Brady Washington, Kid Historian

A Story About America, Episode 5 – The 4th of July


Brady Washington, Kid Historian

On July 4, 2018,  Joe P. (the P stands for Pineapple) Trashcan, who was twenty years old, was at home with his parents and his ten year old little brother, Frederick Trashcan and his littler brother, Carl Burnett Trashcan, who was seven. To celebrate the 4th of July, the family was reading a story about America. His parents did not know that Joe had some of Frederick’s living drink in his pocket and when Joe got tired of reading to Frederick and Carl, he spilled some living juice on the book on purpose.  

“WOOOOSH!” and “splash” and a man climbed out of the pages, and Joe said, “I know him, that’s Samuel Chase, who was one of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence, which Joe learned about in a college history class. 

Mr. Chase said, “Where am I?” And Joe said, “This is 2018, in the future.” 

And Carl said, “Do you have a nick name. Mr. Chase said, “I did, but I didn’t like it” Joe, said, “I know your nick name”. Mr. Chase said, Please, don’t say it.” But Joe did it anyway; “Your nickname was “Mr. Old Bacon Face!” Mr. Chase then said “Oh Man, I hoped I would never hear that name again.”

Mr. Old Bacon Face, said, “I signed the Declaration of Independence as Samuel Chase, not as Mr. Old Bacon Face.”

Then Frederick began to feel sorry for Mr. Chase and said, I will call you …” And then Mr. Chase stooped Frederick and said, “Please Don’t say it?” And then Frederick said, “Mr. Chase, I will always call you Mr. Chase.” 

Then Frederick asked Joe and Carl to not call Mr. Chase by the nick name, “Mr. Old Bacon Face.”

“Oh no! said Frederick, I accidently said Mr. Old Bacon Face Again!  But, I will really try to not say ‘Mr. Old Bacon Face’ Again.  OOPS, I did it again. I had better end this story about America before I say, Mr. Old Bacon Face another time. OH NO! I did it again.”

The End 

One reply on “A Story About America, Episode 5 – The 4th of July”

Great story, Brady! You actually made me look up Samuel Chase, because I thought you might have made up the “Old Bacon Face”. Sometimes when people write historical stories, they change up some stuff to make the story more interesting. But this is true! Ha ha! I can see why he didn’t like that nickname!

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