Power Monkey - Legacy

Nanas’ Story: Chapter 2

Remember how the Fellowship of the Vine ended in a cliff-hanger?

Nanas opened the elevator door and used his powers to go back in time to save Super Wackey Monkey and Monkey Female. But the Immortal Genius (AKA IG) out-smarted Nanas and tied him up to the Apocalypse Banana too! 


Now that I have your attention, let’s start “Power Monkey, Attack of the Monkeys”

All of old school Team Monkey was worried.  But Nanas had a bright idea!  Wait a minute, Nanas just photo bombed me. Move out of the way Nanas, Ok he’s gone.

Now back to the story. Nanas got his cub-scout utility knife and cut the wire that was holding them. And they thought that they needed more monkeys so they went to Brazil to find some.

Once they landed, they were not in Brazil, they were in Peru! “Oops” said Super Wackey Monkey. ”Let me take the wheel”, said Nanas. Super Wackey Monkey moved aside and let Nanas take the wheel.

Once Old school Team Monkey landed in Brazil, They set out on their journey to find a Capuchin Monkey Pack. Then they found a big domed building and Nanas gasped. “This is my cloning facility which I had planned to give to my daughter, Anna Nartha Monkey.” (Power Monkey/Nartha’s mother).

Right then, a pack of Capuchin monkeys went by and thankfully, Nanas noticed them. Nanas said, “We are monkey residents of Brazil.” The monkeys then replied, “We are Macaco de Capuchin.” Another group of monkeys passed by and they looked a lot like Super Wackey Monkey, and one of them said, “We are Macaco Dourado do Tamarin do leau.” 

“Ola? Bonjour? Hello?” said the leader Capuchin Monkey. “Yes, English is the one!”, said Nanas. “We have been invaded by the Immortal Genius.  Have your cities been invaded too?”, asked the Capuchin Leader. “Yes”, replied Nanas. “During his next invasion, we need to stop the Immortal Genius,” said the Capuchin Monkey leader.  “That will not be a problem”, said Nanas.

The next morning, they had their battle stations all set up. And sure enough, the Immortal Genius came down in his space ship. “Oh, you cute little capuchin monkeys cannot stop me”, said the Immortal Genius.

That got Nanas really mad and he punched the Immortal Genius in the face! The Immortal Genius got in his baby cry and ran into the building with the large black dome on top, he thought was a panic room. Turns out it was not a panic room but was a cloning facility. Sure enough the Immortal Genius came back with three of himself.

The End.

Tune in next time for” Power Monkey, Revenge of the Banana.” Coming out September 4th.

(Auntie Admin note: I’m really, really sorry about the cliffhanger, y’all. Brady loves them. Me, not so much. The next installment in this series was originally released on September 4, 2019. But you won’t need a telephone time machine to check it out. It will be posted soon!)

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