Brady the Book Sailor

The Legends of Brady the Book Sailor

From Auntie Admin – Ever wondered how Brady the Book Sailor got his name? The MommyLorian (formerly known as General Mommy) gave him the “Brady” part, but the rest is kind of a long story. Before Brady the Book Sailor existed, there was GrapeBeard the friendly pirate, who sailed the seas of EadRay in his bathtub ship. Brady and I dreamed up the idea for a contest (which we didn’t win). But we never could have guessed where that bathtub ship would lead us! Read on for Brady the Book Sailor’s origin story and further adventures! (And don’t mind any references to Kindergarten or First Grade – we wrote this a long time ago!)

Brady the Book Sailor – What, you might ask, is a Book Sailor? Or a Magic Purple Library Card? All is revealed here!

Brady the Book Sailor Meets the Storyvores – Say hello to Brady’s little friends!

Brady the Book Sailor and the Library Bash – Brady is ready to do some Book Sailing, but where IS everyone? A message delivered by Turtle Mail holds the key!

PageQuake: Brady Saves the Day! – Not all superheroes wear capes! Written by Brady and Auntie Kimberly*.

Brady the Book Sailor: Book to the Future, Part 1 – Brady and Auntie are stuck inside…but a new rule saves the day!

Brady the Book Sailor: Book to the Future, Part II – Brady, Auntie, and Grapebeard push their Book Sailing powers to the limit. Are they ready to learn what the future holds?

‘Twas the Day Before Christmas: A Brady the Book Sailor Poem – Brady, Auntie, and Grapebeard spread some Christmas Cheer!

*EDIT: This story was originally left out of the “Legends” blog post, but was added back on 12/6/20 at Brady’s request.

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[…] And Sith Trooper Dude said, “thereal-” And I interrupted and said, “You can just call me Brady the Book Sailor. And Sith Trooper Dude said, “I want your job.” And Brady the Book Sailor said, “You’ve crossed the line, man! Crossed the line! You are fired!” And we will change our logo to the library card we all know and love. And if you don’t know what a magic purple library card is, you can read The Legends of Brady The Book Sailor. […]


Sorry we haven’t been posting as much it has almost been two weeks! And the reason I’m not posting so much is because I am letting Auntie obvious have an amazingly long Xmas break but do expect me to post a end of year newsletter I can’t belive 202O’s over and you know what I just spelled something wrong I know what I want for Xmasd from auntie obvious A life long grammar’y subscription!!! 🙂


[…] Hey, Book Sailors! Auntie Obvious here. Brady and I binged the entire MCU in 2021, and we wanted to share this poem with you. I wrote the first draft, and then shared it with Brady. He super politely told me that it was good, but that he has some ideas to make it even better. (He was right.) Never underestimate the power of a good story editor! Feel free to dive right in, or if you’d like a refresher on Book Sailors, you can check out The Legends of Brady the Book Sailor. […]


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