Power Monkey - Legacy

Power Monkey

by Brady M.

P.S. The M does not stand for Monkey

He is a tree swinging warrior! He is your favorite power monkey. He has the banana Power of the Vine that can only be given to a super monkey. And he is also a relative of Nanas who is pretty awesome too. And Power Monkey has no secret identity, unlike most heroes.

One very dark night, he was called to help with the rise of the apocalypse banana, which caused a whole lot of destruction. But the Order of the Primates had destroyed it. How was it back? The banaana glowed and then ten buildings fell over like dominos (not the pizza company). And then the banana glowed again. Power Monkey pulled a jar out of his utility belt and smashed the banana inside the jar. The jar smashed itself to pieces. And then the banana swirled out of Power Monkey’s hands into the very dark sky. Power Monkey jetted up into the air. He saw the banana and reached out his paw and stretched it really long and grabbed the apocalypse banana.

He chucked it at the police officer and the police officer caught it. And he took it into the police science lab.

At the science lab, the banana glows again. Most of the police station was wrecked but not all of it. Because Power Monkey saved a little bit. He needed to know who controlled the apocalypse banana and fast.

He read the A file and the B file for the banana filing. He found out nothing. But then he saw the AB file, which he had forgotten. The AB file said A Apocalypse banana by Nanas.

The file said: “The Apocalypse Banana was created by an immortal genius who used it to wreck the entire world. But fortuantely, I foiled his plan. He said he would never encounter me again.”

Then Power Monkey said to himself, “If Immortal Genius doesn’t want his plan to be foiled, I might as well do it.”

He went to the cave of the immortal genius. He knocked on his door. The genius answered, so he hid. There was a little escape hatch that he went through. It was dusty and cold. He slipped inside the fake fireplace, which was the only way to get out of the trap. And the Immortal Genius came walking inside and saw the Power Monkey and he said, “I thought I told you your ancestor should leave me alone.” “So that means that file AB was right, said Power Monkey.”

The Immortal Genius pulled a metal mallet from his utility belt and swung it at Power Monkey and Power Monkey stretched his arm up to the top of the ice castle and pulled himself up. With his arm still pulling himself, he flung himself at the Immortal Genius and the Immortal Genius fell back.

And the Apocalypse Banana was destroyed (a/k/a, eaten) and the Immortal Genius had become mortal.

The End

And tune in next time for Nanas to the future (a/k/a Power Monkey 2)

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