Robot Snowman

Robot Snowman

by Brady M. (Installment 1 of a 5-part series)

Once, Snowman and Cat were flying in a double pod space ship into outer space. Snowman got too close to the sun and his body melted. Oh, no! And then Cat flew to the space station as fast as he could. And at the space station the medical guy said, “Let’s put Snowman’s head on a mechanical body.” The operation was a success. He said, “Hello, Snowman, how do you like your new mechanical body?” We should give you a new name to go with it.” One of the pilots said, “I know, let’s call him Robot Snowman.”

From then on, Robot Snowman did Super Hero things And Robot Snowman asked for some broccoli. (I am Brady M., head of this story. Maybe we should talk about him completing his first mission instead of eating broccoli. Yuck! Now back to the story.) One day, Cat informed Robot Snowman that King Heat escaped from prison. King Heat is an enemy of all snowmen. Robot Snowman said, “We need to stop this humid hooligan.”

Cat and Robot Snowman went to King Humid Hooligan, as Robot Snowman called him. They found him near the ocean, turning the Ocean warm, so he could swim in it, and then fill all the seas in winter world with lava.

Robot Snowman ran into a wall and said, “Sorry, still getting used to these new legs.”

Robot Snowman got noticed by King Heat in about a millisecond, and King Heat said, “Who are you? You look a lot like Snowman.” Snowman said, I am Snowman, Robot Snowman, that is! And you are in big trouble.” King Heat said, “Oh, I am shaking in my boots, NOT!!!” And he pulled out his electric staff. Robot Snowman’s mechanical arm turned into an electric staff as well and he turned it on.

They faced off!

Robot Snowman kicked King Heat with his mechanical leg. That must have hurt. King Heat said, “Hey, you’re no snowman anymore, or I would have just been splashed by water.” Robot snowman forced ice out of his hand and froze King Heat’s hand. Then Robot Snowman shocked him.

The End.

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