So, I’m excited to start a hashtag! Yes, I started a hashtag! It’s called hashtag #MaskUpTheWorld. And yes, that is a picture of me. I can’t wait for us all to get back to seeing each other in person, but today I wanted to bring you something old and something new. (No relation to the saying, ewwwww. Gross.)

[Auntie Obvious: Dude, it’s just a wedding saying.]

I’m trying to start up a hashtag here! And it is true, I am going to give them something old and something new! The new thing is the hashtag (of course, because, yeah, duh), and the something old is the trailer that we made when we first released the website! Please don’t make Sith Trooper Dude angry. I’ve had enough trouble with that guy already.

[Auntie Obvious: Dude, have you been arguing with yourself again?]

Sith Trooper Dude: What? I’m not Brady!

[Auntie Obvious: Well, let’s just say that I’ve never seen the two of you together in the same room. Kind of like Batman and Bruce Wayne.]

Well, we’re so mad at each other that we won’t even speak to each other! Same thing for Batman and Bruce Wayne!

[Auntie Obvious: Mmmmmmmmkay. Do you want to tell people anything else about the trailer, or should I just post it?]

Okay, let it rip.

[Auntie Obvious: You’re the boss.]

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