there was another elevator………..suspense……..

When they got off that elevator, there was the Jailhouse Hoodie. But it was being guarded by…………………..suspense……..

The very big, very stinky, Stinky Tank Top monster! The monster said, “Me no let you have Jailhouse Hoodie.”  Masked Fleecer said, “Huh Oh, he is really big and stinky.”  Hoodie Man said, “Hey Tank Top, are you proud of how big you are? Does it make you think you are cool? Guess what, you are just soft and sloppy and you never wash anymore. Stinky Top, looked sad and said, “You hurt my feelings.” Hoodie Man told Masked Fleecer, “Don’t look into his puppy dog eyes. We have to get him out of the way. Let’s Go!”  ………..suspense……….

The Masked Fleecer said, “I’ll distract him while you grab Jailhouse Hoodie.” Masked Fleecer grabbed a bucket of clean water and good detergent and threw it on Stinky Tank Top. “Oh no! My mold is falling off, and I don’t stink anymore.” Meantime, Hoodie Man grabbed Jailhouse Hoodie and ran out of the room. Suddenly all of the cell doors opened in the Rainbow Institute and Hoodie Man’s friends escaped.

Not the end……

Stinky Tank top went home and got a hot glue and glued all of the old mold back on. “Aahh, that feels better,” said Stink Tank Top. But when he tried to glue mold on Winter Gear Girl, she screamed and ran away!

Now, The End!

Will Winter Gear Girl get back at Hoodie Man? What happened to the Jailhouse Hoodie?

Tune in next time for another Hoodie Man – the working title is The Hoodie Awakens.

Hoodie Man 2: Jailhouse Hoodie Summary and Reviews

Who is Hoodie Man’s new fugitive friend? Reviews for the second Hoodie Man story:

“What? I hate cliff hangers. It is so unfair. –  Auntie Obvious

“It isn’t even cold enough to wear a hoodie in Arizona.” – Mommylorian

“I wish Stinky didn’t stink” – Gra

“I have never owned a hoodie, or a Tank top, or washed clothes, so I do not understand this story. But Gra says I do stink sometimes!” – Dadat

“I love this story, especially Stinky Tank Top.” – Garbage Truck

“I like it because the girls have bigger parts in this series.” – Monkey Woman

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