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Why We Changed Our Logo

So recently, we changed our logo. It used to look like this.

Now it looks like this.

Some of you were happy with the change. Some of you weren’t. Well, there are many different reasons why we changed it. One being copyright.

[Auntie Obvious: I don’t think the copyright police comes after you for wearing a Star Wars costume that The MommyLorian purchased for you. I just hope they don’t find out about the bootleg Baby Yoda themed toilet paper that we’ve been selling!]

Dude, you just told them!!!!! Like, if they read this article, then we are doomed. Anyway, let’s just get back to the reason we changed our logo. It’s a very sad story. So, once Sith Trooper Dude worked on our website team. He said the logo should be of him. And me and the rest of the people working on thought that was a great idea. He then thought he was super cool, because he was the logo of the most-liked website in the world.

[Auntie Obvious: According to who? A poll of your grandparents?]

Dude, stop interrupting my story!

[Auntie Obvious: Dude, check my contract. In addition to being the unpaid caretaker of this web site, I am also the unpaid fact checker. So, we’re not allowed to say that this is the most liked website in the world if that isn’t true.]

Then Sith Trooper Dude started getting full of himself.

[Auntie Obivous: OK, now we’re getting closer to the truth.]

He said, “Get me my own merch and personalized coffee mugs!” He then started acting like HE was the boss. Then people said, “That’s not cool, Sith Trooper Dude!” And he said, “You take that back right now! I’m the coolest person on earth! Brady the Book Sailor and Auntie Obvious were noticing the commotion.

[Auntie Obvious: I’m noticing a commotion, all right.]

And Sith Trooper Dude said, “thereal-” And I interrupted and said, “You can just call me Brady the Book Sailor. And Sith Trooper Dude said, “I want your job.” And Brady the Book Sailor said, “You’ve crossed the line, man! Crossed the line! You are fired!” And we will change our logo to the library card we all know and love. And if you don’t know what a magic purple library card is, you can read The Legends of Brady The Book Sailor.

And without fame, let’s just say that things didn’t go so well for Sith Trooper dude.

[Auntie Obvious: Oh, like “Sith Trooper Dude” grew too tall to fit back in his Hallowen costume?]

Take those quotes out.

[Auntie Obvious: Come over here and make me.]


The End.

[Auntie Obvious: I’m really, really, really sorry that I didn’t have time to check all of the facts in this story. But I’m pretty sure that Sith Trooper Dude doesn’t exist. He was Brady in disguise.]

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