Power Monkey - Legacy

Power Monkey: Vingar’s Return

When we left off in Vol. 2, Power Monkey and Nanas were trying to make peace with Power Monkey’s sister, Nartha, by giving her a new suit and a laser stick. Nartha was still angry but said, “This is way better than that ugly bag of rags that Power Monkey wears, and the laser stick is way better than his old one. Thank you, Nanas” But she did not thank Power Monkey. She then went to Power Monkey and just said, “Ok, we are even!” Now to continue our story.

Vingar Blash was growing stronger by the minute. Immortal Genius said, “I feel that Power Monkey has potential to be a great hero and you promised that you would punish Power Monkey in some way. How are you going to do it?” Vingar Blash said, “I will not let Nartha have any bananas for an hour and she will go bananas and turn evil. If that does not work then we will need to tempt her by giving Nartha her own room in this lair with a lot of luxury items inside, including her own TV. That will be expensive, so I hope my first idea works.”

Meanwhile, Nartha was reading the magazine, “Bad Female Monkeys for Life”, which is a gossip magazine about getting power. Power Monkey saw what she was reading and said, “You should put that away, because Nanas does not want that type of content in the tree house.” Nartha said, “But this issue has me and my friends in it.” Power Monkey asked, “Can I look at it?” “Why not”, said Nartha. Everything was OK until Power Monkey saw the cover!” (See the picture below.)

Power Monkey said, “Nartha, that is very offensive, and I am telling Nanas! I have proof now that you subscribed to that bad magazine.” Nartha did not want to get caught by Nanas, so she ran to the lair of Vingar Blash, where the Immortal Genius was also staying. When Power Monkey knew Nartha had ran away, he called Nanas and told him to prepare for a mission. Nanas quickly shaved off his beard and the two ran to Vingar Blash’s lair.

When Power Monkey arrived, he saw Nartha in a cage. Vingar Blash said, “Now you will see your sister suffer because I will not let her have any bananas for an hour.” “Oh no!, said Power Monkey, “That is too cruel.” Then Nanas jumped in and pushed Vingar Blash to distract him and the Immortal Genius, who used to be Mr. Bidurmphidurmph, Narthas friend, while Power Monkey freed Nartha from the cage. Then Immortal Genius slipped Power Monkey the Apocalypse Banana and whispered, “You owe me one!”

Then everyone pulled out their laser sticks, except Power Monkey Nanas. Power Monkey first took out the Apocalypse Banana and set it in the middle of the room, and then took out his laser stick. He then stole one of Blash’s laser sticks and tossed it to Nanas, who forgot to bring his own laser stick.

Nanas dueled the Immortal Genius while Nartha and Power Monkey battled Vingar Blash. Vingar Blash shouted, “You can never stop my power, I am even more powerful than you, Power Monkey. You should just call me Power Blash, because you are going to lose.” Power Monkey said, Maybe you have more power than just me, but not me AND my sister!”

Then Vingar Blash accidentally stepped on the Apocalypse Banana and hit the special “Exploding in 15 seconds” button. When Power Monkey saw that, he told Nartha and Nanas to quickly take fifteen steps to the right. Then KABOOM, a hole was blasted through the center of the Earth and into outer space. Vingar fell in this hole and got sucked out of the bottom of the Earth.

The Immortal Genius quietly said, “Thank you, Power Monkey, I really appreciate what you did. Now I can train your sister to be evil under my own wings.” “What?” Said Power Monkey. “Oh, nothing, never mind” replied Immortal Genius!

And, for now, everyone lived happily for the next year.


(Immortal Genius will appear three years later in the series, Immortal Always.)

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