The Haunting of Evil Scary Pumpkin ( a True Story)

So one morning I woke up and found a comment on and saw it was by Evilscarypumpkin. It was about how he wanted to haunt the site. Auntie Obvious replied and said we had a Halloween Haunting Special for just $150. I was like, “DUDE you just moderated a comment from a stranger!” And I also said that there was no reason to let the site become haunted from some scary dude.

[Auntie Obvious: Oh, do you think the Mandalorian paper plates that we just ordered were free? Like, it was “free Mandalorian merch day” on Scamazon? Also, what do you think happens when you let your website get haunted? You get cobwebs ALL up in your files, and it is NOT CHEAP to get tech services to come clean that stuff out. Did you want this guy to come haunt our site for FREE?]

YOU WERE THERE THE WHOLE TIME SO YOU KNOW HOW BAD A HAUNTED SITE CAN GET! So anyway Auntie Kimberly wouldn’t budge on refunding the money.

[Auntie Obvious: It’s not my fault that EvilScaryPumpkin didn’t read the contract carefully. It said there was a five-day money back guarantee, not a five CENTURY money back guarantee. Cry me a river, EvilScaryPumpkin. We’ve already ordered the Mandalorian paper plates from Scamazon.]

Then why can’t you RETURN THEM!? So anyway the site started to get weird first everyone’s nice comments turned into annoying ones from Karlyn Wasbi.

[Auntie Obivous: Seriously, Dude, you CAN’T RETURN PAPER PLATES AFTER YOU’VE USED THEM.]

Don’t get me wrong Karlyn Wasbi is a nice person but she went crazy when we didn’t update the site enough. But then the haunting got a lot worse. Bats flew out of the computer, which Auntie Obvious was TOTALLY scared of.

[Auntie Obvious: First, I have some questions about “Karlyn”. Second, I wasn’t scared, I was just startled when FREAKING BATS STARTED FLYING OUT OF THE COMPUTER.]

But we realized what we needed to do, and I stuck a flash drive in Auntie Obvious’s computer then pulled it out and then went to the website settings and hit the “Delete Site” button.

[Auntie Obvious: Well, that’s a sad ending to the story. Wait…how am I reading this right now if the site was deleted? Unless…OH NO, THE SITE IS HAUNTED FOR REAL!!!!!!!]

[EvilScaryPumpkin: You were right, the site is haunted, and will remain haunted FOREVER! ……… MWAHAHAHAHA]

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So Bradythebooksailor is what scientists call a “ghost site” which means it came back to life by the power of Halloween


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