Power Monkey - Legacy

Nanas’ Story: Chapter 4

Remember how the Revenge of the Banana ended in a cliff-hanger?

The Immortal Genius had tied Nanas up and dangled him over a cliff and put the Apocalypse Banana in a yellow locket. That was a real cliff-hanger!

Nanas was able to climb back up the side of the cliff and cut the ropes with his cub-scout utility knife, again, and grabbed the yellow locket off the Immortal Genius’s neck and replaced it with a phony.

Monkey Female and Super Wackey Monkey said at the same time, “Nanas, you got the Apocalypse Banana.” Nanas then said, “We should form a group and destroy it.”

While trying to find the group members they saw a car crash on the street and they found a super hero called Portuguese Proboscis. Nanas asked if he would like to join the group to destroy the Apocalypse Banana. The Portuguese Proboscis said, “Yes!”

The half-formed group got on a plane and flew all the way to Africa where they met Moto Gorilla, super hero ape. They asked Moto to join the group and he said, “Yes.”  Then they flew to Coronado and found another super monkey named Scooter and asked if he would like to join the group and he said, “Yes.”

“OK, five is the max we need so we do not have to find anyone else” said Nanas.

“We are the Order of the Primates!”

The next day, they hid the Apocalypse Banana on a distant planet and then they headed for the Immortal Genius’s house to form an assault. After they left the planet, the Apocalypse Banana began to glow and the planet blew up and the distant relatives of the aliens who lived on the planet were now against Nanas and the rest of the Order of the Primates.

The Immortal Genius was at his doorstep ready for the Battle of the Genius. But he only expected the Old School Team Monkeys, not the newly formed Order of the Primates and he did not realize that he only had a phony Apocalypse Banana.

The Immortal Genius is in for a big surprise, and so is the Order of the Primates!

The Immortal Genius opened up the locket but nothing but baby food barf came out and hit him right in the face. “Yuck, yuck, yuck,” said immortal Genius, “I got some in my mouth. I’ll get you, Order of the Primates.”

………………surprise coming……………….“ Get them Big Foot”, said Immortal Genius. “With pleasure” said Moto Gorilla. Moto Gorilla was on the bad side!


Another cliff-hanger (but no one was actually hanging off a cliff this time)!

Stay tuned for The Lord of the Trees, coming soon.

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