Nanas' Story Power Monkey - Legacy

Nanas’ Story Chapter 5

In the last episode, The Immortal Genius opened up the locket Nanas had given him, but nothing but baby food barf came out and hit him right in the face. “Yuck, yuck, yuck,” said immortal Genius, “I got some in my mouth. I’ll get you, Order of the Primates.” Then a big surprise came.

Get them Big Foot”, said Immortal Genius. “With pleasure” said Moto Gorilla. Moto Gorilla was on the bad side!

Now on with the Conclusion of the power Monkey prequels!

“Moto Gorilla, NO”, said Nanas. “You said you would join our team so you could do good stuff.”

Moto Gorilla said, “Well I was going to capture you before we accidently destroyed the planet with Apocalypse Banana. Wait a minute, we actually destroyed the planet on purpose so that we could have a whole pack of aliens to use against you.”

Moto Gorilla removed the mask that was his face and………………..suspense…………he was really, the real Big Foot!  The rest of the Order of the Primates turned on their laser sticks. Big foot and the Immortal Genius (AKA IG) turned on their laser sticks, too. They fought on a bridge and Big Foot busted off the rails.

The Immortal Genius glared and said, “Leave me, Nanas.” As he clashed with IG, Nanas said, “Not a chance.”  Scooter said, “Never!” Portuguese Proboscis, “Not a long as my nose can get, and that is a long time.” And everyone looked at Portuguese Proboscis’s big and long nose for a moment. Then they all went back to fighting.

“Yeah, what he said,” said Scooter. Monkey Female said, “Nuh huh!” Super Wackey Monkey said, “Na Da!”

The Capuchin Monkey leader said, in Portuguese, “Nao, Non, Nay, which all mean NO, to you, Immortal Genius!” The IG said, “I can’t understand you, because of your little Portuguese snicker doodle thing, Do you really mean no?”

“Yes,… I mean no,…. wait. I mean No. You can figure it out” said Capuchin Monkey Leader. “Capuchin Monkeys attack!”, said Capuchin Monkey Leader. The Monkeys each got into their own little space ships and flew around the Capuchin Monkey Leader.” Nanas suddenly realized that they were fighting on top of a volcano and he reached into his pocket and got the locket that had the real Apocalypse Banana in it and threw it into the volcano! And that was the end of the Apocalypse Banana……suspense……, then Scooter said, “The first one anyway.”

Scooter said, “I hope you liked my story Power Monkey, which is Nanas’ story. I am writing a book about Nanas and I will call it the Power Monkey Prequels.


Tune in next time for Power Monkey 22, “A Tail of Two Monkeys” which returns to the present time.


 “Yes, I know ‘Tail’ should be Tale, but it is a play on words.

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