Power Monkey - Legacy

Power Monkey in Quarantine

Power Monkey was sitting at home, and he was so bored. He thought, “I should be out saving the world, but here I am stuck in Monkey Manor. I miss my friends. Here I sit at home in my pajamas that I have been wearing for the last five months.” Then Power Monkey thought, “Wait, I have an idea. We can do a video conference on Doom.” He sent an email to Monkey Woman, Whackey Monkey, and Nanas with instructions to get on the link to Doom.

They all agreed to get on at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. Power Monkey had a lot to do to make sure it was a good Doom meeting. But first, he had to go to the bathroom. When he stepped inside the bathroom, he noticed someone had taken all of his toilet paper. “NARTHA,” he yelled. Power Monkey decided Nartha, his whiny evil sister, must have broken quarantine and stolen it because he saw a mask that was not his lying on the floor. Fortunately, he went to his secret place where he had a single roll that Nartha had missed. “WHEW,” thought Power Monkey.

He still had to plan the meeting. He would tell everyone to guard their toilet paper because Nartha was out there stealing it. He also would ask each of them to share any new activities they found fun during quarantine. He also got a clean shirt to put on, but secretly left his pajama bottoms on, because no one could see his bottom on Doom. He saw on his computer that there was a new update to Doom called the rvgfrpwrmkly. So, he loaded it and got ready for his Doom meeting.

At 3:00 a.m., Power Monkey logged on, and there were his friends. Monkey Woman and Whackey Monkey were both wearing their full super suit, and Nanas was wearing his brown hoodie and matching pants. They all said at once, “Power Monkey, why aren’t you wearing your pants?” “What?” said Power Monkey. “How did you know?” Then he saw that Nartha logged on, and she was with Dr. Doombottom, the CEO of Doom, and they were laughing vigorously. It was then that Power Monkey looked at the update name and yelled, “AARRGGUUGGHH”. When he realized the update name was short-speak for “Revenge for Power Monkey”, he knew Nartha had created it. She had changed the program to show your whole body, not just the top.

Dr. Doombottom

He was so embarrassed. Dr. Doombottom said, “We teamed up with Nartha because being mean to people is really fun.”

Power Monkey said, “I will not let you release any new updates for your already terrible website, Doom.” Dr. Doombottom said, “You can’t stop me, I am too powerful and important, and I am a Kazillionaire.” Power Monkey said, “Money isn’t everything, but I am a Kazillionaire, too.” So Power Monkey sent emails and letters and BananaBook posts telling everyone what Dr. Doombottom had done. And the company fired Dr. Doombottom and named Power Monkey the CEO. Power Monkey promised to make Doom meetings more fun, and he banned Dr. Doombottom and Nartha from any Doom meetings. But Power Monkey still had a serious problem……….suspense………

He was still almost out of toilet paper!

(P.S. Author note: maybe these people invaded Brady’s Doom meetings, because he is not happy with Doom, and so he gave the CEO the really offensive name of Doombottom in this story.)


Author Brady M. and Dr. Doombottom

8 replies on “Power Monkey in Quarantine”

OMG, this is the BEST BRADY THE BOOK SAILOR STORY EVER!!!!!!! I love this so much!!!! (From someone who is totally unbiased and definitely not related to the author.)


Hey I do not wear pants i am a talking butt with legs! Plus if I did wear pants I wouldn’t be able to see so there’s that too, but I DO NOT WEAR GIRL’S CLOTHES!


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