Aqua Dolphin Meets Bubbles the Axolotl

Previously on Aqua Dolphin, our sorta hero decided he should find another line of work besides being a police officer, because he was not very good at it. He never caught the crooks! He thought he would open a restaurant, but he found out that it is hard to cook underwater because the fire kept going out. Next, he thought he would be a typist (he was sure he would be better than the world’s greatest typist), but he had no fingers and the computer wouldn’t work underwater. He then thought of a new job…………This one was perfect……..suspense……. He got a job at Dadat’s swimming pool and would charge kids to try to ride him. He always bucked them off. Even Brady M. tried.

(What did you expect, we told you it was no masterpiece.)

Aqua Dolphin was having a fun time bucking kids off his back at Dadat’s pool. After they got bucked off, he shot a gentle laser at each kid’s towel. “Hey”, one kid yelled as he looked at his towel with a big hole burned in it. “That was my favorite towel with the Star Trek characters on it.  Another Kid yelled, “That was my favorite towel with Frozen characters on it.” Sometimes Aqua Dolphin would send the gentle laser toward their beach bag and put holes in the clothes they had brought. He thought that was really funny but the Moms whose kids were still wet or had holes in their clothes did NOT think it was very funny at all. Then one kid came to the front of the line at Dadat’s pool, his name was Charles McRich and he said, “Can I have a try?”

Charles hopped on to Aqua Dolphin and said, “Me and you are going to have a fun ride.” When Aqua Dolphin prepared to buck him off, the boy said, “Nice Aqua Dolphin”, and slipped a pill into Aqua Dolphin’s mouth that made him go to sleep. Charles stayed on for five whole hours and then gave Aqua Dolphin a wake-up pill. (We told you this was not a masterpiece.)

When Aqua Dolphin saw Dadat give Charles the big trophy and the one hundred kagillion dollar prize for lasting five hours. Aqua Dolphin could not believe his eyes. Dadat was NOT happy! He asked Dadat for a two-day break and Dadat said yes.  Aqua Dolphin went to the underwater police and asked them to find out if Charles had cheated and arrest him if he did.

Aqua Dolphin talked to the newest officer who had taken his place. The new officer was called Bubbles the Axolotl. Aqua Dolphin asked Bubbles if he had a criminal file for Charles, but Bubbles said, “I do not have one. But we should go to Dadat’s pool to investigate the scene of the crime.” They went to Dadat’s pool and found two containers at the bottom of the pool. Bubbles swam to the bottom and took out some pills from each bottle.

Bubbles said, “That is proof that someone did cheat but we cannot prove that Charles did it.” Aqua Dolphin asked, “How can we prove that Charles did it?” Bubbles said, “There is an address on these pill bottles, which is 456123 North Jerk Face Lane.” Aqua Dolphin said, “I can prove that he is evil just by the address where he lives.” They went to the address and knocked on the door. ……suspense………

Charles answered the door and said, “What is that smiley faced water lizard and Aqua Dolphin doing at my house?” Bubbles said, “I am Officer Bubbles and I am an Axolotl, a salamander, not a lizard, thank you, very much.”

Aqua Dolphin said, “This house reminds me of the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland.” Charles said. “You take that back; my house is not creepy!” Bubbles said, “it is too, and it smells funny!” Eventually, Charles got tired of the insults and yelled, “Momma and Popsy, I need help.” The bully’s two parents came running to the door. Charles said, “can you send these two brats to prison? They said our house was ugly.” Momma said, “We were actually planning on a remodel with all of the money you brought home.” Bubbles said, “Do you mean the money he doesn’t deserve?” Popsy said, “What do you mean, Charles won that Dolphin riding contest fair and square, I saw it with my own eyes.” Officer Bubbles said, “Not really, he won it unfairly and unsquarely.”

(really a triangle – we told you this was not a masterpiece.)

The parents gave back the money to Dadat and Charles had to pay for the remodel with his allowance. And, peace was restored to Dadat’s pool.

The End

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